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TBiD Blogtalk 27chattext

TBiD Blogtalk 27chattext

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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Jun 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Date Time From To Message2009-06-23 01:45:43 AM True Blood in Dallas enter the room2009-06-23 01:46:19 AM BillohBill enter the room2009-06-23 01:46:31 AM Guest4673 enter the room2009-06-23 01:46:35 AM Guest4673 quit the room2009-06-23 01:46:46 AM sookiebontemps enter the room2009-06-23 01:46:53 AM Dallas2 enter the room2009-06-23 01:46:56 AM True Blood in Dallas welcome everyone !2009-06-23 01:46:59 AM sookiebontemps *waves*2009-06-23 01:47:06 AM True Blood in Dallas hey sook 2009-06-23 01:47:06 AM sookiebontemps HAHA2009-06-23 01:47:10 AM sookiebontemps Hi!2009-06-23 01:47:14 AM True Blood in Dallas feeling a little tired2009-06-23 01:47:15 AM Guest4682 enter the room2009-06-23 01:47:15 AM VampsBloodMoney enter the room2009-06-23 01:47:18 AM sookiebontemps Just a little. . .2009-06-23 01:47:21 AM sookiebontemps I'm beat. . .2009-06-23 01:47:27 AM VampsBloodMoney Hello everyone :)2009-06-23 01:47:28 AM TaraMaeThornton enter the room2009-06-23 01:47:31 AM sookiebontemps Sid Matt. at 7:00AM.2009-06-23 01:47:31 AM True Blood in Dallas should have had a cup of coffee2009-06-23 01:47:32 AM BillohBill *Getting out of Limo* Helloooooo!This is Bob!2009-06-23 01:47:34 AM TaraMaeThornton quit the room2009-06-23 01:47:34 AM True Blood in Dallas hey vamps2009-06-23 01:47:37 AM sookiebontemps Sid Matt again at 8:00 tom.2009-06-23 01:47:39 AM True Blood in Dallas hahaha bob2009-06-23 01:47:42 AM TaraMaeThornton enter the room2009-06-23 01:47:43 AM True Blood in Dallas you are a star 2009-06-23 01:47:43 AM sookiebontemps Whoops 7:00./2009-06-23 01:47:45 AM sookiebontemps Hi, MK!2009-06-23 01:47:46 AM BillohBill I don't like Sid Matt Sookie2009-06-23 01:47:47 AM TaraMaeThornton Hi y'all.2009-06-23 01:47:50 AM sookiebontemps LOL2009-06-23 01:47:52 AM sookiebontemps Haha2009-06-23 01:47:54 AM VampsBloodMoney Hi Tara2009-06-23 01:47:55 AM BillohBill TARA!2009-06-23 01:47:58 AM sookiebontemps he's not so bad, MK.2009-06-23 01:48:00 AM BillohBill Hey Vamps2009-06-23 01:48:01 AM VampsBloodMoney Hi Dallas2009-06-23 01:48:01 AM True Blood in Dallas yeah i know2009-06-23 01:48:01 AM TaraMaeThornton I'd call in if 7 was all the people that'd be listening. LOL2009-06-23 01:48:02 AM sookiebontemps TV Sid Matt is creepo.2009-06-23 01:48:06 AM True Blood in Dallas hey vamps
2009-06-23 01:48:09 AM sookiebontemps LOL2009-06-23 01:48:12 AM BillohBill Chicken!2009-06-23 01:48:12 AM sookiebontemps Hi, Vamps2009-06-23 01:48:16 AM True Blood in Dallas hey tara2009-06-23 01:48:20 AM VampsBloodMoney Hi BillohBill2009-06-23 01:48:21 AM TaraMaeThornton Chicken? Me? Definitely.2009-06-23 01:48:24 AM TaraMaeThornton Hi Dallas!2009-06-23 01:48:27 AM tangogypsy enter the room2009-06-23 01:48:28 AM VampsBloodMoney HI Sookie2009-06-23 01:48:33 AM sookiebontemps How are you?2009-06-23 01:48:42 AM TaraMaeThornton I'll call in right now when noone can hear me. :)2009-06-23 01:48:42 AM BillohBill Tara, I love all of your new clothes,they are gorgeous. I want them all.2009-06-23 01:48:49 AM TaraMaeThornton *hands them to you*2009-06-23 01:48:52 AM BillohBill Tara, you can call me personally.LMAO2009-06-23 01:48:53 AM sookiebontemps HAHA2009-06-23 01:48:57 AM sookiebontemps CALL IN T2009-06-23 