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Print Version - Kabbalah #23 - Malchut the Kingdom Within

Print Version - Kabbalah #23 - Malchut the Kingdom Within

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Published by Frater WothanAzazel

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Published by: Frater WothanAzazel on Sep 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Print Version - Kabbalah #23 - Malchut: The Kingdom Withinhttp://www.aish.com/spirituality/kabbala101/Kabbalah_23_-_Malchut_The_Kingdom_Within.aspKabbalah #23 - Malchut: The Kingdom Withinby Rabbi Shimon LeibermanThe last sefirah is the most important because God uses it to act through Hiscreation.The tenth and final sefirah is called "malchut" ("kingdom"), and in many waysthis is the most important of the sefirot.In order to understand what malchut is, we must refer back to the original verse that contains the ten sefirot: "To You, God, is greatness, strength, modesty,victory, awe, for all that is in heavens and earth; to You, God, is thekingdom." (1 Chronicles 29:11) We note that the description of malchut is analmost separate sentence and it restarts with the phrase, "to You, God, is..."Why this distinction?Let us explain this by defining what malchut is.When we think of a king or a kingdom, we imagine a dictator imposing his will on a helpless populace, draining them of their resources to be used for his ownpersonal aggrandizement. Even if we picture him as a benevolent despot, he is at best an efficient bureaucrat.But when we speak of God and the concept of kingdom, we refer to a completelydifferent model.The model we have in mind is of a king who has a picture of good and bad, anideology of right and wrong, and teaches the society around him those ideas andvalues. That society is then awakened to what is really right and structuresitself and its institutions accordingly. When society has finished this process, it thereby amplifies and proclaims those values that the king had in his heartand mind.That society is thereby not only expressing the king's norms and values, butshowing that these norms and values are really the inner norms and values of the people in the country.While we do not live with kings and it might be difficult for us to picturethis, we can definitely use the illustration of a good teacher. A teacher whoallows the students to "do as they wish" is not a teacher at all. The studentshave not received anything from him.On the other hand, a teacher who forces his students to do as he says has merely imposed external shackles on them. He has not really affected them in any way,and he is not a teacher. The real teacher is the one who inspires his students,so that they realize that their own real feelings and values are those espousedby their teacher.This is malchut in the true sense. It is God's actions and attributes - not asexpressed by God, but rather as human beings express them. It is as if God'sactions have struck a resonant chord in us, and we thereby act in a similarmanner.This requires that we do God's will, and not sin, and that we do so with freewill. For if we do not do God's will, then we are not a reflection of the Divine process in the world. But if we do God's will out of fear then we are responding like the students who are forced by their teacher to do the teacher's bidding,and not from an inner sense of connection with God.KING VS. DICTATOR

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