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Road Safety

Road Safety

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Published by D.V.Bhavanna Rao
Road Safety Circulars and Specifications. Please visit out technical blog http://aproadbuildqa.blogspot.com
Road Safety Circulars and Specifications. Please visit out technical blog http://aproadbuildqa.blogspot.com

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Published by: D.V.Bhavanna Rao on Jun 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Office of the Engineer-in-Chief (R&B),Errum Manzil, A.P., Hyderabad.Circular Memo No.2/DCE (R)/ EE(RS&PMS)/ DEE1/ AEE1 Dated: 11.07.2005.
Sub:- R&B Dept. - Road Safety Interventions - Certain guide lines issued -Recommendations of the committee on proposed road safety interventions- RegardingRef :- 1. G. O. Ms. No. 80 of T,R&B (R.I) Dept. dt.25-4-20052. T. O. Memo No. 2/ DCE(R)/ EE(RS&PMS)/ DEE I/ AEE IDt:18-05-2005.***The Government vide reference 1
cited, have issued certain guide lines on roadsafety along with certain road safety interventions to be taken up.In this regard, a committee of 10 Senior Engineers, Traffic Experts, Professorswas constituted for finalization of detailed specifications, drawings, to be adopted for theproposed road safety interventions. The Committee has met in series of meetings andsubmitted very valuable recommendations.In this regard the following guidelines have been issued based on Committee’srecommendations. All the Superintending Engineers are requested to adopt theguidelines in taking up of Road Safety Interventions mentioned vide reference 1st cited.
1.Cement Concrete dividers:
Central road dividers of cement concrete (CC M15 grade) are to be provided onroads to avoid head on collusion.
The central median/divider shall be provided in stretches where clear carriageway of 14m & above is available. And in urban limits, dividers shall be provided where clear carriageway available is 11m & above.
The height recommended is 0.40m in stead of 0.75m for urban roads (with bottomwidth of 0.45m & top width of 0.25m) and for rural roads the height recommended is0.30m (with bottom width of 0.33m & top width of 0.23m), as shown in the drawingsattached.
In urban limits, all the roads must be widened to 14M and put dividers on priority toavoid head on collusion accidents.
Uninterrupted CC Median/Divider of not less than 750M shall be laid to avoid toomany openings so that traffic is properly regulated. Only under exceptional cases, thelength may be reduced as per site conditions.
For islands, central divider shall be half of the section recommended above.
The specifications and detailed drawings are enclosed in
2. Hazard markers and delineators:
The Hazard markers and delineators are to be provided on roads to avoidcrashing of objects close to the road.
Hazard markers shall be provided near narrow culverts, bridges, places wherecarriageway is restricted due to lack of sufficient land width for ROW (Right of way),tips of island at road junctions, median gaps, islands etc.,
LDS ( Linear delineator system ) over bridge railing, delineator at horizontal curveswith radii less than 250m as per IRC 35-1970 (Code of practice for road markings) ,IRC 79-1981 & MOST Spec.No.805. In Ghat roads with Linear Delineation Systemshall be provided.
Guard stones with florescent painting shall be provided @ 3m interval in all highembankment ( where embankment height is greater than 3m).
Guard rails to be provided near bridges where the bridge width is less than theformation width.
The specifications and drawings of hazard markers and delineators are enclosed in
Annexure-II.3. Speed breakers:
Only rumble strips shall be provided for controlling speed and to promote orderlytraffic movement with improved safety.
To be provided at junctions (on lower category roads/ roads with less traffic),
unmanned Railway Level Crossings, toll gates, black spots (where repeated accidentstakes place)and congested areas like shandy/ market / residential places etc.
Rumble strips is the placement of intermittent raised bituminous overlays acrossroadway. Raised sections shall be 25mm high, 300 mm wide, and placed about onemetre centre to centre. A series of such strips 7 nos. are to be provided at onelocation. Rumble strip markings shall be painted with ISI brand enamel paint regularlyin the form of a pattern as per drawing enclosed. These markings shall besupplemented with the cautionary sign (CS).
The specifications and detailed drawing is enclosed in
4. Studs (Raised Pavement Markers) :
Studs shall be provided to demarcate the lanes for appropriate movement of vehicles.Studs with shanks should be provided at following locations @ 7.5 m interval.
In horizontal curves ( radius less than 250 m)in rural areas along centre line, alongcenter line on bridges having a L.W.W. (linear waterway) of more than 30m and shallbe continued upto 30 m of approaches on either side of the bridge.
Along centre line in urban areas and accident prone areas where road width is 7 mor more.
Studs should be provided at the major junctions i.e., rural / urban areas on top of kerbs near traffic Islands in one row.The specifications for studs will be finalised later by the committee andcommunicated in due course.Specifications and drawings enclosed as
5. Center line marking with Thermoplastic material:
 Centre line marking is provided to demarcate the lanes to regulate traffic and preventhead on collisions.
Center line marking shall be adopted on roads having 6.7m wide carriageway andabove. The size shall be with 3.0m strip & 4.50m gap and width 10 cm and thickness

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