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Be Happy & Contradictions_anubhavananda, Self-development

Be Happy & Contradictions_anubhavananda, Self-development



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Published by Ramachandran
A series of lectures on life and living, to change our thoughts and to understand the contradictions.
A series of lectures on life and living, to change our thoughts and to understand the contradictions.

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Published by: Ramachandran on Jun 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Swami Anubhavanandaji
 Look Upon The Millennium As A Traffic Sign In Life
Swami Anubhavanandaji, a disciple of H.H. SwamiChinmayanandaji, has been the Acharya at the SandeepanySandhalaya in Mumbai - a Post Graduate Academy for Vedanticstudies. His lively discourses even on difficult philosophy aregenerously filled with examples from everyday life and normallydon't put one to sleep. These discourses have included the study ofBhagvad Geeta, Upanishads, Srimad Bhagvatam and Vedanatabesides others.
1 Minute Wizard Series
Contradictions Swami Anubhavananda
 An in-depth interview with Swamiji, recorded earlier, but still fresh with the stylised simplicityand humour that have become the most distinguished features of the phenomenon called TheSwami Anubhavananda Experience. Based on an interview with Brni. Vividisha Chaitanya published in the '1 Minute Wizard.' 
A Talk Thru Or Was It A Smile Thru!
He is the bespectacled, bearded charmer with a smiling face and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. He is ever on the move, so there is no way you can catch up with him unless you reallyrun. "When should I meet you Swamiji?" you ask and he quips " come at 1 a.m., tonight". "Willyou please give me a free wheeling interview?" and he says, "Yes, you can ask me anything but Ialso can answer the questions my way". You almost give up when he gives you an assuringsmile. So you feel you have got him, but just wait till he begins shooting answers!This is Swami Anubhavananda - the Head of Sat Bhavana Trust.
Q: When and how were you inspired by Poojya Gurudev?
Long ago, when I happened to hear him, I got the direction of my life, which was an indicationthat a teacher was sent by the Almighty. But after studying, one comes to realise that self-effortsand struggle to gain success in life are all in vain. So I should aptly say "when the Lord willed".
Q: How was life and world then and how do you find both now?
Earlier I was living life, now life is being lived. Earlier it was active participation leading to passive experience. Now it is passive participation leading to active experience.Earlier the world was a place where I was staying; now I am the place where the world isexisting.
Q: Your answers make one believe that you are already established in fullness.
Anything said here is right and wrong simultaneously. Right because even if we want to denythe Truth we cannot, all of us are aware of this. Wrong because that which is beyond speech,when spoken about, is a bold lie.
Q: You were very mobile as a Pracharak. Do you feel curtailed now?
Not at all. I am at home when I am on wings and wheels and equally so on ground as I amnow.
Q: Do you find any difference between being a Pracharak and an Acharya?
Neither had I any intention to become a Pracharak nor an Acharya. All these come to us, asdivine will. When I have no hesitation in surrender, I naturally enjoy every moment of being anAcharya as much as I enjoyed being a Pracharak 
Q: Are not two-and-a-half years too less time for training Brhamacharis?
Contradictions Swami Anubhavananda
What is important is not the length of time but the intensity with which everyday is lived.Gurudev always said, "it does not matter how many years you live, but how you live every year."Keeping this in mind, I am sure if somebody can't get sufficient strength to walk the spiritual pathindependently in two-and-a-half years, then he can never get it in this life.
Q: What do you think is the most important quality a student should have?
Unquestionable surrender to the Self who expresses as the Lord, the Scriptures, the Guru andself-confidence.
Q: What should be the attitude as a Pracharak?
He should drop his individuality and work as a disciplined solider of Gurudev. Then a studentwill be able to attain fulfilment in a short time. What happens normally is that we want to exist asisolated entities from the total institutional set up. This leads to strengthening of the individualityand distancing from the goal. Hence to be successful, self-accepted discipline that is notcontradictory to the discipline of the institution is a must.
Q: Should we behave differently as Pracharaks and as Sadhakas? I mean how do webalance the two roles?
We should have the same set of teeth always. We must be seekers at every moment in andout. It is obvious that the world will expect a lot from the Pracharaks, but will not in anyway liveup to his expectations. The only thought that can keep us going is that in spite of the worldly problems in our work, spreading Gurudev's message itself is a great sadhana.
Q: Okay, now let us come to how a spiritual teacher should be?
The teacher must have infinite love for the student, yet should not become a weakling becauseof his very love. I mean he shouldn't allow the student to hang around him and grow as creepers.Poojya Gurudev has this attitude when he dealt with his beloved disciples. He always wanted hisdisciples to be a support to the society and not a load on the society. While so moulding thestudents, the teacher has to play a very difficult role of being a mother within and a discipliningfather without. Hence the prayer Twameva Mataa Cha Pitaa Twameva...
Q: Can a devotee become a disciple?
No. A devotee is not a disciple and a disciple should not be a devotee because the way thesetwo species are handled by the master is totally different.
Q: You have come across so many masters while travelling. How are they all different orsame?
All of them have the same depth of love for every seeker. A master is best defined as "whenthe Lord wanted to love by being a teacher, he manifests as a saint, a sage".
Q: How do you manage to be an instant hit with the young and the old alike?
When you do not have your individuality you become like water. Poured into any pot. Butwhen you are hard like a steel cube, the result is you create scratches and dents.
Q: Why are you so touchy about your past?
No. I am not. If I were, I would have touched my past so lovingly and so often that I wouldhave forgotten to live in the present. As regards the poorvashram, while Gurudev gave usdeeksha, the Lord himself inspired a sankalpa in my mind wherein I took a vow not to speak aword about my past. But people do not stop asking about the dead rat; hence I go on bluffing to befit the occasion.

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