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Shirk in Knowledge Which Turns One Into a Mushrik

Shirk in Knowledge Which Turns One Into a Mushrik

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Published by Ibn_Sadiq_Bhatty

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Published by: Ibn_Sadiq_Bhatty on Sep 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shirk in knowledge which turns one into a Mushrik 
The first thing is that Allah is present everywhere by His Knowledgewhich means that His Knowledge encompasseseverything. This is whyHe has a complete cognizance of everything, every time, whether athing happens to be far or near,hidden or apparent, up in the heavens or inside the earth, on the tops of the mountains or at the bottom of anocean. Thismagnificence belongs to none but Allah. If a person callsupon someone (by invoking his name) other than Allah, while doinghiseveryday routine chores, so that the one called upon may help himobviate his distress, or attacks an enemy by invoking hisname, or keeps pronouncing his name on the beads of a rosary, or makes a vow in hisname or conjures up his picture in hisimagination by nursing a faith thatwhenever he invokes his name, or think of him vividly in his mind or contemplate on hisgrave, he gains cognizance of him; none of his affairsis hidden from him, and whatever circumstances he goes through,namely,sickness and good health, abundance and distress, life anddeath, sadness and happiness etc., are all known to him; any wordwhichhis mouth utters is heard by him and he knows about his thoughts andimaginations. All the above things and acts provethe presence of theelements of 
This is called a
in knowledge which means oneis trying to prove that someoneother than Allah possesses a similar kindof knowledge which is only the prerogative of Allah.

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