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Sufi Mystical Poetry

Sufi Mystical Poetry

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Published by: muji7 on Sep 15, 2013
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Sufi Mystical Poetry
Dedicated toSant Kirpal Singh
Rabia Basri717 - 801
She is one of the first mystic poets whose work has come down tous. Born into a poor family, she became a follower of the famousSufi Hassan of Basra. She was noted for her absolute asceticismand many legends are told about her life, often citing her devoutnature and absorption in God. More interesting than her asceticism,however, is Rabia’s concept of divine love. She was the first tointroduce the idea that God should be loved for His own sake andnot out of fear, as the earlier Sufis had taught.
(All biographies are from Islamic Mystical Poetry
You Have Infused My Being
You have infused my beingThrough and through,As an intimate friend mustAlways do.So when I speak, I speak of only YouAnd when silent, I yearn for You.
Between Heart and Heart
In love, nothing exists between heart and heart.Speech is born out of longing,True description from the Real Taste.The one who tastes, knows;The one who explains, lies.How can you describe the true form of SomethingIn whose presence you are blotted outAnd in whose Being you still exist?

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