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Kadoka Press, September 12, 2013

Kadoka Press, September 12, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Sep 11, 2013
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The official newspaper of Jackson County, South Dakota
includes tax
Volume 107Number 9September 12, 2013
City council sets bid projects
 Robyn Jones
Decisions on releasing bids forhail damage repairs and allocatingfunds for economic developmentwere the major topics at the KadokaCity Council meeting.Details of the damage received tocity property from the hail storm onJune 30 were discussed at the meet-ing on Monday, September 9. Theinsurance claim totals $250,405.19for the repairs of 17 structures.“Repairing seventeen differentstructures is a lot of work and itwould be nice to keep it repairs localif possible,” said CouncilpersonColby Shuck.The repairs must be offeredthrough sealed bids. The council feltif it was offered in several smallerbid packages, local contractors couldbid the projects. Separating theprojects into seven bid projects, ac-cording to the size of the repairs,was approved.Jo Beth Uhlir addressed thecouncil on behalf of Jackson-KadokaEconomic Development Corpora-tion. “We want to thank you for in-cluding us in your budget,” saidUhlir.Finance Officer Patty Ulmenstated that the request for the$5,000 in support was not includedin the budget and the budget isfinal.Uhlir stated that when economicdevelopment attended the meetingin June to request funding, theirhopes were to be in the budget sothe funds were allocated, whichwould allow them to apply for amatching funds grant in the amountof $5,000.“During the budget meeting,when we were going over each sec-tion, I asked the council if therewere any changes or additions.There were none expressed,” saidMayor Harry Weller. “But come Jan-uary, we will consider contributing$5,000 through an appropriationsupplemental budget.”Councilperson Brad Jorgensenstated he was not in favor of obtain-ing the matching fund grant.“When you’re dealing with thegovernment, there are always cer-tain conditions attached to it andthis is what started the comprehen-sive plan and zoning,” said Jor-gensen, “and I do not agree withthose.”Shuck stated, “On a businesslevel and opening a new business,the economic corporation has pro-vided a great deal of help to us.”“I’m glad they help locally, I justdon’t agree with zoning regula-tions,” replied Jorgensen.Drainage along Poplar Street wasdiscussed during the street report.“We cleaned out the ditch, butwith settling, there is only about afour-inch drop from one side to theother, which means it is about leveland water will stand,” said StreetSuperintendent Patrick Solon, “butnow that it’s been cleaned out itshould drain better.”The manhole by the swimmingpool, along Poplar Street, recentlycaved in and once the new one ar-rives, it will be repaired. A city resident expressed appre-ciation to the city for working withWalton’s so they could clean up theirproperty, but also noted how nice itwould be if the city would clean upthe vacant building on the formerScholl property.“Years ago that was going to bethe warming house when there wasan ice skating rink there, but it wasnever used,” said Weller.The council agreed that the build-ing should be torn down and in-structed Solon to proceed.Work in the auditorium contin-ues. The new lights are scheduled tobe installed between the volleyballand basketball season. Doors willsoon be installed on the showers inthe locker rooms.Spraying for mosquitos has beendone twice, and plans are to sprayagain. The City of Philip does thespraying and they are waiting forparts to repair sprayer. Once thesprayer is repaired, they will be overto spray.The council ended their meetingwith an executive session for per-sonnel matters, which no actionwas taken.Homecoming for the Kadoka Area School District will beheld September 23 through 27. The theme this year will besuper heros.Dress up days for the high school include:Monday: Duck Dynasty day/super hero dayTuesday: 80s movie dayWednesday: switch gender dayThursday: class color dayFriday: purple and gold day.Dress up days for classes preschool through eighth gradewill be:Monday: hillbilly day/Duck DynastyTuesday: class colorWednesday: western dayThursday: favorite sports team dayFriday: purple and gold dayDaily activities that are planned include a tug of war andpowder puff football game on Monday night at the footballfield.On Tuesday coronation will be held at the city audito-rium.Wednesday a volleyball tournament will be held.On Thursday the volleyball team will compete in a tri-angular meet at White River.On Friday, the homecoming parade will be held and thatevening the Kougar football team will host the Philip Scot-ties. Following the game, a dodgeball tournament will beheld at the auditorium.Prior to the football game, KCBA will be providing a freepancake and sausage supper for all to attend.
