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andrej's narrative™

andrej's narrative™

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Published by Mirror's Edge™

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Published by: Mirror's Edge™ on Jun 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Where are we?” asked Tom as he woke up. He looked around the room. It was allscratched and dark. Blood was everywhere on the walls and on the floor. “Emilia!” Tom ran to her and helped her up. “Where are we?” asked Emilia.“I don’t know,there are no exits, it’s just walls.”Tom was curious.“Ewwwwwwww,” yelled Emilia. Itwas the blood. The smell was very overwhelming. David and Francesca woke up andcame to ask the same question. They looked around together but they didn’t findanything.“Hey guys, I found something,” yelled David. They ran across the room. They found him in another open room. There they found a television. All of a suddenthey saw a doll appear on the screen on the television. “Oh my god, it’s him!”David’s eyes glared strongly at the TV “It its HIM!” They all said together. “It’s him;from the movie it is true after all. It’s Jigsaw!” Francesca explained. “Hello Tom,Emilia, Francesca and David, I want to play a game. Each of your want everythingfor yourself. You don’s give but you receive. You think for yourself and not for others. This is why I put you here, you teenagers don’t understand how it is to be teasedand pushed around because you have done that to little children. For that, you willbe pushed around and mind tested. Your first test, find an exit out of this roomwithin one minute, if not found gas will be released into the room which causesinstant death. Soon you will see what I see. Live or die, make your choice.” The TVswitched off.“Are you serious?” asked Tom.“Guys the clocks ticking, we better hurry up!” David ran out of the small room withFrancesca. Tom and Emilia stared around the small room but saw nothing. Suddenly Tom had an idea. “Push the TV away from the wall!” yelled Tom as he gripped hishands onto the TV. Emilia helped him. They pushed the TV away. There they found atunnel leading to another room. “Guys! Quick come over here!” Yelled Emilia. Davidand Francesca ran into the room. “We found the exit, let’s go!” exclaimed Tom. Theyrushed into the tunnel. Francesca was waiting for her turn. All of a sudden thetunnel closed and Francesca was left outside. “NOOOO!” yelled David. He started topunch the closed door. Tom helped him settle down. Tears came out and Tomrepeatedly said, “Its ok.” David and Francesca were really good friends. ButFrancesca didn’t know that Tom had feelings for her. “Come on, we have to go.”Whispered Emilia. They kept on crawling through the tunnel. Finally they came totheir next challenge.“Oh……my……God,” exclaimed Emilia. There was anotherperson chained.“Dad is that you?”Emilia stared at her father. Tom picked up a tape recorder andpressed play. “Hello kids. You have passed my first test. Here is a man who ruinedyour life Emilia. Your dad. He is a robber. He’s never with you because he is alwaysout doing something. You cry yourself to sleep wishing that your mother was here,with you. Now will you wish your father was here? In that class box above you thereis a key. That key is a way out of here. The other key in that other box is the way toget your father out of here. If you want both keys, your beloved pictures and your
teddy bears will be burnt. Your things are in that glass box. Think quickly because inone minute, that door across you will be locked. Oh and if you leave your dad here, Iwill take him into the police station to turn him in. Make your choice.”“I’m not risking my belongings just for dad. He is a robber and he deserves to go to jail. Let’s go!” yelled Emilia. She put her had into the box and grabbed the key. Tomgrabbed her hand. “Tom don’t!” she said angrily. Emilia ran across the room andopened the door. “Let’s go,” she said.“No, please… don’t leave me here. I don’t want to go to jail please!” pleaded herfather.“No….I’m sorry.” She walked out the door with Tom and David. The footsteps made loud echo noises as they walked down the hallway. The doorcreaked open as Tom gripped his hands onto the handle. All three of them werepuffed out and sweating. “I’m hungry,” said Emilia with a huge groan. Nobodyanswered her and they all just walked inside the next room. There they saw a huge3d class box. Hanging from the top of it was wires attach to the door across them.David wondered around the room looking around suspicious. Tom picked up the taperecorder and pressed play.“Hello, you have passed my second test. Now lucky you this is your last test. Theglass box that you see there is a way out of here. One of you have to step into thatbox and activate the door across the room. The person who gets into the box willhave to stay here for life. But I will feed the person and take care of them. Quickmake your choice, you have one minute.” They all stood there frozen like an ice cube in a freezer. “What are we going to do?”asked Tom.“I will do it, you guys go.” Said David as he walked to the box.“No! Wait you can’t do this. I can’t lose my best friend. Don’t David, please!” yelled Tom.“Them if I don’t do it, who will?” said David.

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