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Minority Reporter Week of September 9 - 15, 2013

Minority Reporter Week of September 9 - 15, 2013

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Published by Dave McCleary
Local, national news and features serving the African-American community in Rochester, New York
Local, national news and features serving the African-American community in Rochester, New York

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Published by: Dave McCleary on Sep 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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september 9 - 15 
from information to understanding
september 9 - 15
2 www.minorityreporter.net|
september 9 - 15
Minority Reporter 
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282 Hollenbeck Street, Rochester, NY 14621
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P.O. Box 26352, Rochester, NY 14626
585-301-4199 Toll-free: 1-888-792-9303
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Temple Boggs, Jr.Todd Elliott
Gloria Winston Al-SaragC. Michael TillmanRev. Michael VaughnVincent Felder Diane WatkinsMike DulaneyDavy VaraAyesha Kreutz
Minority Reporter, Inc. is a family of publicationsand other media formats committed to fostering self awareness, building community and empowering people of color to reach their greatest potential. Fur-ther, Minority Reporter, Inc. seeks to present a bal-anced view of relevant issues, utilizing its resourcesto build bridges among diverse populations; takingthem from information to understanding.Minority Reporter reserves the right to edit or rejectcontent submitted.The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher.Minority Reporter does not assume responsibilityconcerning advertisers, their positions, practices,services or products; nor does the publication of advertisements constitute or imply endorsement. Minority Reporter invites news and storysuggestions from readers.Deadline for all copy is Tuesday at noon.Call 585-301-4199or email info@minorityreporter.net.
In This Issue:
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• Ben Jealous Leaving NAACP
Pg 3 - 5
• Gel Salon Gets Wall Makeover with MLK Mural• Rochester School ModernizationProgram Revamps Local Schools• Strong Museum HoldsFair for Kid Entrepreneurs
Pg 6
• Judge: N-word illegal at work, evenif you’re black
Pg 7
• NY commission seeks lawmaker clients• 3 teens charged with rapingstudent at NY college
Pg 8 - 10
• Reid introducesSyria resolution in Senate• George Zimmerman’s wife says heis ‘selsh’• Patient’s bill soars as health lawprogram falters
Pg 12
• Obama touts world’s economicprogress at G-20
Pg 13-15
• Rochester, NY Police Chief JamesSheppard’s Resignation Is LongOverdue! 
by davy vara
• Apologizing for Being Black
by gloria winston al-sarag
• How Soon We Forget!
by michael vaughn
september9 -15 
from information to understanding
september 9 -15
to include your event on this calendar email us at
13Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 Kickoff Time: 12:00pm-1:30pmLocation: City Hall Atrium, 30 ChurchStJoin Rochester’s Hispanic HeritageCommittee as we kickoff another great month of activities to celebrateHispanic Heritage Month.14Family Health ForumTime: 8:30-2:00pmLocation: 149 Brooks AvenueThis Health Forum serves as a venuethat allows the Health Ministry of Geneses Baptist Church to provideeducation on safety, health promotionand prevention, conduct healthscreenings as well as a means toinform the community on current trendsin health care.Lunch will be provided. This eventis free and open to the public on aspace available basis! You will notwant to miss this event. We encourageyou to register today and mark your calendars now.For more informationand to register to attend pleasecontact Genesee Baptist Churchat (585) 436-7250 or geneseebc@geneseebaptistchurch.org16Voice of the CitizenTime: 6:00pm-8:00pmLocation: Carter St. Community Center,500 Carter St.1913th Annual Diversity ConferenceTime: 8:00am-4:45pmLocation: Seymour College UnionFor more information: (585) 395-5876www.brockport.edu/diversity27Become A Rochester Police Ofcer  APPLY NOWExam date: November 16, 2013 Application deadline: September 27,2013Call: 585-428-6716www.cityofrochester.gov/policeOctober 5DELTA 5K FOR EDUCATION ANDHEALTHTime: 9:00am-3:00pmLocation: Lake Riley Lodge, Cobbs HillPark, Rochester, NY 14610Description: A fun-lled day to raisefunds for higher education scholarshipsand community service projects inGreater Rochester. Visit our website:http://racdeltasigmatheta.org for moreinformation. Registration fee is $20.
Birth Date: June, 1998
is described as a determined, strong-willed young lady. She dreams of owning her ownfashion empire someday, earning millions from hervery own fashion line. When not daydreaming of her future, Tikeria enjoys watching the Jamie Foxxshow, playing Mancala or drawing. Tikeria wouldthrive in a structured, loving home that will en-courage and support her. She will do best with a forever family who will bepaent and loving while she learns to love herself again.
