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09-14-2013 Edition

09-14-2013 Edition

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09-14-2013 Edition of the San Mateo Daily Journal
09-14-2013 Edition of the San Mateo Daily Journal

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Sep 14, 2013
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
Sept.14-15, 2013
Vol XIV,Edition 24
1528 S El Camino Real
Suite 408, San Mateo
By Juliet Williams
SACRAMENTO — In a final flur-ry of legislative action, state law-makers approved bills to boostCalifornia’s minimum wage, grantdriver’s licenses to immigrants inthe country illegally, and addressthe state’s overcrowded prisons.Many of the hundreds of billsthat survived the Legislature thisyear were big wins for Democratson long-sought issues. They alsowere among Gov. Jerry Brown’stop policy priorities after clearingCalifornia’s budget hurdle andrestructuring the school financesystem.The measures send the governorinto next year’s expected re-elec-tion campaign with a string of vic-tories and a track record generallyfavorable to the labor unions thathave laid the foundation for hispolitical success.“Together,the Assembly,the governorand the Senate,we are focusedon serialachievement. Imean, it’s onething after theother,” SenatePresident ProTem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said in an interviewearly Friday after the chamber fin-ished its business for the year.He said a last-minute compro-mise to address a federal court orderto lower the state inmate popula-tion “has the potential to changethe course of, and the direction of,our criminal justice system.”The proposal asks federal judgesto delay their end-of-year deadlinefor reducing the prison popula-
Brown landskey victoriesfor his party
Democrats deliver landmark billsin final flurry of legislative session
By Angela Swartz
Apetition for a new high schoolfocused on design and hands-onprojects while retaining tradition-al learning was filed with the SanMateo Union High School DistrictThursday, bringing the school onestep closer to fruition.With good schools already inthe district, Ken Montgomery, 40,the person behind Design TechHigh School, said he still wants toprovide students with anotheroption. The petition had morethan 300 signatures, more thanthe 75 signatures required for thepotential 500-student charterschool. They hope to open in fall2014 with a freshmen class, thenadd on classes each year follow-ing.“Some students would maybebenefit from a different experi-ence,” said Montgomery, DesignTech’s director. “It would teach theskills people need to be success-ful: persistence, collaboration andcritical thinking. We’re also driv-en by equity. Public school stu-dents should have access to thesame services [as similar privateschools].”Montgomery, who is assistantprincipal at Capuchino HighSchool and is married with onechild, grew up on a farm in Idahowith 41 students in his graduatinghigh school class. Prior to hiswork in different administrations,he was a teacher and he was evennamed as part of the USATodayAll-Teacher Team.“The design tech school — withextreme personalization — con-
Learning by design
Design Tech High School moving from conception to reality
By Angela Swartz
With the downtown Burlingamepost office for sale and develop-ment plans in the works, city offi-cials are considering making arequest to act as the agency thathelps preserve its historicalintegrity.The 220 Park Road property,which officially went up for sale inAugust, is protected under its list-ing on the National Register of 
City may oversee post office historic preservation
Burlingame officials consider asking to be responsible agency
 Jerry Brown
By Elliott Spagatand Amy Taxin
SANTAANA— To get the dri-ver’s licenses they’ve longsought, immigrants living inCalifornia illegally will have todo something many have longresisted: publicly identify them-selves.The driver’s license bill that theLegislature passed on its final dayrequires a distinction that willindicate if someone is in the coun-try without proper documentation.Like many immigrants, AlbinBandera said he’s willing to takethe risk. The 28-year-old said hecurrently skateboards to his job asa waiter in Los Angeles.
Immigrants mayflag statusto get state driver’s license
Design Tech High School’s director Ken Montgomery works with Nicole Cerra,the school’s curriculum director.
 The downtown Burlingame post office is protected under its listing onthe National Register of Historic Places.