KCBA alsoreminds businesses to help out and donate items for thedrawings at the supper.
The new school year hasstarted and that means theKadoka and Wanblee 21st CCLC After-School Program has started!The program started on Monday,September 9.Kadoka’s program will start at3:47 p.m. and go until 5:30 p.m.Wanblee’s program will go from4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Program will runMonday through Thursday atthose times. Also on designatedFridays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m. the program will be held.Monthly calendars with thedays program will be held will bedistributed. Kadoka and Wan-blee’s after-school program is opento students in grades kinder-garten through eighth grade.They will be offering enrich-ment activities in reading, math,science, and technology. We willalso give students the opportunityto work on classroom projects orhomework.If you would like your child to at-tend, please complete out the en-rollment forms that have beensent home with students in gradesK-5. Parents who would like theirmiddle school child to attend,please have them pick up formsfrom the school in the after-schoolarea. Please return the forms toschool as soon as possible.If you have any questions,please don’t hesitate to call. Theafter-school program number is837-2299, my cell is 488-0188 ormy home number 462-6233.We are looking forward to an-other great after-school year!
 Annette VanderMaySite Director Kadoka/Wanblee 21st CCLC 
Football -
4-H State Horse Show -
Volleyball -
PublicNotices - 8
Notice to Creditors Jackson County CommissionersSpecial MeetingTown of CottonwoodNotice of Tax DeedInvitation to Bid
Robyn Jones
Each month KCBA is hosting a “Cash Mob” at local businesses. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attendthe “Cash Mob”.“Touring the businesses in Kadoka helps area residents see what services are offered and the merchandise thatis available. We are hoping to bring attention to what each business has, that otherwise you may not know about,”said KCBA member Sarah VanderMay.“Part of our goal through KCBA is to promote shopping locally.” she added. “Supporting our local businesshelps everyone.”The August KCBA “Cash Mob” was held at BankWest on Wednesday, August 28. Coffee and cookies wereserved to all who attended and registration was held for a door prize.Be watching and plan to attend the next “Cash Mob.”Pictured are Branch Manager Gene Christiansen (L), Clara Jobgen, Sarah VanderMay, Linda Petras, and BelindaMitchell.
Robyn Jones
The man hole along Poplar Street that recently caved in willbe replaced.
September resident of the month
Shelia L. Bowen is the SeptemberResident of the Month at the KadokaNursing Home.On November 8, 1940, in Butte,Mont., Sheila was born to Edward M.Tesson and Julie Moutrey. She hasone brother, Pierre Tesson, and twosisters, Marilyn Ockler and ColleenLangell.Shelia grew up in Montana and at-tended Anaconda High School there.Shelia married William C. Bowenon February 11, 1973.She is the proud mother of threedaughters, Melissa, Melanie, andMichelle. She has eight grandchildrenand six great grandchildren.While living in Anaconda, Sheliaenjoyed working at a daycare andSwarts Department Store. When shemoved to California, she worked atCooks Communications. Later whenshe moved to Rapid City and retired,she volunteered for several years withthe Helping Hands organization.Shelia is a member of the Churchof Lader Day Saints. She was activefor many years in the churches groupsand enjoyed Bible studies.“I love to read,” Sheila shared witha smile, “Danielle Steele is my fa-vorite author.”Besides reading, she likes to knitand throughout the years has madeseveral baby sweaters, booties, anddishcloths.“I always liked to make them andgive them away,” she said. “I loved toshare them with everyone.”Shelia has always enjoyed wordgames, puzzles, music and singing.“Growing up, Christmas was al-ways the best,” she shared, “We usedto go on sleigh rides and sing.“We always would make molassestaffy and cookies. But I really had funsinging when we would go caroling.”Shelia and William enjoyed totravel. One summer they left in theirfifth wheel camper and traveled fromMontana to Ohio, stopping to visitseveral spots along the way.Together, William and Shelia en- joyed caring for their animals on theirlittle ranch. They had cows and goatsto tend to and milk.“Shelia is a very active and consid-erate lady who is an asset to ourhome,” shared CEO Ruby Sanftner.Congratulations Shelia on being se-lected as September Resident of theMonth.
Kadoka and WanbleeAfter School Program
Quad County Relay For LifeSaturday, September 14 • Wall
See page 5 for details.
