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Published by MaxMuscleSanMateo
These two products will help boost endurance so you can perform better in whatever sport you choose.
These two products will help boost endurance so you can perform better in whatever sport you choose.

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Published by: MaxMuscleSanMateo on Sep 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jennifer Lee, Max Muscle Franchisee
he more you train, the more attention your nutritional needs require.Recovery drinks, carbohydrate loading and pre-workout drinks may benew concepts to someone just getting into ftness, but you’ll quickly learnthat utilizing these tools will help you reach your goals. Max MuscleSports Nutrition provides these products and has designed them to help you be better at any sport you choose.
The Good Carbs
CarboMax is a complex carbohydrate powder that can be used as a pre-workoutdrink, intra-workout drink, recovery drink, carb-loading product and a weight-gainproduct. Using CarboMax will
improve endurance, re-synthesis glycogen, optimizeglycogen storage and optimize weight gain.
 With Max Muscle'sXtinguisher & Carbo Max 
These two products will help boostendurance so you can perform betterin whatever sport you choose.
Pre-Workout Drink 
Many people are confused about whatto eat before training and others don’tlike to eat before they train. CarboMaxis a great solution. It’s easily digestedand will provide instant energy. It can beadded to any pre-workout drink such asXtinguisher, FBXXX, Full Blown Extreme,CX3 and Pro BCAA. It can also be mixedwith Triple Whey, IsoX or MaxPro protein
powder for additional benets.
Intra-Workout Drink 
Hard training sessions or long trainingsessions will require the use of carbohydrates during the workout. Thecarbohydrates you consume duringworkouts will improve your enduranceand will actually help to promote protein
synthesis helping you to make tness
gains and enhance recovery. AddCarboMax to your electrolyte sports drink or Pro BCAA during hard training.
Post-Workout Drink 
Consuming carbohydrates with proteinpost workout is a necessity. CarboMaxprovides 57 grams of rapidly assimilatedmaltodextrin per serving. MakingCarboMax part of your post-workoutshake will help to lower cortisol levels,speed protein synthesis, improve
immunity, ght muscle damage andinammation and replenish glycogen.
Carbohydrate Loading
Endurance athletes’ normal diets aregenerally high in carbohydrates but a fewdays before a big event, most athleteswill load up on carbohydrates to makesure they are fully glycogen loadedto avoid bonking, or hitting the wall.CarboMax makes carbo-loading easy, andsince it doesn’t contain any fat or protein,you don’t need to worry about gettingunwanted calories pre-race, which cancause digestion problems. A general rulefor endurance athletes is to get 4 to 6grams of carbohydrate per pound of bodyweight during the carbo-loading phase.
Include CarboMax with meals whilecarbo-loading.
Weight Gain
For hard-gainers, CarboMax will assist inconsuming additional calories. Add it tomilk, yogurt, oatmeal, protein shakes,fruit and/or juice to easily increase thecalories you’re consuming. One servingof CarboMax provides 57 grams of carbohydrate and 220 calories. Use asmany servings as needed throughout theday for the calorie requirement.
Cool the Burn
Xtinguisher, an innovative product, wascreated to help athletes endure thestress of training, over and over again.The synergistic ingredients work toget your body producing higher levelsof carnosine, a dipeptide that helps todelay the fatigue we feel from intensetraining by buffering against thebuildup of lactic acid in our muscles.We’re able to go longer, harder andin the end, achieve a higher level of 
tness. Another remarkable benet
of Xtinguisher is its ability to helpreduce DOMS (delayed onset musclesoreness). It speeds our recovery time,allowing for more “hard” training daysand faster results.
Lactic Acid
Xtinguisher works by buffering lacticacid in the muscles. Lactic acid isgenerally thought of in negativeterms, but our bodies utilize lacticacid as an important source of energy during stressful situationslike intense exercise. Without it,athletic performance would be limitedand an increasing body of researchshows that if athletes can learn tomanage lactic acid, it can be a hugefactor contributing to success in highintensity sports.When lactic acid is made, it issplit into two components, lactateand hydrogen ions. The hydrogenions are the “bad” part of lactic acid.They enter the muscle and cause thenegative effects associated with lacticacid, burning, fatigue and the heavyfeeling you get, limiting your abilityto perform. These hydrogen ions alsocause a lowering of the blood pHlevels in your muscle, the worst partof all because if you repeatedly trainand build up too much lactic acid,the change in blood pH can lead tobreakdown and muscle damage.This is where Xtinguisher provides

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