• AB60 would let immigrantswho are in the country illegallyobtain driver’s licenses with aspecial designation.Under thebill authored by AssemblymanLuis Alejo,D-Watsonville,thelicenses would state that they arefor driving purposes and not tobe used as federal identification.• AB1024 would enable lawyersto be licensed,regardless of theirimmigration status.The bill byAssemblywoman LorenaGonzalez,D-San Diego,wasinspired by the case of lawschool graduate Sergio Garcia,who passed the state’s bar exam
Other actions
The San Mateo Daily Journal
800 S. Claremont St., Suite 210, San Mateo, CA94402
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This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
Francis Scott Key was inspired towrite a poem, “Defence of FortMcHenry,” after witnessing how anAmerican flag flying over theMaryland fort withstood a night of British bombardment during the Warof 1812; the poem later became thewords to “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
“America has been called a melting pot,but it seemsbetter to call it a mosaic,for in it each nation,people or race which has come to its shores has been privileged to keep its individuality,contributing at the same timeits share to the unified pattern of a new nation.” 
— King Baudouin I of Belgium (1930-1993)
Russian PrimeMinister DmitryMedvedev is 48.Rapper Nas is 40.
Artist Liu Bolin is painted by an assistant,as part of a project to make himself and other participants look exactly the sameas the seats in a theater,in Beijing,China.
: Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog anddrizzle in the morning. Highs in the mid60s. West winds 5 to 15 mph.
Saturday night:
Mostly cloudy. Patchyfog and drizzle after midnight. Lows inthe mid 50s. Northwest winds 5 to 15mph.
: Mostly cloudy in the morningthen becoming sunny. Patchy fog and drizzle in the morn-ing. Highs in the upper 60s. West winds 5 to 15 mph.
Local Weather Forecast
The article “Get ready for green” in the Sept. 13 editionhad incorrect information. The Burlingame Green StreetFair is 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15.
In 1812
, Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops entered Moscowfollowing the Battle of Borodino to find the Russian citylargely abandoned and parts set ablaze.
In 1829, 
the Treaty of Adrianople was signed, ending warbetween Russia and the Ottoman Empire.
In 1861
, the first naval engagement of the Civil War tookplace as the USS Colorado attacked and sank the Confederateprivate schooner Judah off Pensacola, Fla.
In 1901
, President William McKinley died in Buffalo,N.Y., of gunshot wounds inflicted by an assassin. VicePresident Theodore Roosevelt succeeded him.
In 1927, 
modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan died in Nice(nees), France, when her scarf became entangled in a wheelof the sports car she was riding in.
In 1941
, Vermont passed a resolution enabling its service-men to receive wartime bonuses by declaring the U.S. to bein a state of armed conflict, giving rise to headlines thatVermont had “declared war on Germany.”
In 1963, 
Mary Ann Fischer of Aberdeen, S.D., gave birthto four girls and a boy, the first known surviving quintupletsin the United States.
In 1964
, Pope Paul VI opened the third session of theSecond Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, also known as“Vatican II.” (The session closed two months later.)
In 1975, 
Pope Paul VI declared Mother Elizabeth AnnBayley Seton the first U.S.-born saint.The 100 billionth Crayola crayonrolled off the production line inEaston, Penn. in 1996.***The first president of the United Statesborn in a hospital was Jimmy Carter(born 1924), the 39th president.***One of Hollywood’s most famouskisses was between Burt Lancaster(1913-1994) and Deborah Kerr (1921-2007) in the movie “From Here toEternity” (1953). The scene of thepassionate kiss on a beach in the surf is only three seconds long.***The only words with three dotted let-ters in a row are hijinks, Beijing andFiji.***The Uniform Time Act of 1966 stan-dardized the beginning and end of Daylight Savings Time nationwide.*** ***Rabbits were brought to Australia in1859 for hunting. Soon rabbits, notnative to Australia, were reproducingat such a rapid rate they were becominga plague. In 1950, the governmentintroduced a disease called myxomato-sis that successfully controlled therabbit population with a mortality rateof 99 percent.***The trumpeter swan is the largestwaterfowl in North America. Apair of trumpeter swans mates for life. Theylive 20 to 30 years.***The world’s smallest bird is the beehummingbird. Found in Cuba, the tinybirds are about the size of a bee andweigh 0.07 ounces.***On July 16, 1945, a test took placethat was code named Trinity. Do youknow what the test was? See answer atend.***Elephants walk at a speed of about 4mph.***French physicist Augustin JeanFresnel (1788–1827) invented theFresnel lens used in lighthouses. Themulti-prismed lens intensified thelight and focused the beam in light-house lamps.***In 1996, the Food and DrugAdministration approved olestra, acalorie-free fat substitute, for use insalty snacks such as chips and crack-ers. However, all snacks containingolestra had to carry a warning labelthat olestra may cause abdominalcramping and loose stools. As of 2003, the label was no longer requiredbecause it confused consumers.***Introduced in 1930, the Motorola wasone of the first commercially success-ful car radios. The brand name camefrom combining the word motor, formotorcar, and “ola,” which impliedsound; thus Motorola meant sound inmoion.***Ad campaigns for Lifebuoy Soap pop-ularized the term “B.O.” for body odor.***Harvard College, established in 1636,was named for its first benefactor.John Harvard (1607-1638) of Charlestown, Mass. was a ministerwho left his library and half his estateto the new institution.***Actor Telly Savalas (1924-1994) wasJennifer Aniston’s (born 1969) godfa-ther. Telly is short for Aristotle.***
: It was the testing of the first atomic bomb, conducted by the United States. The plutonium bomb was deto-nated on July 16, 1945 at  Alamogordo, N.M. The explosion wasequivalent to 20 kilotons of TNTanthe mushroom cloud reached 7.5 milesin height. Trinity is considered thebeginning of the Atomic Age.
Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runs inthe weekend and Wednesday editions of theDaily Journal. Questions? Comments?Email knowitall@smdailyjournal.com orcall 344-5200 ext. 114.
(Answers Monday)CRIMPSWISH SNEAKYDILUTEYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:The careless driver needed to —WRECK LESSNow arrange the circled lettersto form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
©2013 Tribune Content Agency, LLCAll Rights Reserved.
   J  u  m   b   l  e  p  u  z  z   l  e  m  a  g  a  z   i  n  e  s  a  v  a   i   l  a   b   l  e  a   t  p  e  n  n  y   d  e   l   l  p  u  z  z   l  e  s .  c  o  m   /   j  u  m   b   l  e  m  a  g  s
Print answer here:
Actress Zoe Caldwell is 80. Feminist author Kate Millett is79. Actor Walter Koenig is 77. Basketball Hall of Fame coachLarry Brown is 73. Singer-actress Joey Heatherton is 69.Actor Sam Neill is 66. Singer Jon “Bowzer” Bauman (Sha NaNa) is 66. Rock musician Ed King is 64. Actor Robert Wisdomis 60. Rock musician Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) is 58. Countrysinger-songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman is 57. Actress MaryCrosby is 54. Singer Morten Harket is 54. Country singerJohn Berry is 54. Actress Melissa Leo is 53. Actress FaithFord is 49. Actor Jamie Kaler is 49.
Actor,writer,director,producer Tyler Perry is 44.
 The Daily Derby race winners are Solid Gold,No.10,in first place;Gorgeous George,No.8,insecond place;and Whirl Win,No.6,in third place. The race time was clocked at 1:46.04.
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pt.11 Su
r Lot
to Pl
Burlingame Villa
24-hr. Alzheimer’s& Dementia Care1117 Rhinette Ave.Burlingame
(behind Walgreens on Broadway)
(650) 344-7074
Lic #410508825
Mills Estate Villa
24-hr. Assisted LivingBoard & Care1733 California Dr.Burlingame
(650) 692-0600
Lic #41560033
“Mom Recovered with Us 
 from her hospitalization and was able to move back home.”
Always Welcome!
. Asubject entered a residencethrough an unlocked window and took goldand jewelry items on the 500 block of LeConte Avenue before 9 a.m. Monday, Sept.9.
. Avehicle’s window wassmashed on the first block of NorthEllsworth Avenue before 9:34 p.m. Sunday,Sept. 8.
Asubject cut the tags off a pre-paidphone on the 1700 block of South DelawareStreet before 6:23 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8.
. Asubject was arrested for having alarge bag of marijuana in a vehicle on the500 block of Carmel Avenue before 9:09p.m. Saturday, Sept. 7.
Stolen vehicle.
Avehicle was stolen onthe 300 block of North Bayshore Boulevardbefore 9:13 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 7.
. Avehicle’s window was brokenand three laptops and an iPad were taken onthe 4000 block of Highway 1 before 6:50p.m. Sept. 11.
. Avehicle’s window was brokenand a laptop was stolen on the 6000 blockof Highway 1 before 12:30 p.m. Tuesday,Sept. 10.