“Have courage for the great sor-rows of life and patience for thesmall ones; and when you havelaboriously accomplished yourdaily task, go to sleep in peace.God is awake.” Victor Hugo
 A long time resident of the Nor-ris area passed away last week.Sympathy is extended to the fam-ily of Lucille Brunsch, 93. Her fu-neral was Monday, September 9,2013 at 11:00 in Martin at theEpiscopal Church.Glen Krogman spent Labor Dayweekend with his parents, Richardand Noreen Krogman. They tookin the Louie Krogman familyhorse sale in Valentine, September1. After the sale they visitedClarence Krogman. A former co-worker of Noreen’s contacted her,and they met for lunch in Murdoon Labor Day. The friend had beenliving in Texas and was in the areawith her daughter for a familycousins reunion in Blunt. Noreenhadn’t seen her for 27 years. Glenleft Monday to return to his homein Fargo. The Krogmans are stillcutting and baling hay. Fridaynight Richard and Noreen at-tended the football game in WhiteRiver with New Underwood. Be-sides putting up garden producegifted to her from others, Noreenis also getting baking done for thebake sale at the Catholic Hall.Sunday afternoon Noreen was inMission for the DNP quilting ses-sion.Last Tuesday, Janice M. Ringwas a dinner guest of Robert andSharon Ring. Thursday afternoonSharon attended the LA-LWMLmeeting at Jessie Ring’s home.Friday and Saturday she was busydriving truck as the Ring’s werebusy chopping alfalfa and fillingthe silo. Sunday she used some of her garden produce to add to thepizzas she had ready for the Sun-day School children to make asthey begin another year of SundaySchool at St. John.Jan Ring attended the home-coming parade in Philip on Friday,and also picked up some partswhile there.The Bruce Ring family headedfor Custer Sunday afternoon, Sep-tember 1. Monday they drove toNewcastle, WY, to join others incelebrating the 25th wedding an-niversary of Rob and PeggyRoberts of Rapid City, which washosted by their parents in Newcas-tle. The Rings returned homeMonday night, and Jessie thendrove to Rosebud to pick up Juneas she returned with the Utechtsfrom the state fair. Days earlier, onthe 26th, Jessie had taken June tothe Utecht home in Rosebud tocatch a ride with them and go toHuron to help with the PuppetPlace at the state fair. The puppetshow this year was “The ThreeMen in the Fiery Furnace.”Saturday Jessie was one of thetruck drivers as the Rings choppedalfalfa, so June was at their hometaking care of he children. Sundayafternoon Jessie took the childrento visit their grandmother forGrandparents’ Day.It is homecoming week at WhiteRiver, with coronation on Monday,and the parade and football gameon Friday.Clifford and Pam Allard invitedthe Taft’s to supper Saturdayevening to help Pam celebrate herbirthday September 7. Pam re-ceived the encouraging news thather mother’s cancer has shrunkconsiderably.Stan Allard of Rapid City camelast Wednesday to visit Maxine,and to do some repair work aroundthe place. Grandson Patrick ar-rived that afternoon to visit Max-ine, and stayed overnight. He leftThursday to return to Virginia andcontinue his training in the Armythere. June Ring visited Thursdayevening and had supper with Max-ine.Sunday afternoon, September1, Pastor Glenn Denke was among14 pastors who participated in theordination and installation of Rev. Adam Welton at Presho, SD. Rev.Welton will be serving congrega-tions in Presho and Reliance.Thursday Pastor Denke led thetopic at the LWML meeting at thehome of Jessie Ring.Blake and Amy Lehman wereamong those attending the footballgame in White River on Friday.That night they received half aninch of rain. Around here, thegauge showed only six hun-dredths.Tuesday morning, September 2, Ace and Jean Kary took Rebekkahback to college at the School of Mines, and then attended the fu-neral of Twila Abourezk at 11:00 inRapid City. Friday Ace and Jeanwere back in Rapid City to keepappointments, and brought Re-bekkah home with them for theweekend. Sunday afternoon Jeanaccompanied June Ring to theDNP quilting session in Mission.June Ring kept a dental ap-pointment in Valentine Fridaymorning, and in the afternoon wasin Murdo for the SD DistrictLWML Christian Life workshop.Rev. Randy Sturzenbecher of Black Hawk presented the studyon “The Benefits of Christ’s VeryBody and Blood, for Us!”Saturday Janice M. Ring was inHighmore to help celebrate thebirthday of her grandson, MaxRing, son of Mike and MarilynRing.Ray Welker had the tragic mis-fortune to have his pickup catch onfire Thursday afternoon and hewas severely burned. Neighborscame to his rescue and called formedical help. He was airlifted toGreeley, Colorado, and is in theburn unit there. He is listed in se-rious but stable condition. His ad-dress is North Colorado MedicalCenter, Attention Burn Unit, 180116th Street, Greeley, CO 80631.Early Saturday morning folksset out to mow and clean aroundSt. Paul Episcopal Church andcemetery north of Norris. It was atough and necessary job because of all the growth this summer. Weappreciate all the folks who havehelped maintain the property:Russell Eagle Bear, Kris and JohnWoodenKnife, Leon Huber, EarlWilcox, Cassie and Rod, SherriLafferty, and Stanton and Carol Anderson. The community appre-ciates this kind gesture verymuch.James, Marjorie Anne and JulieLetellier drove to Ft. ThompsonSaturday afternoon and met withthe Paul Beckwith family, andthey traveled on to Trojan Field inMadison, SD. They all enjoyed thefootball game between Dordt Col-lege of Sioux Center, Iowa, andDakota State. Dordt won the excit-ing game 14-13. Dordt College has91 members on their footballteam. DJ Beckwith is a freshmanand got to suit up for the game.The group returned home after thegame, following a brief visit withDJ. Watching the grandkids insports is a full time job!Shirley (Bauman) Phillips andson, Andrew, of Las Vegas, NV, ar-rived in Kadoka on Saturday andwill spend several days visitingwith Frank and Myrth Baumanand other relatives and friends.The four of them enjoyed supper atJigger’s on Saturday evening withGeraldine Allen and JanicePerkins. Larry and Alvina Parkin-son also joined them to visitawhile. Larry and Shirley are for-mer Kadoka High School class-mates. Shirley has just recentlyreturned from a trip to Scotland.Suzanne Hoon’s niece, AngelaSetera of Houston, TX, and her fi-ance, Bryan Dumas, came toKadoka on Sunday, Sept. 1, for avisit with several members of the VanderMay family. Angela is thedaughter of Mary VanderMaySetera, and the couple left on Mon-day to return to their home. According to a recent newspa-per article, two Jackson Countystudents were named to the springsemester president’s academichonors list at Dakota State Uni-versity in Madison. They wereCandice Buchholz of Belvidere andChristian Byrd of Kadoka.Deb and Marv Moor drove toSpringfield, MO, over the LaborDay weekend to visit with theirson, Marcus. Matthew Moor of Cedar Rapids, IA, joined them inSpringfield for the holiday. TheMoors returned to Kadoka onMonday, the 2nd of September.Friends in this area of LucilleBrunsch of Norris learned of herdeath on September 5 at herhome. She was a resident at onetime in the Gateway Apartments.Funeral services were held inMartin on Monday at the St.Katherine Episcopal Church.Sympathy is extended to her fam-ily.Kim Miller of Gillette, WY,spent the weekend at the home of her mom, Patty Ulmen. Saturdaymorning's storm resulted in alightning hit at the home of Patty’sbrother and wife, Bob and KathyFugate. There was no fire damage,but the local fire departmentchecked out the house and someelectrical repair work will have tobe done. The local area has en- joyed a couple nice rainfalls, butthe lightning and thunder were anunwelcome alarm clock Saturdaymorning. Verda Anderson, Curtis, Bobbyand Misti, Braden Letellier andStorm Wilcox went to Huron onFriday evening, August 30, to takein the last few days of the SouthDakota State Fair. Misti Andersonthen left from Rapid City Tuesdaymorning of last week for a base inNorth Carolina where she will beserving in the National Guard.Nona and Kieth Prang andBrett and Tammy Prang went toBelle Fourche on Saturday wherethey attended a birthday party forWeston Carlson, who turned fivethat day. He is the son of JesseCarlson, and the Prangs’ grandsonand great-grandson.Luke Horacek of Yankton vis-ited with Nona and Kieth Prangthis past weekend. He had beenboating on the Green River andwas on his way home.Electa (Briggs) Preslicka of Bradshaw, NE, arrived in Kadokathis weekend and will spend abouta week