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Mind Control via Fluoride

Mind Control via Fluoride

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Published by cocoy777
How the Dark Force hamper the development of mankind for the sake of vested interest
How the Dark Force hamper the development of mankind for the sake of vested interest

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Published by: cocoy777 on Sep 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Violation of the Children .... The Beast Conspiracy (Continued) Fluoridation forStupification And Population ControlQUESTION: Some years back, Awareness gave some information on the fluoridation of waterand we keep getting many letters from people who are trying to stave off fluoridation in theircommunity, and I was wondering in light of the recent Beast activity and attempts to controlentities , if there is new information on the subject of fluoridation and fluorides that Awarenesscould give to advise these entities who are trying to keep it out of their community?COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that entities interested in the background of this program should read the book Red Fog Over America. This Awareness indicates that thereare also many other books and pamphlets written in regards to fluoridation and its effects. ThisAwareness indicates that essentially the first research conducted in this country regardingfluoridation showed it was not effective against tooth decay, and that in fact, it contributed totooth decay; but the figures of the research were deliberately turned around to make the reportappear favorable. This Awareness indicates that this then was highly promoted throughadvertisement and through mass-media to make entities believe that fluoridation was the curefor dental problems. This Awareness indicates that statistics over the years have shown that wherein fluoridation has been introduced into a community, that the number of dentists in thecommunity has risen greatly, even though the population may remain the same. This Awarenessindicates that this is in reference to the artificial or chemical fluoridation process, the fluorides which come as bi- products from aluminum. This Awareness indicates that this substance is thesame substance as has been used in rat poisoning.FLUORIDE ROTS THE TEETH FROM THE INSIDEThis Awareness indicates that the substance as being too dangerous to dump into the oceansand waters of rivers, so the companies are finding an outlet for the fluoride by putting it inreservoirs for entities to drink. This Awareness indicates that the Germans in World War IIexperimented and successfully used fluoridation as a means of population control; that theydiscovered that if entities had a certain amount of fluoride in the water, that in a period of approximately one year of use of this fluoride, something occurred in the brain which allowedthe person to become more docile and easily managed. This Awareness indicates that also, theuse of fluoride is such that although it protects the outside of the tooth, it is notorious fordecaying the tooth from the inside out; that it also has similar effects on bones; that it also hasbeen linked to excessive colds and headaches and mucus release in the various membranes; thatit has been associated with pains in the neck, shoulders and head, and with sinusitus; that it alsohas been linked to certain joint and arthritic type of expressions.NATURAL FLUORIDE IS BENEFICIAL- BUT THE ARTIFICIAL FLUORIDE IS POISONThis Awareness indicates that the natural fluoride which occurs in certain areas of the country which is in water by natural means is not the same as that which is the by-product of aluminum. This Awareness indicates that this natural fluoride is beneficial for the teeth and
bones. This Awareness indicates that wherein entities receive proper vitamins and minerals, theteeth will be healthy and strong, so long as they are taken care of properly,-- properly fed with vitamins and minerals; and wherein entities wish to improve their teeth by using a fluorideproduct, this Awareness suggests that you use the biochemical salt known as Calcarea-fluor, orCalcarea-fluoride. This Awareness indicates that this cell salt as that which contains minuteamounts of fluoride, so small and so diluted that you could take the entire bottle and not havenegative effects from these tiny homeopathic cell salts. This Awareness indicates that in thehomeopathic system, it is not the quantity that is of importance, it is the dilution of thesolution; it is such that the fluoride has been broken down and diluted so much that itsingestion is felt only in the aura, or etheric body, rather than in a physical form, and the ethericbody then heals the physical. This Awareness indicates that these homeopathic salts, thecalcarea-fluoride (sometimes called calcarea- fluorica), affects the tissues and bones in such amanner as to have no side- effects while yet strengthening the energies within the atoms of thebones, the atomic level or fields, so that they become stronger. This Awareness indicates thatthis essentially is a very different science from the materialistic sciences of the promoters of fluoride chemicals. This Awareness indicates also that this substance is of little real value inpreventing tooth-decay, but the promotion of the substance is such that many dentists anddoctors and many scientists and many good citizens sincerely believe and trust the promoters without any research on their own, and therefore become promoters themselves. ThisAwareness indicates that wherein any entity really looks into this deeply and really studies, without having personal interests involved, the entity will reach the conclusion that it is in factbut another tool being promoted to help control the masses.THE BEAST ENTERS THE SCHOOLSThis Awareness indicates that each year, these organizations attempt to bring this into theschools, to give this to young children; that many of these children in first, second, third, andfourth grades, are not aware of the dangers. The promotion is such that all children must usethis, unless excused by their parents, and the parents themselves, not really understanding,seldom take a stand or issue on the matter; and the nurse, or promoters may conic in and pourlittle cups of fluoride, and the children, upon the blowing of a whistle are then asked to "garglethe fluoride, swish this around in your mouth, then do not swallow, except whatever isremaining in your mouth." This Awareness indicates that the action is such that many of thesechildren, not following directions properly, swallow the fluoride, and some get sick from it; butthe real tragedy is that they are being taught that this is good for them. This Awarenessindicates that this then promotes the big lie which these children, in time, will promote to theirchildren also, unless something occurs, where the truth can be seen by all.BAKING SODA-TYPE TOOTHPASTES ARE BEST (How to get rid of the built-up fluoride in thesystem)QUESTION: Awareness, in reference to the actual brushing of teeth: there have recently comeonto the market several brands of toothpaste comprised mainly of salt and baking soda and theydo not contain the chemical fluoride. Would Awareness suggest that these types of toothpastebe used, as against the commercial ones that have the chemical fluoride?

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