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Pathology MBBS MCQs

Pathology MBBS MCQs



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Here is the real mcqs exam of MbbS
Here is the real mcqs exam of MbbS

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Published by: Shahzad Asghar Arain on Jun 25, 2009
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Pathology 2009-2010 MBBS MCQs1. Fibrocystic changesa)is the most common breast disorder in womenb)is due to abnormal response to ovarian hormones
is associated with in-situ carcinomad)has high risk of developing breast cancer e)is also known as fibroadenoma.2. Endometrial cancer isa)associated with use of intrauterine contraceptive deviceb)associated with excess estrogenc)obesity as a risk factor d)clear cell CA is the most commone)associated with HPV infection3. In the area of molecular pathology and molecular diagnosis,a)The detection of monoclonality is essential in diagnosing biopsy samples of breast cancer.b)Microsomal instability are helpful in diagnosing HNPCCc)The detection of monoclonality is essential in diagnosing biopsy samples of lymphomasd)HER2-neu gene detection by FISH test is used to diagnose inherited breastcancer e)FAP is caused by mutations in the mis-match repair genes.4.
Granulomasa)are mainly compose of macrophages, epitheloid cells and lymphocytesb)are always caused by infectionsc)are mediated by CD4+T lymphocytes
are mediated by IL-2 and alpha IFN
always contain area of central necrosis5. The sequence of metaplasia-dysplasia-neoplasia occurs in the neogenesis of 
squamous cell carcinoma bladder b)carcinoid of the small intestinec)adenocarcinoma of the Barret's oesphagus
squamous cell carcinoma of the lungse)malignant lymphoma6. In acute inflammationa)decreased blood flow to affected partb)increased vascular permeability to proteins
is associated with local 5 hydroxytrytamine released)caused by mechanical trauma
a manifestation of the ability of normal tissues to respond to damage
7. Regarding Osteoarthritisa)cartilage fibrillation
pannus formationc)eburnation of boned)herberden's nodes
osteophyte formation8. Macrophagesa)play a role in graft rejectionb)are involved in antigen recognitionc)Have membrane receptors for Fc fragment of antibodiesd)Is involved in type 4 hypersensitivitye)Have no phagocytic properties9. Low grade lymphomas:a)Incurableb)monoclonal proliferation of large lymphoid cellsc)clinically aggressive10.11. Which of the following helps in the grading of a tumor?
the presence or absence of metastases in the lymph nodeb)the degree of differentiationc)the presence of tumor necrosisd)mitotic activitye)the presence of cells in the vascular spaces12. Successful healing of long bones depends upon:a)apposition of the fragmentsb)Surgical removal of the hematomac)Free mobility of the limbd)The absence of infectione)Elevation of the limb13. Small cell carcinoma of the lung is:a.Is not associated with cigarette smoking.b.Is usually found in the periphery of the lung.c.Is more common in women than men.d.Often produces ectopic hormonese.Has a poor prognosis.14.
Adult respiratory distress syndrome:a)pulmonary edema is a feature
hyaline membrane is present in alveoli
c)has a high mortality
associated with acute pancreatitise)can occur following diffuse alveolar injury15.16. Fall in blood pH from 7.40 to 7.10a)represents an approximate doubling of H+ concentrationb)characteristically caused by persistent vomitingc)characteristically caused by hyperventilationd)can be accompanied by elevated serum potassiume)is incompatible with life17. What of the following causes elevated total CSF protein:a)CNS tumoub)CVAc)Epilepsyd)Viral meningitise)CNS trauma18. H Pyloria)associated with gastric carcinoma and lymphomab)causes a chronic lymphoid infiltration
is a
-producing organismd)is usually found in areas of intestinal metaplasiae)causes a chronic gastritis by invading the mucosal epithelium19. Pseudomembranous Colitis
caused by clostridium difficile toxinb)is present in immunosuppressed individualsc)toxin mediated injury causes epithelial shedding and necrosisd)pseudomembranes present by desloughing of epitheliume)associated with antibiotic use20. Concerning SLEa)circulating immune complexes responsible for glomerulonephritisb)absolute increase in T suppressor cellsc)renal biopsy seldom required for directing therapyd)renal biopsy includes active diffuse proliferating glomerulonephritise)ITP can be initial manifestation of SLE
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