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In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order, by Ian T. Taylor

In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order, by Ian T. Taylor

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Published by OrthodoxOnline
A history of evolution: Darwin and such. Scientific arguments against evolution. Scientific arguments that the earth is very young. A discussion of atheism, secular humanism, etc.
A history of evolution: Darwin and such. Scientific arguments against evolution. Scientific arguments that the earth is very young. A discussion of atheism, secular humanism, etc.

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Categories:Book Excerpts
Published by: OrthodoxOnline on Sep 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Darwin and the New WorldOrder 
(Text below is from the printed edition - inside Front Cover)
 Virtually everyone who reads these words at one point had to endure the public educationsystem. Some no doubt quickly caught on to the fact that educational success is the resultof regurgitating opinions and statements that conform to the doctrines of the system.Others may have rebelled at the lack of opportunity to question that which very often ismere dogma masquerading as fact.If not stifled and deadened by this mental abuse, a healthy curiosity early seeks answersto those age-old questions concerning man's origin and destiny. Thus it is disturbing tofind that, under the guise of orthodox science, any kind of evidence that does not supportmost textbooks' scenario for our origins has been sedulously kept from the light of day.
 In the Minds of Men
in particular exposes point by point the fuzzy reasoning behind thetextbook explanations, revealing the motivation while at the same time providing a greatdeal of counter-evidence that has been concealed for far too long. Thoroughly researchedfrom original sources, the scholar and layman alike will find this to be a source-book which traces the humanistic reasoning that runs throughout most of the natural and socialsciences.It closes by showing that the evolutionary viewpoint provides support for many of thesocial ills of today and, on a world scale, is responsible for the political drive towards one
world government. This, according to the declared humanist objective, is mankind'sdestiny.
IAN T. TAYLOR is a Toronto-basedwriter and researcher. A universitygraduate from London, England, hewas employed for more than twentyyears as a research metallurgist in thelaboratories of one of North America'scorporate giants. He obtained patentsfor high-strength weldable alloys,armor plate, and a novel process for themanufacture of heat exchangers. Afurther five years were spent in thefield of television production where he became producer-writer for a sciencedocumentary series broadcastthroughout the U.S. and Canada.
In the Minds of Men fills a vital gap byrelating the humanities to the sciences.The author is currently working onanother book to fill a second vital gap
relating the humanities to thespiritual life.
Preface to the First Edition
 By a curious turn of events I found myself the producer-writer of a documentary filmseries that examined the ongoing debate between Creation and evolution. Althoughunrelated to my profession, metallurgical research, the venture turned out to be far moreexciting. Viewer response was unexpectedly positive, a surprising development since themost sacred tenets of evolution had been exposed to studio light if not actual daylight.
Interestingly, less than five percent of the letters were negative
might be a better description. Most of these writers were careful to emphasize their credentials, givingaway the fact that their belief system was rooted in a vested commitment to evolution byreason of profession. For the other viewers, among whom were physicians, businessmen,and high school students, there was no such commitment
indeed, I suspect a proper survey would find this to be so for the man in the street today.The many hundreds of letters showed that public interest in the programs lay beyondmere iconoclasm. Rather, it was due to a deeper and more subtle impact on the human psyche. Basically, the writers expressed the view that although they knew Creation to besomehow "religious", they had always had reservations about the idea of evolution as"scientific". Many indicated that the programs confirmed their suspicion that theeducation system has not been entirely honest and scrupulous about providing all thefacts.The programs presented sufficient information to enable previously unformulatedquestions to be properly focused and even sharply honed. The dry-as-dust matter of Charles Darwin's pigeons and fossils took on new significance as the viewer realizedtheir relationship to the great social issues confronting us today. For it became clear thatevolution is not now confined to biological evolution, to which Darwin's name isattached, but has become an ideology that extends into virtually every area of humanactivity, including politics. As the programs continued to reveal further details generallykept from the public, the Creation account as an alternative began to take on thecredibility that had been lost in the face of today's orthodox explanation
evolution. Inshort, armed with all the facts, the viewers were now jury members who could make a proper and personal choice of their worldview.One thing had become clear: a great need among the ordinary uncommitted people of thisworld for all the facts and information and not just what has been filtered through theminds of committed humanists, many of whom are educators and members of the mediaand who thus in a very real though perhaps not conscious way virtually control all thatenters the human mind.
 In the Minds of Men
has been written expressly for the majority of the public, those whofeel "uneasy" about evolution and in a broader sense are aware that history, science,religion, and politics must surely share common principles. They do indeed. Althoughthere are books on these individual subjects, so far as is known there is no one volumethat combines them all between two covers in such a way that the common evolutionarythread becomes abundantly plain. I have attempted to put together such a volume.Documentation from orthodox scientific sources has been made more than generous sothe reader may be as certain as the author that no statement has been taken out of context.The book may be read on three levels. A reading of the straight text will provide morethan enough to whet the appetite of the average reader. The more adventurous reader maydelve into the footnotes, in whose depths he will find many gems of information notgenerally known. And, finally, the appendices will provide the home computer enthusiast

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