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Henry Krank Catalogue Muzzle Loading Guns

Henry Krank Catalogue Muzzle Loading Guns

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Published by henrykrank

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Published by: henrykrank on Jun 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Flintlock & Matchlock Muzzle Loading Black Powder PistolsFlintlock & Matchlock Muzzle Loading Black Powder Pistols
Information on buying a muzzle loading pistol or rifle shown in this section of the catalogueInformation on buying a muzzle loading pistol or rifle shown in this section of the catalogue
For UK sales of muzzle loading pistols and rifles a firearms certificate is required, with an appropriate variation. A shotgun certificate is required for the purchase of black powder shotguns / muskets featured in this section.
How to order:1
. Collect in person from our shop.
. Send your firearm or shotgun certificate to us with payment and we will despatch the item to your prefered localRFD (registered firearms dealer).
. Order the item through your local RFD, who will them obtain the item from Henry Krank & Co.
Delivery charges
for firearms to mainland UK vary between £15 and £20 please call to confrim.
10 Scottish Flintlock Pistol £226.80
 A very good quality reproduction of a flintlock Scottish belt pistol of the'Ramshorn' design, as used by the Highland regiments during the18th century. The pistol has a highly polished finish and is handcrafted in an all steel construction, with a ball trigger and 190mmsmoothbore barrel of 13.5mm (.530") approx. diameter bore.The overall length of the pistol is 317mm and the weight isapprox. 907 grams.
10RHR Royal Highland Regiment Scottish Flintlock Pistol£226.80
Specification as item 10 but engraved R.H.R on tapered round steel barrel. Bissell on lock plate.
1 Matchlock Pistol £225.00
 An excellent reproduction of a late 16th century matchlockpistol. Hardwood stock and bright polished furniture. Round30cm smooth bore barrel. Overall length 63cam. Calibre .62approx.
10C English Pattern Dragoon Pistol £216.00
 An excellent reproduction of the early Dragoon holster pistol dating fromaround the 1740's. The pistol's features include a polished stock, brasstrigger guard and butt cap, steel 304mm barrel, lock plate and trigger.Overall length of the pistol is 482mm and it weighs approx1.36kg. The calibre is approx. 16.5mm (.650").
10D Elliot English Short Dragoon Pistol£216.00
 An English short light Dragoon pistol. Specification as item 10C but with a 23cm barrel.
10A English Pattern Doglock Pistol£246.00
 An excellent reproduction of an early English doglockpistol dating from around the middle of the 17thcentury. A huge pistol of some 635mm in length, thebarrel alone measures 406mm.The features are all steel lock assembly, lock plate, trigger, trigger guard, barrel and butt cap. Theweight of the pistol is approx. 1.8kg and the calibre approx. 16mm (.630").
10DE English Sea Service Pistol £225.00
 An English Sea Service pistol 1756 model. Hardwood stock,bright metal barrel belt hook and lock plate with G.R andTower engravings. Brass trigger guard and butt cap. 30cmsmooth bore .63 cal barrel and overall length 47cm.
10DF Short Sea Service Pistol £225.00
Specification as above but much shorter, barrel 23cm.
Matchlock & Flintlock PistolsMatchlock & Flintlock Pistols
Tel: 01132 569 163 / 565 167
   S   h  o  o   t   i  n  g   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   R  e   l  o  a   d   i  n  g   &   A  m  m  u  n   i   t   i  o  n   M  u  z  z   l  e   L  o  a   d   i  n  g   R   i   f   l  e  s   &   S   h  o   t  g  u  n  s   A   i  r   G  u  n  s   &   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   B   l  a  n   k   F   i  r  e  r  s   &   I  n  e  r   t   G  u  n  s   K  n   i  v  e  s ,   S  w  o  r   d  s   &   B  a  y  o  n  e   t  s   B  o  o   k  s   &   D   V   D  s
10E East India Pattern Manton Pistol£211.20
 A superb quality version of the original Manton holster pistoldating from around the 1830's. Features include a polishedflared stock, brass trigger guard and butt cap, steel trigger,blued 228mm barrel, ramrod pipe and swivel. The overalllength is approx. 406mm and weight 1.36kg. The calibre is approx. 17.2mm (.680").
10F Prussian Dragoon Pistol of 1731£226.80
 A true copy of the Prussian flintlock pistol of the1700's. The pistol is huge, with an overall lengthof 560mm (22"). The calibre is 17mm (0.67")smoothbore. The pistol has steel barrel andlock and brass fittings.
