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עברית (Hebrew helpful phrases)

עברית (Hebrew helpful phrases)

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Published by Nivekaxel
Useful phrases.
Useful phrases.

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Published by: Nivekaxel on Jun 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hebrew Helpful Phrases
The letters “
” make a sound existing in many languages but not in English,
in Scottish lo
anukah. Or like the Spanish
 Remember Hebrew starts from right to left, so if you try to read the Hebrew script, start from the right! But you can read the Hebrewpronunciation the same way you read English!
There is also the “
” which is pronounced as a
sharp h.
English Phrases
Hebrew Phrases
Hebrew Phrases
Hi! Shalom!
Good Morning! Yom tov! / Boker tov!
בוט םוי/בוט רקוב
Good Evening! Erev tov!
בוט ברע
Welcome! (to greet someone) Barukh haba! (Barukh hanimtsa)
אבה ךורב(אצמנה ךורב)
How Are You? Ma shelomkha
ךמולש המ
I'm Fine, Thanks! Tov, toda
And You? Veata? / Atem?
Good/ So-So. Tov/ Kakha kakha
הככ הככ
Thank You (Very Much)! Rav todot
תודות בר
You're Welcome! (answering "thank you") Eyn davar
רבד ןיא
Hey! Friend! Alo haver!
רבח ולה!
I Missed You So Much! Hitgaagati eleykha
ךילא יתעגעגתה
What's New? Ma nishma?
המשינ המ?
Nothing Much Meat meod!
דואמ טעמ
Good Night! Layla tov!
בוט הליל
See You Later!
Nitra’e bekarov!
בורקב הארתנ
Good Bye! Shalom!
Help & Directions:
I'm Lost ibadti et haderekh sheli
ילש ךרדה תא יתדבא
Can I Help You? Ani yakhol laazor lekha
ךל רוזעל לוכי ינא
Can You Help Me? Ata yakhol laazor li?
יל רוזעל לוכי התא?
Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)? Eyfo haambatya / beyt hamirkahat?
היטבמאה ופיא/תיבתחקרמה?
Go Straight! Then Turn Left/ Right! yashar, ahar kakh smola /yamina
רשי,ךכ רחאהלאמש/הנימי
I'm Looking For John. Ani mehapes et John
ג תא שפחמ ינא'ןו
One Moment Please! Rak rega bevakasha!
השקבב עגר קר!
Hold On Please! (phone) Bevasha lehafsik
קיספהל אל השקבב!
How Much Is This? Kama ze ole?
הז המכהלוע?
Excuse Me...! ( to ask for something) Bevakasha
Excuse Me! ( to pass by) Seliha rega
עגר החילס
Come With Me! Bo iti
יתיא אוב
Personal Info:
Do You Speak (English/ Hebrew)? Ata medaber Anglit / ivrit?
תילגנא רבדמ התא/תירבע?
 Just a Little. Meat
What's Your Name? Ma shimkha?
ךמיש המ?
My Name Is ….
Hashem sheli …..
ילש םשה....
Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…
Adon, geveret
Nice To Meet You! Naim meod
דואמ םיענ
You're Very Kind! Toda Raba
הבר הדות
Where Are You From? Meayin ata?
התא ןיעמ?
I'm From (the U.S/ Israel) Miamerika/ Miyisrael
I’m (American)
Ani amerikai
יאקירמא ינא
Where Do You Live? Eyfo ata gar?
רג התא ופיא?
I live in (the U.S/ Israel) Ani gar beyisrael / beamerika
 לארשיב רג ינא/הקירמאב
Did You Like It Here? Haavta et haarets?
ץראה תא תבאה?
Israel Is a Wonderful Country Sefarad erets nifla
אלפנ ץרא דרפס
What Do You Do For A Living? Ma ata ose behayim?
םייחב השוע התא המ?
I Work As A (Translator/ Businessman) Ani meturgeman / ish asakim
ינאןמגרותמ/םיקסע שיא
I Like Herbrew Haavti et ivrit
תירבע תא יתבאה
I've Been Learning Herbrew For 1 Month Kevar hodesh ani lomed ivrit
תירבע דמול ינא שדוח רבכ
Oh! That's Good! ze tov meod
דואמ בוט הז
How Old Are You? Ben kama ata?
התא המכ ןב?
(twenty, thirty…) Years Old.
Ani ben esrim / sheloshim
םירשע ןב ינא/םישולש
I Have To Go Ani tsarikh lalehet
תכלל ךירצ ינא

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