Police reports
Thrilla in manila
Amanila envelope was placed on top of a mail box behind City Hall on the 500block of Linden Avenue in San Brunobefore 12:42 p.m. Wednesday, Sept.11.
• The
SanCarlos PlanningCommission
willconsider recom-mending the
City Council
adopt envi-ronmental findings and zoning amend-ments for the proposed
Transit Village
development.The Planning Commission meets 7p.m. Monday, Sept. 16 at City Hall, 600Elm St., San Carlos.
By Michelle Durand
Sentencing was delayed again Friday fortwo former mosquito district finance workerswho stole more than a half-million dollars of taxpayer money and used it for a variety of personal things including partially payingone’s legal fees in an earlier embezzlementcase.Jo Ann Dearman, otherwise known asJoanne Seeney, sought more time becausethe house sale with which she plans to payrestitution is going slow. The amount of repayment by Dearman doesn’t affect thepossible sentence imposed on co-defendantVika Sinipata but she also delayed her hear-ing because attorneys want both women tostand together. Sentencing was reset for Oct.25.Former finance director Dearman, 62, wasoriginally charged with nearly 200 crimes.She pleaded no contest to 10 felonies inreturn for seven years at most but possiblyless depending on repayment. Bookkeeperassistant Vika Sinipata, 37, pleaded no con-test to 12 felonies with no sentencing prom-ises.Dearman was the finance director at the SanMateo County Mosquito and Vector ControlDistrict. Sinipata served as an accountingsupervisor and bookkeeper assistant. Thepair embezzled the fundsbetween 2009 and 2011by giving themselvesextra pay at a higher payrate and fraudulent timeoff, excessively con-tributed to their deferredcompensation funds, usedcredit cards for personalpurchases and electroni-cally transferred moneyinto their own accounts.An audit showed more than $635,000 miss-ing but prosecutors only charged them withstealing approximately $450,000 becausethey could not prove an actual loss of thegreater amount. Other evaluations haveplaced the district lose closer to $800,000for the embezzlement and more than $1.2million when attorney fees are added in.The charges against Dearman and Sinipataraised questions about the district’s over-sight and operations, particularly because atthe time Dearman had one embezzlementconviction on her record and was being pros-ecuted for a second. Manager Robert Gayhired Dearman without a background or refer-ence check after Sinipata referred her.Dearman then hired Sinipata.According to a now-retired operationsdirector at the district, Dearman chargeddefense attorneys fees for that case to the dis-trict and at one point tookmedical leave, claimingshe needed to care for hermother but in actualityserved two years and eightmonths in prison for thetwo different embezzle-ment cases. In one case,Dearman ran up more thana half-million dollars onher boss’credit card.The embezzlement came to light after aboard member appointed by the city of SanCarlos questioned the balance in a pesticideaccount.The county’s special district oversightboard considered dissolving the mosquitoagency and handing its functions back to SanMateo County but ultimately voted againstdoing so. In July, the county’s civil grand jury recommended the Local AgencyFormation Commission reconsider becauseit concluded that mismanagement, insuffi-cient accountability and inadequate over-sight led to the embezzlement. The reportspecifically blamed the district’s managerand 21-member board of trustees.On Wednesday, LAFCo agreed reconsidera-tion is warranted and asked the countyEnvironmental Health division to first pro-vide more financial information on the pos-sible transfer.
Embezzling mosquito districtworkers sentencing delayed
Pair accused of stealing public money from special district
 Jo AnnDearmanVika Sinipata
Bay Area man chargedin warning shot killing
A62-year-old San Francisco Bay Area manis facing an involuntary manslaughtercharge after authorities say he fired a warn-ing shot that killed a fleeing car thief sus-pect.Craig Yuhara of Los Gatos did not enter aplea during his arraignment in San Jose onThursday in the death of 47-year-old DanielWinslow.Authorities say Yuhara got into an argu-ment on Sunday with Winslow and anotherman after spotting them filling up a stolenvan with gas. The van was parked in front of Yuhara’s house.Yuhara allegedly opened fire as Winslowand the man were leaving in another vehi-cle. The bullet entered the back of the vehi-cle and hit Winslow. He was later found deadnear San Jose State University.
Around the Bay

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