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EDGE Journal

EDGE Journal

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Published by SydneyRoberts

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Published by: SydneyRoberts on Sep 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EDGE Journal  January 23, 2013
Today was the first day I met with Lonnie Horlacher, who is my “boss” for this project with the 4-H students of Canyonview MiddleSchool, here in Cedar City. We met at one o’clock at the 4-H base on Main Street. It was a brief meeting, and very successful. I brought a copy of my project proposal, one for him and one for me. We went through the proposal, and he exclaimed that he would love for me to teach his 4-H kids. We pulled out a calendar and set the date, time, and place for each lesson. We settled on the month of February for the project: the 4
,and 25 
. We scheduled another appointment for the following week, January 30
, where I would be present with copies of the lesson plans that I would be teaching.
 January 25, 2013
Today I went magazine hunting! I spent 3 hours meandering around Cedar City, knocking on doors, introducing my project, and myself and asking if they would like to contribute with any magazines that they were willing to part with. Though it was quite chilly, the hunt was very successful, and I cam away with a fair amount of magazines that the kids could use! I am getting more excited as the first day I will be teaching gets closer! 
 January 30, 2013
I met with Lonnie today! I showed him my lesson plans, and hethought that the students would love the lessons! I also had a PowerPoint ready to show him, just to make sure that he approved of the items within it to teach the kids. He said that the PowerPoint was creativeand the kids would love it. I am very encouraged and looking forward to the time when I get to actually meet and teach the 4-H kids.
February 4 2013
Today was my first day teaching the 4-H kids at CanyonviewMiddle School. Our class began at 4:00 p.m., and I was so nervous! I worebest dress so I would be extra teachery. I arrived with all my things in a  great big box. I had time to set up and watch as the students filed in. As I watched the students come into the classroom I was so excited to inspire them to become leaders. I was so surprised at how involved thestudents wanted to be! Granted, I had a bag full of chocolate to encourage them, but that seemed to just be a bonus for them. I had no  problems with getting them to interact with me. After a short lesson, I had them fill out “How I rank myself” leader papers. This gave me an idea of how much they know about leadership, and if they think that they have those personality traits within them. Overall, I am very happy with how the first lesson went! Not only did I get to teach and get to know these kids, but also I am encouraged that they will be great leaders some day! 
February 11, 2013
Today was such a fun day with the kids! We looked at “famous” characters, a.k.a. movie characters, and listed off the leadership characteristics that each one had. They absolutely loved this activity! Haha, one of the pictures was a picture of peter Pan. When I asked what made Peter Pan a good leader, one of the boys in the class raised his hand, as serious as could be, and said, “He’s a ginger.” The whole class started laughing, and I had to give him a chocolate for sheer hilarity.Today was the first day that the kids really started working on their blocks. They were so excited, and I loved watching them use their creativity and personality to create these collage blocks. I had no  problem with getting any of the kids to participate. We had so much fun together.
February 25, 2013
Today was the last day that I taught the 4-H middle schoolers. I started out the class by sharing a clip of the Kid President from Youtube.The clip was called a “Pep-Talk”. I chose this clip to share because it set the mood so well! It is such a sweet video, and the kids really loved it.Following this clip, I had the kids join me on the floor for story time! I 

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