visiting with her sister,Bonnie Riggins, and other rela-tives and friends.Jackson County American Le-gion Auxiliary will hold it’s firstmeeting after the summer breakon Thursday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m. inthe community room of the Gate-way Apartments. Membership no-tices for 2014 will be sent out onSeptember 15 according to newsfrom Department Headquarters.Members are urged to attend.While my brother, LarryParkinson, was on his daily golf outing at the Kadoka Golf CourseSaturday, an airplane landed atthe local airport. The Hagdornsfrom Brookings were piloting theplane and told Larry that theyhave a goal of landing at every air-port in the State of South Dakotaand are taking pictures at eachone. He signed their log book, toprove that they did indeed land inKadoka.Last week Shirley Josserand,Lova Bushnell, Marie Addison,and Susie Bauman were busyquilting. Margie Peters’ foot is get-ting better but may we still keepher in our prayers. Val Cork and Mary EllenHerbaugh are out of the hospital.Please keep them on your prayerlist.Sympathy and prayers are ex-tended to the Carlbom family onthe loss of Stella.I’m not aware of anyone newmoving into the apartments.Henry and Linda Yellow Elk areWanblee and apartment residents.We had some lightening andthunder this week. The rain thatcame with it was nice to have.I had such a nice and enjoyableSaturday evening at the home of Cloreta Eisenbraun. I accompa-nied Lesa Eisenbraun and hergranddaughter, Laney, to Cloreta’sfor supper. Other guests includedRoy and Rose Albin, Ross Albin,Faye Eisenbraun, and later Rexand Nancy Totton joined us. Weplayed a game of dominos, whichwas a new experience for me. Itwas a very enjoyable evening withvisiting, trading stories and laugh-ter. So good to get together. Royand Rose left for their home onSunday morning and Ross left onMonday.Bonnie Riggins has been visitedby a number of family and friends.Jodie Borberly and her friend, sis-ter-in-law, Willow Dean, fromRapid City, her daughter, Bearlyfrom Alaska, nephew, Roy, and hiswife, Rose Albin, from Parten, MD,nephew, Ross Albin, from Powell,WY, sisters-in-law, Cloreta Eisen-braun and Faye Eisenbraun, son,Stephen, and Linda Riggins, son,Sterling, and Jill Riggins, daugh-ters, Marla Nelson and Ella Hind-man, friends, Arlee Kukal, PhyllisWord, Marsha Sumpter, HelenGood, Dick Pinney, Misty, TroyHindman, and great grandson,Clark. Bonnie rested on Sundayand her grand daughter, Brigit,brough her some chicken noodlesoup for supper that brought asmile to her face.I’m not perfect and have no in-tentions of leaving anyone out of the news. If I missed anyone,please let me know.Thought for the week:
Simplic-ity, patience and compassion.These three are your greatest treas-ures.
Roy and Rose Albin were in thearea this last week, having driventhe 1,700 miles from their home inParkton, Maryland. Rose said theyhave been coming back for the last46 years and see no reason to stopnow. They came in part to seeRoy’s aunt, Bonnie Riggins, who isin fairly poor health. While here,they stayed with another aunt,Cloreta Eisenbraun. Roy’s brother,Ross, also came to Cloreta’s fromPowell, WY, to see everyone. Roy,Rose, and Cloreta came to churchin Belvidere on Sunday and stayedfor the coffee time afterwards to dosome visiting. On the trip here, the Albins came through Nebraska tovisit Rose’s brother and sister whoare both now in their 80s. Rosesaid they took highway 83 fromNebraska to South Dakota whichseemed a little odd because theyhave a highway 83 by them inMaryland too.Cloreta said she has finally quitteaching school this fall after hav-ing done that for something like 65years. She started teaching in1946 and has been at it ever sinceand just quitting this last May.She was amused that she got a callfrom the school in Timber Lakeasking her to come teach there.She wasn’t totally against the ideasince she is only 86 and still ingood health, but her daughter,Nancy, said no. That wasn’t a goodidea. Cloreta decided againststarting up again, but she did sayshe misses the kids.Wade Fox said that he recentlygained a new toy. The toy is abackhoe that he purchased fromBrent Peters when Brent wastrading his for a new one. Wade just offered to pay the trade-invalue. Wade figures it will