If you’re interested in learning more about Travino orother waing children, visit:
www.childeAwaiiPae.o o all 585-232-5110.
Photograph by Lori Grith
Expert Collision Repair on ALL MAKES
september 9 - 15 
ron g
_1_.1.. 11 ::
ROC Rhythms Presents MC Ron G“Music is in me”“Music is release therapy for me. Musicis my way of geng the emoons Ihave out in a posive way. If I have abad day, then I might make a happysong. It’s something that helps me getthrough my day. Music is in me.”As a teenager and well into mytwenes, I’ve always loved rap music.The beats, the metaphors, the hooks,the videos; I loved it all. I would sayover the last ten years, the creavityand arstry that rap music used tohave is gone. I don’t know what’sgoing on with the music industry, butit seems like record deals are handedout like Skiles to men and womenwith no real talent.The quanty is endless, while thequality is extremely limited. When youlisten, well I would say try to listen torap music today, either the lyrics makeno sense, just a bunch of words thatrhyme, or it so sexually explicit that itmakes you wonder how it made it intothe stores.I grew up on gospel my enre life butI never got into gospel rap. I didn’tbelieve that I could enjoy gospel rapbecause it doesn’t have the style orthe “swag” of secular rap music. ThenI happen to come across MC Ron G.Beats like J Millz and a rap style likeHuey, Ron G wants to change the ideathat you can’t live a life of fun andserve God at the same me.MC Ron G grew up in Rochester withhis parents. He was given the nameMC Ron G in high school from one of his best friends and his grandmothercoined the meaning of the name,which is Magniying Christ Ron’s Gi.He discovered his own talent justhanging around his uncles’ rehearsals.“I have a huge music background, Iwas always in church,” he said. “Myfamily plays instruments and sings. Iwas at one of my uncle rehearsals andhe asked me if he could rap to it. Rondidn’t take it seriously but got on themic and freestyle. That gave him themovaon he needed and where hefound his talent. He felt he could beheard the best through his rap.Though Ron G grew up in church he wassll privy to secular music, especiallyrap music. He chose a dierent pathto follow when he chose gospel music.“Gospel rap was more posive. Itgave me what I needed to get throughwhatever I was going through. I’vedone worldly rap. I’ve done othermusic. I’ve never cursed in my rap, itwas always clean, but I have done it.Gospel rap is really what brought meto Christ. My rst gospel rap song, I gotsaved from my own song.”Ron G said growing up he loved themusic of St. Louis rapper turned actor,Nelly and rapper Chamillionaire.“I loved their music and I also loved howthey gave back to their community.They give back to where they comefrom. I always wanted to give back tothe kids of where I come from.Ron G said he would love to work withfamed gospel arsts Kirk Franklin,Fred Hammond, Canton Jones, whois his favorite and of course othergospel rappers in the business, fromwhom all he derives his inspiraon.He’s collaborated with local musicianT-Keys, his girlfriend Kiniesha Randleand hopes to collaborate with localgospel singer, Nyerry Weaver on hisnext album.“Most of the inspiraon now comesfrom the bible. I’m geng moreinto reading my bible and pulling mymessage from it. I like to use to use thestories of the bible and relate them towhat goes on today.”Ron G has been performing for overthree years in Rochester at localchurches, venues and concertsincluding the 2013 Kingdom BoundFesval and Clarissa Street Fesval.He also performed in North and SouthCarolina. He has his own record label,Vision Producons, in which is thelabels’ rst arst.“God has really blessed me to traveland have my own label. Of course itwould be nice to have a record dealwith a big label because there’s aready-made machine behind be. ButI’m working hard to get recognion.Ron G said he will keep making hismusic regardless of the pressure toconform and make sure that Rochestergets credit where credit is due.“Rochester is home. I’m gonna alwaysbe Rochester and I’m gonna make abig mark here. For me, it’ll be easier tostay true to my music because I wantto make music that I want to listen to.When you start to make music thateveryone else wants to listen to thenyou lose your way. When you makemusic for yourself, it comes out beer.”Ron G just dropped his rst albumP.O.E meaning Power Over Everything.He’s working on a clothing line calledHERO, meaning Humble, Exemplary,Righteous and Ordained that he hopesto get into stores in the near future.But, his focus is spreading the word of God through his music rst.My favorite scripture is Luke 10:19, “Ihave given you authority to trample onsnakes and scorpions and to overcomeall the power of the enemy; nothingwill harm you.”“I want my music to let the world knowthat no maer what the situaonor the trial, God sll has power overeverything.”

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