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Moore Performance Assessment

Moore Performance Assessment

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Published by smoore67

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Published by: smoore67 on Jun 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sandy MoorePerformance Assessment1
STEP I: Performance Assessment Topic
The topic of my performance assessment is creating the middle school newsletter. The 7
and 8
grade students in my Publications class have learned how to write articles for a specific audience, proofread and edit articles for publishing, and how to assemble and layout the articles to createthe monthly newsletter. I want my students to organize this acquired knowledge to a newsituation. I would like my students to work in small collaborative groups to create the finalmiddle school monthly newsletter for this school year. Students can assign roles for articlewriters, proofreaders, editors, and publishers. In addition, students will choose to two students to be co-owners of the “newspaper”. Students will use the information learned from culminatingactivities throughout the school year to demonstrate their ability to organize, write, and publishthe school newsletter for the final publication of the year.
STEP II: Cognitive Process & Social Skills Assessed
Lesson Topics1. Assess students’ abilities to apply the writing process to create newsletter articles.Students will write creative and descriptive articles for an intended audience thatdemonstrate proficient use of proper English, capitalization, punctuation usage, andspelling skills.2. Assess students’ abilities to proofread and make suggestions to other classmates’article writings.Students will use Google Docs to create their articles. Other classmates will peer assess by proofreading and editing articles before issuing the articles for publication into thenewsletter.3. Assess students’ abilities to create, design, and publish the final issue of the middleschool newsletter. Students will use PrintShop PressWriter to create, design, and publishthe newsletter.4. Assess students’ abilities to work cooperatively in a group from beginning to end to publish the middle school newsletter.Teaching ContentI will teach students how to write articles for an intended audience. In this case, studentswill be writing articles of interest for Fisk Middle School students. I will teach the writing process and the steps involved in an organized. I will teach extensive lessons on proofreading,editing, and revising. Students will use Google Docs to write their articles so that all informationcan be saved and all revisions can be viewed. I will teach students how to use PrintShopPressWriter. Using PressWriter, I will teach students how to use various fonts and text size,create “eye-catching” headlines, and how to properly layout articles for reading. Throughout thisentire process, I will teach students how to organize information and assign roles for publishing a
Sandy MoorePerformance Assessment2newsletter. I will have students to work in pairs or groups to emphasize the importance of working together to accomplish a common goal, publish the middle school newsletter.Performance Tasks1. Students will use Google Docs to write articles for the middle school newsletter.Students have been using Google Docs to write articles throughout the year, so this process will be familiar.2. Students will apply the writing process to write articles using proper English,capitalization and punctuation for the intended audience of Fisk Middle School students.2. After writing, students will peer assess other students’ article writings by proofreading,editing, and revising articles in Google Docs.3. After revisions are complete, students will transfer the articles to PrintShopPressWriter designing an attractive, proper layout using creative fonts, text sizes,graphics, and headlines and publish the Fisk Middle School newsletter.4. Students will work cooperatively from assigning roles to publishing the newsletter.
Sandy MoorePerformance Assessment3
Collaborative Skills Checklist
Setting: __________________________________________Date: ___________Total Time Observed: _______________________________ Directions: Place a (X) in the appropriate box if you saw the student demonstrate this skill as thesmall group was workingStudent Names
 Skill Observed
Student complimentedthe work or contributionof a peer.
Student attended to otherswhen they were speakingand acknowledged thats/he heard was said.
Students compiled willall group rules.
Student gave help whenasked.

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