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Planes Without Passengers Challenge

Planes Without Passengers Challenge

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Published by Dean Hartwell
You can help find out the answer to a persistent question about 9/11: What happened to the passengers? Read on!
You can help find out the answer to a persistent question about 9/11: What happened to the passengers? Read on!

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Published by: Dean Hartwell on Sep 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revised 10/28/13
By Dean T. Hartwell
 A recent reviewer of my book
Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11
edition) wrote that the book needs a third edition. He is right. I write this “edition,”or update, online to first of all distill the message of the first two editions to just onesentence:THERE WERE NO HIJACKINGS ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.In short, the stories of plane hijackings and the use of the planes by hijackers to strikebuildings was a complete hoax. So, too, were stories of distressed passenger callsfrom planes. The more I researched and debated this matter, furthermore, the more itappeared that, with some exceptions, the alleged passengers were manufactured or used identities.
pg. 1/Planes without Passengers Challenge by Dean T. Hartwell – Copyright 2013
This analysis led to my books
Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11
and 2
editions. These books form the basis of what I say in this essay in which Igive my best hypothesis as to the identity of the passengers and what happened tothem.Finding the truth when few facts are available never really ends.
I look to you, the reader, to carefully read what I have written here and tochallenge what you do not believe is correct. If I believe you are right, I willupdate this page accordingly.
ONE ALLEGED PASSENGER ON ALLEGED FLIGHT AMERICAN AIRLINES 11 According to the official theory of the events of 9/11, this flight took off from Boston at7:59 AM and was subsequently hijacked. All of its passengers crashed into the WorldTrade Center north tower and died upon impact.Twelve years of research have produced a number of facts to contradict this assertion. Among them are these two courtesy of the original Bureau of Transportation recordsbefore they were altered: American Airlines Flight 11 was never scheduled. American Airlines Flight 11 never took off.From these two facts, we can make a necessary inference that no one boarded Flight11 and took off in it.We can also infer that people said to have been passengers on Flight 11 were either (a)real people who went somewhere else or (b) were not real people.Recently, I received an email from a man who claimed he knew a specific person said tobe a passenger on Flight 11. He alluded to a source who claimed that he overheard thepassenger, whom I will call “11X”, calling a taxi on the morning of September 11, 2001and then saw board with luggage a taxi shortly thereafter. He claims neither he nor anyone else who knew him has seen 11X again.I will assume the good faith of the claims of the man who emailed me. Let’s say that11X was in fact a real person who indicated to others he would take a flight from Bostonto Los Angeles on that morning and that 11X’s name ended up on a passenger list(whether it was an unofficial list or the manifest is not at issue here).How does this stipulation fit in with the facts established about the flight?11X shows up at Boston Logan Airport. He goes to one of the two gates alleged for Flight 11’s departure, Gate 26 or Gate 32. He boards the plane he believes is Flight 11. A link on Let’s Roll Forums gives evidence that Flight 11 was really a simulation. It isworth a read to get a picture of what really happened on the plane.Hereit is.
pg. 2/Planes without Passengers Challenge by Dean T. Hartwell – Copyright 2013
Upon realizing that Flight 11 was not going to fly, 11X most likely would have looked for another flight to go to Los Angeles. This would put him at Gate 19.In any case, 11X now boards United 175.If he had an American Flight 11 ticket, he could have quickly gone to the United Airlinesbooth and exchanged tickets for the 175 flight. And who is to say what ticket 11X held?With no direct information on this matter, it is possible he was instructed to go to United175 all along.United 175 takes off (late, according to some sources). Thanks to ACARS, a systemsimilar to email that records the times messages are sent to and received by planes, weknow that this flight was flying WEST over Western Pennsylvania several minutes AFTER its supposed crash into World Trade Center Two.We also know that an unidentified plane (by flight number) landed in Cleveland sometime later, matching the description of the plane for United 175.This places 11X at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport.Newspaper articles quote Cleveland Mayor Michael White as saying there were 200passengers in a plane later believed to have parked near a building managed by NASA.Did passengers go into the NASA building?That may never be known.Let’s say that 11X goes into the NASA building.There are no facts available after this point. His execution or his decision to hide bothexplain his absence. Those who insist he was murdered could point to his character or his ties to the community but neither prove the point. If he went hiding (as an agent, for example), there may be circumstantial evidence of participation but no proof. ALL 9/11 PASSENGERSSo I have speculated what may have happened to an alleged passenger of AmericanFlight 11 on the day of September 11, 2001. Now I have identified all of the passengersalleged to have been on American 11, United 175, American 77 and United 93 whosenames were found on the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) and I paint a morecomplete picture of my hypothesis. AMERICAN 11 Alleged to have struck the World Trade Center north tower 
Jeffrey Coombs, 42 18 Sep 1958 -- 11 Sep 2001Tara Creamer, 30 30 Nov 1970 -- 11 Sep
pg. 3/Planes without Passengers Challenge by Dean T. Hartwell – Copyright 2013

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