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Download 25 MCQ Which of These is True About Strategy Implementation

Download 25 MCQ Which of These is True About Strategy Implementation

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Published by: SolutionZIP on Sep 13, 2013
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1) Which of these is true about strategy implementation? A) It is primarily an operational process.B) It is positioning forces before the action.C) It requires intuitive skills.D) It focuses on effectiveness.E) It is primarily an intellectual process.2) How are objectives in the areas of profitability, growth and market share commonly estab-lished? A) ProductB) Geographic locationC) Business segmentD) Customer groupsE) all of the above3) What are guidelines, methods, procedures, rules, forms and administrative practices known as? A) StrategiesB) PoliciesC) Long-term objectivesD) Annual objectivesE) Goals4) Which of the following issues may not require a management policy?
 A) To establish a high- or low-safety stock of inventoryB) To offer numerous or few employee benefitsC) To increase motivationD) To promote from within to or to hire from the outsideE) To discourage insider trading5) A disagreement between two or more parties on one or more issues is called a(n) A) compromise.B) integrated solution.C) conflict.D) avoidance.E) diffusion.6) Which approach for managing and resolving conflict involves exchanging members of conflicting parties of thateach can gain an appreciation of the others point of view? A) ConfrontationB) ResistanceC) AvoidanceD) DiffusionE) Compliance7) Which organizational structure has ambiguous roles for senior executives as a major disadvan-tage? A) MatrixB) ProcessC) DivisionalD) FunctionalE) Strategic business unit (SBU)8) When developing an organizational chart, you should A) Have division presidents report to a chief operating officer.B) Make sure that the chief financial officer is not at the same level as the chief operating officer.C) Recommend dual titles for executives.
D) Use the title “president” for the top person.
 E) Have the controller or treasurer report directly to the president.9) What action involves reconfiguring or redesigning work, jobs and processes for the purpose of improving costs,quality, service and speed? A) DownsizingB) BenchmarkingC) RestructuringD) DelayeringE) Reengineering10) Which pay strategy is not a form of incentive compensation? A) Bonus systemB) Gain sharingC) Hourly wageD) Profit sharingE) All of these are forms of incentive compensation.11) A concern in matching managers with strategy is that jobs have relatively ________ responsibilities, while peopleare ________ in their development. A) dull; excitingB) static; dynamic
C) exciting; dullD) quick; slowE) dynamic; static12) Matching of which factors would allow factories to produce desirable levels without extrashifts, overtime or subcontracting? A) Segments and demandB) Competition and positioningC) Markets and competitorsD) Customer behavior and positioningE) Supply and demand13) Which of these is not a correct step in product positioning? A) Select key criteria that effectively differentiate products or services in the industry.
B) Plot major competitors’ products or services in the resultant matrix.
 C) Look for a hole or vacant nicheD) Identify areas in the
positioning map where the company’s products or services could be most
 competitive in the given target market.
E) Develop a marketing plan to position the company’s products and services appropriately.
 14) A benefit of using projected balance sheets and income statements is that A) it is useful in analyzing past performance.B) insurance needs can be computed.C) money can be put aside to pay future income taxes.D) an organization can compute projected financial ratios under various scenarios.E) all of the above15) In preparing projected statements, to project cost of goods sold and the expense items in theincome statement, which of these methods is recommended? A) Determining the net worth methodB) Outstanding shares methodC) What a firm earns methodD) Price-earnings ratio metE) Percentage-of-sales method16) Which element in the projected income statement cannot be forecasted using the percentage-of-sales method? A) Selling expenseB) Cost of goods soldC) Interest expenseD) Administrative expenseE) All of these items are forecasted using the percentage-of-sales method.17) If a firm incurs a loss during a particular year, or if the firm had positive net income but paidout dividends more than the net income, its retained earnings for that year will most likely be A) a low positive number.B) zero.C) a large positive number.D) a negative number.E) Can not be determined from this information.18) The Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB) Rule 142 deals with A) improving marketing policies.B) illegal inflation of financial projections.C) hacking issues in MIS.

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