11 Pedersoli Queen Anne Pistol£269.00
 A true copy of the flintlock Queen Anne pistol as used inEngland between 1600 and 1700. The pistol has abright steel smooth bore barrel of 12.7mm (.50") boreand sports brass furniture and a polished steel lock. The finish is of the usual Pedersolihigh quality. Overall length of the pistol is 330mm, weight is approx. 900 grams.
12 Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol £248.00
 A fine example of the traditional American Kentuckypistol. This pistol was renown for it's reliable action andaccuracy. A superb reproduction, with walnut stock,blued steel 254mm octagonal barrel, colour case hard-ened lock and brass furniture. Overall length of thepistol is 393mm with a weight of just over 900 grams.The pistol is available in either 11.43mm (.45") or 12.7mm (.50") rifled.
12P Ardesa Parker Match Flintlock Pistol£383.00
 A traditional English target pistol. Features adjustableset target trigger, walnut stock, dovetail rear sightand blade front sight. Bright steel furniture.Octagonal rifles .45 cal, barrel length 264mm.Overall length 445mm.
13 Pedersoli Bounty Pistol£289.00
 A reproduction of the Kentucky 'Bounty' flintlockpistol. The pistol features a blued steel 419mmbarrel and trigger, brass trigger guard, colour case hardened lock assembly and walnut stock.Overall length is 540mm, weight 1.36kg.
14 Pedersoli Harpers Ferry Pistol £341.00
The first flintlock pistol ordered by the American governmentto equip the Navy. Named after the Virginia village where anarmoury was built and destroyed during the Civil War andnever rebuilt. The pistol has a 14.7mm (.58") calibre brightThe pistol is available in 11.43mm (.45") or 12.7mm (.50") calibre rifled.steel barrel, colour case hardened lock, brass furniture and a walnut stock. Overalllength is 406mm and weight approx. 1.13kg.
Flintlock PistolsFlintlock Pistols
Tel: 01132 569 163 / 565 167
18 Pedersoli Le Page Pistol £760.00
 A superb reproduction of the French target or duellingpistol that was made by Henri Le Page between 1840and 1850. The pistol is well established in the world of competitive target shooting. A fine quality Europeanstock that is hand chequered and oil polished sets off a
18A Pedersoli Le Page Deluxe Engraved Pistol £1767.00
 A deluxe version of item No.17. Engraved with gold and silver inlays and a stock of the finest selected walnut whichis hand chequered. Each pistol comes complete with a signed certificate authenticating the hand engraving by aMaster Engraver.browned octagonal 241mm barrel and bright lock and fittings. The pistol has an adjustable single settrigger, an overall length of 432mm and weighs just over 900 grams. The barrel is available in achoice of either 9.1mm (.36"), 9.6mm (.38") or 11.1mm (.44") calibre rifled.
17 Pedersoli Charles Moore Pistol£452.00
 A reproduction of the early English duelling pistol made byCharles Moore of London. The pistol has hand chequered,oil finished walnut grip, blued steel octagonal barrel andadjustable single set trigger. Overall length is 450mm,weight is just over 900 grams. The pistol is available in11.4mm (.45") calibre rifled or 11.1mm (.44") smoothbore.
15 Ardesa Kentucky Pistol £202.00
 A good quality reproduction of the American Kentucky pistolwhich was used by the early trappers and frontiersmen.The pistol has a 250mm (10") blued barrel which is 11.4mm(.45") calibre, beech stock and brass fittings.The overall length is 425mm and weight approx. 1.13kg
17A Pedersoli Charles Moore Target Pistol£518.00
The same specification as item 17 but with a bright steelremovable barrel. (Hook Breech) and a bright finish to thefittings.
19 Pedersoli W. Mortimer Pistol £719.00
 A fine flintlock pistol from Perdersoli in the W. Mortimer design. The pistol features a Saw Grip which raises thestock to the height of the sight line. The trigger is a singleset mechanism with a very fast lock time, making the pistolideal for match target shooting. The barrel is of the hookbreech type in a bright steel finish. Available in 9.1mm (.36"), or 11.4mm (.45") rifled or 11.2mm (.44") smoothbore.
15P Ardesa Patriot Pistol £251.00
 An advanced model Kentucky pistol with hook breech,double set triggers and primitive adjustable rear sight. Brassfurniture with blue steel. Octagonal rifled .45 cal barrel,length 248mm. Overall length 394mm.
Flintlock PistolsFlintlock Pistols
Tel: 01132 569 163 / 565 167

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