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Samurai Tower

Samurai Tower

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Published by Harry
A script for a short film. About Samurais.
A script for a short film. About Samurais.

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Published by: Harry on Sep 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SAMURAI TOWER(A Short Film)WrittenbyHarry J. Chong
FADE IN:EXT. BUSHIDO BAR - NIGHTA sinewy man carrying a fishing pole and wearing a bamboohat, steps inside the Bushido bar -- a popular hangout for men of the ANCIENT Japanese military.INT. BUSHIDO BAR - NIGHTAlthough it is open to the public, it is unofficiallyconsidered a place fit only for the samurai.But HIROHIKO does not care. He takes a seat at one of theempty tables. A WAITER comes up to him.WAITER(whispering)Excuse me. I don’t mean to pry, butare you a samurai?HIROHIKODoes it matter?The Waiter looks over his shoulder.WAITERThis is kind of a samurai’shangout. They don’t like otherpeople coming in and taking theirtables.HIROHIKOI won’t bother anyone. I just wanta pot of tea.WAITEROkay, but don’t say I didn’t warnyou.The Waiter goes away. Hirohiko looks in the corner of hiseye. There is a rowdy bunch of Samurai, harassing a waitress,touching her, holding her.Hirohiko quietly stands. He goes over to the other table. Heclears his throat. The Samurai look up.HIROHIKOExcuse me...SAMURAI KENJI, the one squeezing the waitress, glares andbarks.
SAMURAI KENJIWhat the hell do you want?HIROHIKOI think you should leave this waitress alone and let her do herjob.Samurai Kenji lets go of the waitress and stands up.SAMURAI KENJIDo you even know who I am?HIROHIKOI can’t say I’m familiar.SAMURAI KENJIYou should be. I’m the big samuraiin town -- Samurai Kenji. I’vekilled over a thousand people.HIROHIKOIt’s easy to kill those who can’tfight back.Samurai Kenji lifts Hirohiko’s bamboo hat with his thickfinger and looks into his eyes.SAMURAI KENJIYou implying something, buddy?HIROHIKOMaybe...The Waiter appears behind holding a pot of tea.WAITERHey mister! Your tea’s ready.Hirohiko dismisses the Waiter with his hand.HIROHIKOPut it on the table. I’ll drinklater.The Waiter goes away.SAMURAI KENJIWhat if there is no later?HIROHIKOI’m not too worried about that.2.

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