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100067671 12 Interview Zan Perrion

100067671 12 Interview Zan Perrion

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Published by: SEKAi.org on Sep 14, 2013
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Adam GiladGilad Creative Media, Inc.
March 2010
Hey, welcome! This is Adam Gilad - and today we are going to talk about, in our training for dating and attraction over thirty-five and over forty, we are going totalk about inhabiting, embodying, honing, and perfecting your Lover archetype.And there is no-one in the world more qualified to talk about this than my friend Zan Perrion of “The Way of Attraction.” Zan, welcome!
Thanks Adam. How’re you doing?
I’m doing great! I’ve known you for, I don’t know, about five years. You havean exceedingly unique way of living your life. I will just tell everyone out herethat you are one of the best teachers in the world on the really gentle, sweet,“loverly” but compelling art of seduction. And the great thing is you’re Canadian- so you’re really nice about tit!
That’s perfect! Exactly!
That gives a whole different edge!
That’s great!
You have been well-known in Attraction circles for a long time. And one of thethings I love about you is that you live… you “walk the talk”! You live anamazing life. You are roughly my age - you are in your forties - and… say
 2something about (before we even get into it) about the huge life change you madea few years ago and how you live now - as a lover of life; as a lover… someonewho actually loves being alive. And then we will take that into how we bring thatto women.
Okay. With me it is like I… I had a corporate job for a lot of years; but it wasnever really “me”. And so, as you know, a fair number of years ago I basicallyquit into nothing; and sold all my possessions, sold my apartment; gaveeverything I owned away. Actually I never sold any of my possessions; I sold myapartment and gave my possessions away. And then I just, without any thing fallinto - no safety net - just started to travel, and speak, and think, and philosophizeand do all that kind of stuff. So I have definitely had a different life, in the last sixyears or so, than most people have had.
And tell us about what you have been doing exactly.
Well I think, you know, as you said I go way back in as far as some of the earlyeras of Dating and Attraction type of coaching and seminars, and I have beendoing seminars for years. And I have travelled; I have spoken at universities; Ihave done all kinds of different programs that I have had over the years, and  products etc. And you know, I am still kind of a gypsy these days. I am stillcompletely homeless and “possessionless” - and I still wander, chasing treasureand magic!And, you know, what is important, I think an important thing is that I emphasizeto people, or students who take my program, is that I am not advocating a lifestyleand that everyone should abandon house and home and wander off into the wild and yonder like I have. However, I do strongly, strongly advocate that they takethe spirit of adventure and put it into their lives - whether they are married or…inter their career or whatever - so that we don’t have the sense of settling.
You waited until your child, I believe, or children… child?
Yes I have a daughter and she is now in her early twenties. And I spent most of her growing-up years with her, or all of it. And now she is launched into theworld and I am wandering around!
Well I’m a year behind you! So for someone who is not - and I told my kids, mysons, I said, “You know, the day the second of you goes off to college, you know,
 3dial me up in Italy!” is what I told them! or possibly Australia, Cambodia… It’s a big world!But what do you say to somebody about this “spirit of adventure” who can’t getup and leave? Maybe we are talking to a single dad here, or someone who reallycan’t leave his job at this point. How would you get that spirit of (I am going toadd the words “romantic adventure” because I am going to tie it into somethingyou have talked about, which is how can you be a fantasy for women - we will getto that - but how can you bring romantic adventure into your lifestyle, into your life, into your aura, if you really can’t pick up and leave?
Well, you know, the first thing I will say to that is let us be certain of that term,“You can’t pick up and leave.” Because most of us are doing things we don’tlove. And, you know, I speak and lecture at universities and stuff, and I tellstudents, “Never do for a minute what you do not love. And if you are doingsomething you don’t love, then you should immediately stop it.” Because, likeyou said, there is a great world out there - there are all kinds of opportunities and  possibilities.So, I mean, that is thirst thing I would say, is like, be certain you know what youwant. Be certain you have got up in the morning and said “This is who I am and this is what I want my life to look like” And if what you are doing right now iswhat you want, then you are okay. And now then, take the spirit of what we aretalking about, the spirit of curiosity, in our relationships - the spirit of aliveness, of charm, of sexual masculinity - and inject it into your relationships and everythingyou do. So it is kind of a two-pronged thing.
What are some practical examples of that; taking the spirit of curiosity and aliveness into your life, wherever you are, right now?
Well, in a relationship, for instance, if a man is on a date, the first thing he istrying to do is kind of share his résumé with her. And there is no aspect of curiosity about who this woman is who is sitting across from him. And so a practical thing is to basically ask yourself, “What am I curious about this womanwho is joining me, or in my relationship? What am I curious about her?” And explore the notion of curiosity - because curiosity begets curiosity, and I think it isa very powerful tool.And then she will go home saying to her friends, “Wow, I met a man and I wentout on a date with him last night - and he really listens!” - which is what womenare always wanting.

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