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Summary (Form 1 and 2)

Summary (Form 1 and 2)

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Published by Eugene Joseph

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Published by: Eugene Joseph on Sep 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Exercise is important to your health. Everyone should exercise, whether you are young or old. One of the simplest daily exercises you can do is walking. Take a brisk walk for about 20 to30minutes every day. If it is not possible for you to do it every day, then you should try it at leastfour times a week. Walking briskly makes your heart beat faster for a short while. Insteadof walking, you could also try jogging, swimming, playing an outdoor sport or evendancing. A lot of people are not aware that dancing is also an exercise. Exercisingregularly keeps us fit, makes our muscles and bones strong and keeps our heart ingood condition. Your muscles need to be exercised regularly to keep them from becoming slack.Your joints too will not become stiff if you get them moving regularly. Your bloodcirculation and your digestion also improve when you have a healthy body. When youexercise, you should enjoy what you are doing. If not, you will get boredand eventually give it up.Write a summary on the
ways to exercise and why exercise is important
. Begin your summaryas follows:
There are many fun ways to exercise such as taking…
1)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __ 2)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __ 3)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __ 4)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __ 5)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __ 
6)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __ 7)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __ 8)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __  George has big plans for his family’s apartment. First, he wants to have a bigger living room.To do so, he has to reduce the size of the kitchen. The family has been using the present sofa setin the living room ever since he can remember. He wants to replace it with modern furniture. Hehas already set his eyes one a set he saw in the shop. He will also need to widen the door from the living room to the kitchen. Then he will have to clean the wall in the livingroom and repaint it. He can almost see and smell the new colour. It will complementhis new sofa set. George takes a deep breath as he imagines himself spread out on the new set.George also plans to do something about the master bedroom which is his parents’room. The room appears dull and dark to him. He has decided to paper the walls to make it brighter. There is only one problem. Every time he mentions his ideas to his parents, they rolltheir eyes. His mother will wring her hands and shake her fists. George will have to calm her down. Sometimes it takes days. They have also warned George that they will move outif he keeps going on about it. It is obvious that they truly like the apartment the way it is!Write a summary on
George’s plans for the apartment and his parents’ reaction
Begin your summary as follows:
George wants to redecorate his family’s apartment and he plans…
1)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __ 2)_______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  __ 

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