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5 Affidavit of Default for Void Cafv Final

5 Affidavit of Default for Void Cafv Final

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Published by cekastle

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Published by: cekastle on Sep 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SERVED BY: UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE via First Class Postage Prepaid CertifiedMail Account #____________________________, Return receipt Requested.FROM:…………………………..…………………………..…………………………..……………..RESPONDENTS:
(and in the nature of a Declaration)
"Indeed, no more than (affidavits) is necessary to make the prima facie case."United States v. Kis, 658 F. 2d 526, 536 (C.A. 7 (WIS.) 1981); Cert. Denied, 50 U.S.L.W.2169; S. Ct. March 22, 1982I, ______________________________hereinafter "Affiant," a living, breathing, flesh-and- blood, sentient "real" man, being first duly bound in conscience by deeply held spiritualconvictions to perform this Act faithfully and truthfully; corpore et animo, sealed by and under authority of Affiant's own hand and Prerogative Instance In Law, having first hand knowledge of the facts contained herein, do DECLARE and ATTEST the following facts are true, correct,complete, and not meant to mislead to the best of Affiant's knowledge and conviction.1. THAT, Affiant is competent and of age, standing, and capacity to state the matters containedherein, and has Declared and Attested that to the best of Affiant's knowledge and conviction, thestatements made in this affidavit are true, correct, complete, and not meant to mislead;2. THAT, Affiant is the Secured Party, superior claimant, holder-in-due-course, and PrincipalCreditor having a registered priority lien hold interest in and to ALL property held in the name of the Debtor; i.e.,_____________, evidenced by UCC-1 Financing Statement No.____________,filed with the Secretary of State of the State of__________;3. THAT, Affiant is the copyright owner; reserving ALL rights therein, to Debtor's trade-name,trade mark; i.e.,____________, and any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said
1 of 4 AFFIDAVIT OF DEFAULT ON VOID CAFV Item # _________________ 
name except “____________” Common-Law copyrighted______ by__________ and filedwithin the County Auditor's office,_________ county,________ State, Record No. __________, the security interested therein having been perfected andregistered through reference and thereby incorporation within Financing Statement identifiedsupra @ No. 2;4. THAT, Affiant is the Attorney-In-Fact/Authorized Representative of Debtor identified supra@ No. 2 and 3, as evidenced upon and within the document/instrument of appointment recordedwithin the County ____________office, ________ county, _______ state, Record No. ___________, the security interested therein having been perfected and registered throughreference and thereby incorporation with Financing Statement identified supra @ No. 2;5. THAT, Respondent______________________(name), is herein addressed in his/her privatecapacity and in his/her public capacity as________________(title) of _______________(nameof juridical construct), participating in a commercial enterprise with their co-business partners(officers/agents/employees), to include but NOT limited to _____________________(name of  juridical construct), a corporate entity and hereinafter collectively referred to as "Respondent";6. THAT, the governing law of this private contract is the agreement of the parties supported bythe Law Merchant and applicable maxims of Law established by silence, acquiescence, and tacitagreement;7. THAT, Affiant at no time has willingly, knowingly, intentionally, or voluntarily agreed tosubordinate Affiant's position as Creditor, through signature, words, actions, or inactions;8. THAT, Affiant at no time has requested NOR accepted extraordinary benefits NOR privilegesfrom Respondent, the United States/UNITED STATES, NOR any juridical sub-constructthereof;9. THAT, Affiant is NOT a party to NOR signatory to ANY valid contract NOR compact withRespondent that requires Affiant to perform in ANY manner NOR to tender payment of ANYamount of money to Respondent, NOR has Respondent disclosed under good faith and withclean hands ANY contract, agreement, or otherwise evidencing that Affiant is required to perform or tender payment there under;10. THAT, on or about_____________, Affiant caused to be sent a CONDITIONALACCEPTANCE FOR VAL UE FOR PROOF OF CLAIM (document of Discovery), Item No.____________, via United States Postal Service via the United States Post Office CertifiedMail Account No._____________, to Respondent, requesting "Proof of Claim" as to the status of the Cause/Case # ____________________ being VIOD AB INITIOand concerning the nature and source of the law, venue, jurisdiction, authority and therelationship thereto; the nature and cause of arrest, liability, criminal proceeding processes,lawfulness thereof and procedural legality therein, validity and enforceability of judgment(s),order(s), warrant(s), unlawful imprisonment, possible contract violation, fraud, assumption of debt and other related matters as applying to a Void Judgment.11. THAT, Respondent was given twenty (20) days, to respond with "Proof of Claim," point-for- point; and an additional 10 days if requested by the Respondent, however, Respondent elected to
2 of 4 AFFIDAVIT OF DEFAULT ON VOID CAFV Item # _________________ 
remain silent or otherwise refused to provide said Proof of Claims and thereby validated thesame, and therefore, has failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, failed to contestacceptance of offered/tendered presentment, and have agreed, stipulated and confessed to thefacts contained within the Conditional Acceptance For Value identified supra at No. 10 above; assaid facts operate in favor of Affiant;12. THAT, Respondent was given an additional three (3) days; seventy-two (72) hours, byAffiant causing to be sent a NOTICE OF FAULT AND OPPORTUNITY TO CURE ANDCONTEST ACCEPTANCE, via Certified Mail Account No. _________________; however,Respondent once again elected to remain silent or otherwise refused to provide requested Proof of Claims, and thereby; and therein, justify and validate all matters relating to and bearing upon,ANY and ALL matters contained within the CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE FOR VALUEFOR PROOF OF CLAIM, Item No. ________________, and therefore, have stipulated byagreement based upon silence, general acquiescence, and therein tacit agreement that; inter alia,that Cause/case # ________________ was VOID (ab initio) FROM THE BEGINNING of thecase/action commenced by the State of ______________________ by and through theRespondent(s).13. THAT, Respondent was requested to send a duplicate “Response” to a Third Party or a Notary and failed to do so as indicated within the Conditional Acceptance For Value identifiedsupra at No. 10 above, and thereby an ‘Affidavit’ or “Certification” of non-response wasestablished as no response was received by said Third Party or Notary, as the case may be, asevidenced by either the ‘Affidavit’ or ‘Certificate’ of Non-Response enclosed herewith andincorporated herein by reference;14. THAT, Respondent is in agreement with the Affiant and such agreement becomes the‘BARGAIN OF THE PARTIES.FURTHER Affiant sayeth naught.Teste meipso, One places One's hand and seal hereto this ______________Day of the______________ Month in the "Acceptable Year" of Our Lord, Yehowshuwa, Two ThousandSeven.Without Prejudice/L.S./____________________________________________________________ , [Original: Red-Ink Signature]Secured Party Creditor,Dept. of State, Filing No._________ Jura Majestatis, Jura Regalia, Jura Summi Imperii, Jure Divino Jure Ecclesiae, Jure Gentium,Jure Representationis, Jure SoliJuris et de Jure, Jes In ReAttorney-In-Fact, Authorized Representative for:Debtor:______________________________cAmbassador For The Supreme Heavenly Father YHWHThe Kingdom of YHWH, The Commonwealth of HeavenThe Body and Bride of Christ
3 of 4 AFFIDAVIT OF DEFAULT ON VOID CAFV Item # _________________ 

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