come inhandy for dealing with the waterproblems they often encounter attheir place. He might do some cus-tom work as well but hasn’t de-cided about that just yet. Wadealso said Clay Hindman had themisfortune of breaking his neck ina rodeo recently after which hewas flown to Sioux Falls for treat-ment. After just a few days in thehospital, Clay came back homewhere he is recuperating fairlywell.Jim and Georgann Addison arestill on the volleyball trail sincetheir daughter, Jami, played in agame at Wall this last week. Moreare scheduled. Georgann has beenspending quite a bit of time withher mom, Audrey Carley, in Philiplately as Audrey isn’t in very goodhealth.Jerry Sanftner was camped outat his apartment on Main Streetin Belvidere this weekend. He andhis family have been renovatingthat former bank/drugstore/postoffice building this summer andnow have it inhabitable. He waswaiting for a new heating stove tobe delivered and installed earlythis week. Jerry’s wife didn’t comealong since she is currently inSpain visiting grandchildren.Jerry would have loved to havegone with her, but his insurancebusiness prevented that. Bigchanges are coming to the healthinsurance business on October 1due to the start of Obamacare, andhe needed to stay home to dealwith that.Glenn Freeman said he hadbeen enjoying going to noon-lun-cheon meetings of the “Wing Nuts”organization which is held at theEagle’s Club in Rapid City onTuesdays. This is a group of con-servative Christians who like tomeet and discuss things. Peoplefrom various branches of govern-ment often attend and state theirviews. The Eagles Club is on theeast side of town and just a fewblocks from Rice Cycle. Glenn triesto schedule his doctor appoint-ments so he can attend the meet-ings. Glenn also said his son,Jimmie, is now settled into a newhouse in Des Moines, Iowa, and isreunited with his first wife fromwhom he had been separated forsome 35 years. They have kids inthe area and living nearby. Youmay recall that Jimmie came andlived with Glenn and Lucy formany months and helped out afterGlenn had knee replacement sur-gery. He was a real help at thattime and took care of the mowing,some of the cooking, etc. On Sun-day, Glenn and Lucy were vacu-uming and moving furniture inpreparation for the arrival of acarpet cleaner on Monday. Glennsaid he was advised to hand thecarpet cleaner the keys and goaway for awhile. He thought thismight be fairly good advice.Betty Kusick caught a ridesouth with Crystal Paulson onThursday and spent the day visit-ing Joe Livermont over there.Betty was also driving around in aCadillac this last week while herown car was being repaired. TheCaddy was loaned to her by herdaughter, Loretta Schreiber, andher husband, Lawrence, of Quinn.Then, after she got her own carback, it started steering hard.That was traced to a belt foundlying in the driveway which had tobe replaced. Getting cars back andforth was aided by being able tocatch rides back and forth toKadoka with Dana Badure. TheSchreibers were on hand onWednesday the 4th to help Bettycelebrate her 39th birthday--again(actually her 86th). They didn’tbring a cake, but they did providea tasty rolled dessert. Betty hasalso been giving tomatoes awayright and left including to thisnews correspondent. Her crop hasbeen good, and she’s trying to giveenough away that she doesn’t feelforced to can tomatoes on hun-dred-degree days.
Correspondent News
Kadoka Press - Thursday, September 12, 2013 -
 Norris News
| Marjorie Anne Letellier,
Kadoka Area News
| Sydne Lenox,
Gateway News
| Lola Joyce Riggins,
837-2053 (Let it ring.)
Belvidere News
| Syd Iwan,
Badlands Ranch BroncRide & Stray Gathering
Entries contact 
Michael Jones 685-3317Luke VanderMay 415-7493
Saturday, September 211 p.m. • Kadoka Rodeo Arena 
 $ 5 0 0
 A  d d e d  t  o B r o n c  R  i d e
Ranch Bronc Ride Limit to 18 Riders
$100 Entry Fee
Stray Gathering Limited to 18 Teams
$200 Entry Fee for a 4 Person Team
Top 6 in each event qualify for short go and calcutta.
Five generations gather
Submitted Photo
Back row: Damian Berg (L) father, Mike Berg grandfather. Front row:Loretta Schreiber (L) great grandmother holding Anthony Berg, and BettyKusick great great grandmother.
Kadoka Press 
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