01:48:59 AM TaraMaeThornton I'll call you BoB!2009-06-23 01:49:01 AM TaraMaeThornton LOL2009-06-23 01:49:02 AM millymarie enter the room2009-06-23 01:49:48 AM sookiebontemps So, MK, What are youwearing tonight?2009-06-23 01:49:49 AM sookiebontemps LOL2009-06-23 01:50:02 AM sookiebontemps I heard you say somethingabout an evening gown.2009-06-23 01:50:14 AM TaraMaeThornton I think that MK would behilarious to talk to on the phone2009-06-23 01:50:18 AM Leif's girl enter the room2009-06-23 01:50:29 AM BillohBill I have on an exact replica of thevamp dress Pam had on when You and Bill went there that evening.2009-06-23 01:50:29 AM haxxai enter the room2009-06-23 01:50:34 AM BillohBill Except a much larger size, LMAO2009-06-23 01:50:38 AM Guest4713 enter the room2009-06-23 01:50:47 AM sookiebontemps HAHA2009-06-23 01:50:49 AM sookiebontemps Too funny.2009-06-23 01:50:50 AM BillohBill And I am going commandoundermeath, since my spanks broke.2009-06-23 01:50:54 AM JessicaHamby enter the room2009-06-23 01:50:55 AM sookiebontemps LOL2009-06-23 01:51:00 AM Konelli enter the room2009-06-23 01:51:08 AM VampsBloodMoney Hi Jess2009-06-23 01:51:13 AM sookiebontemps JESS
2009-06-23 01:51:17 AM BillohBill My husband has an emergency call,and my daughter's friend is leaving any minute. Great timing everyone, thanks, appreciateit.2009-06-23 01:51:26 AM sookiebontemps *whack-a-baby-vamp*2009-06-23 01:51:30 AM Misera1013 enter the room2009-06-23 01:51:32 AM sookiebontemps Oh, no!2009-06-23 01:51:32 AM TaraMaeThornton What's the show abouttonight? I'm too lazy to scroll up and check. LOL2009-06-23 01:51:33 AM Marleneemm enter the room2009-06-23 01:51:36 AM Guest4682 quit the room2009-06-23 01:51:38 AM Misera1013 YEA!!!!!2009-06-23 01:51:44 AM redtwilightwolf enter the room2009-06-23 01:51:47 AM BillohBill The show is about Vamp FashionTara. LMAO2009-06-23 01:51:50 AM sookiebontemps Yup2009-06-23 01:51:54 AM sookiebontemps Spanx and corsets.2009-06-23 01:51:58 AM TaraMaeThornton Is it really?2009-06-23 01:52:00 AM sookiebontemps Yup.2009-06-23 01:52:01 AM Marleneemm evening all~ what's shaking tonight?2009-06-23 01:52:05 AM Guest4735 enter the room2009-06-23 01:52:07 AM TaraMaeThornton I don't know nothin' aboutvamp fashion.2009-06-23 01:52:13 AM BillohBill Yes, would Bill have l;iked me in1860's, because I would have went commando under my hoop.2009-06-23 01:52:14 AM TaraMaeThornton *puts on pink lycra*2009-06-23 01:52:19 AM VampsBloodMoney Spanx r the best! thy hideeverything! LOL2009-06-23 01:52:20 AM coal123 enter the room2009-06-23 01:52:22 AM BillohBill Heya Marlene!2009-06-23 01:52:23 AM sookiebontemps LOL, MK 2009-06-23 01:52:39 AM Marleneemm billohBill~ even ign.2009-06-23 01:52:51 AM BillohBill Does Rutina Wesley not have the best arms and soft skin?2009-06-23 01:52:52 AM redtwilightwolf how about that talk on the best behinds2009-06-23 01:53:01 AM redtwilightwolf sam jason eric and lets throw bill in2009-06-23 01:53:05 AM Marleneemm Who had to rewatch that episodetwice last night?2009-06-23 01:53:07 AM greeneyegirl enter the room2009-06-23 01:53:15 AM TaraMaeThornton Best behind? Sam.2009-06-23 01:53:26 AM True Blood in Dallas hey everyone2009-06-23 01:53:26 AM sookiebontemps Not talkin' about behinds.2009-06-23 01:53:32 AM greeneyegirl Hi girls !!!!!!!!!!!!2009-06-23 01:53:34 AM TaraMaeThornton LOL. Bar none.2009-06-23 01:53:36 AM sookiebontemps Hi, GEG!

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