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[ENDUROMAX & VIT-ACELL] "The Fuel You Need to Get Up and Go"

[ENDUROMAX & VIT-ACELL] "The Fuel You Need to Get Up and Go"

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Max Muscle's EnduroMax and Vit-Acell Energy will give you the boost you crave and help you go the distance. [Read more]
Max Muscle's EnduroMax and Vit-Acell Energy will give you the boost you crave and help you go the distance. [Read more]

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JULY 2013
Jennifer Lee, Max Muscle Franchisee
ental toughness is a pre-requisite forsuccess at any level in sport. We’ve allwitnessed extraordinary moments when anathlete excels to a level most of us thoughtimpossible, and many of us have pushed ourselvestowards an accomplishment we didn’t know we werecapable of. A strong mind can push the body to newlimits. So, what happens when the desire to pushis there but our body isn’t responding? When thishappens, much of the time it can be traced back toimproper nutrition. Max Muscle’s EnduroMax and Vit-Acell Energy were designed to provide your bodywith the fuel it needs to propel you toward reachingfor higher levels in your sport, keeping both your mindand body in sync and ready to show everyone just howtough you are.
The Fuel You Need
Why You Gotta Have It
The benefts you will experience
by using EnduroMax include thefollowing:
Improve aerobic/anaerobicperformance
Minimize muscle damage
Boost immune system
• Reduce inammation
Fight fatigue
Utilization of fat for energy
Spare muscle glycogen
Proper hydration
To Get Up and Go
Max Muscle's EnduroMax and Vit-AcellEnergy will give you the boost you craveand help you go the distance.
JULY 2013
EnduroMax is based on strong
scientic evidence and modeled afterthe newest American College of SportsMedicine (ACSM) guidelines for uidand electrolyte replacement duringexercise. EnduroMax will provide theuid, fuel, electrolytes, amino acids,metabolic cofactors and antioxidantsyour body needs during exercise tosupport optimal performance.Excessive exercise stresses thebody. With the proper nutrients takenduring exercise, it is possible toreduce some of this stress, speedingthe recovery process. EnduroMaxshould be used during exercise lastingmore than one hour or an intense
Key IngredientsFound in EnduroMax 
Carbohydrateincreases endurance, spares muscleglycogen and prevents muscledamage caused by excessive exercise.The combination of carbohydrateand protein has shown to stimulateinsulin at a greater level than theconsumption of carbohydrate alone.Insulin suppresses cortisol, a hormonethat causes muscle damage and leadsto a suppressed immune system.
Per serving, EnduroMaxcontains an 11 g blend of wheyisolate and whey concentrate protein.Whey protein is easily digested andwhen taken during exercise will helpto prevent muscle breakdown. Withtraining that lasts several hours, it isimportant to consume some protein toprevent muscle loss and to optimizemuscle recovery.
Caffeine enhancesperformance during exercise. Itstimulates the central nervous systemand causes the release of adrenaline,which increases speed, power andendurance. Caffeine also enhancesfree fatty acids in the blood and helpsour body to utilize fat as energy
during exercise.
A avanoid that providesantioxidant and anti-inammatorybenets, quercetin acts as an anti-inammatory inhibiting the releaseof histamine and other allergens.
Quercetin has been shown in studies
to enhance the benets we getfrom caffeine on the central nervoussystem during exercise. A recent studyshowed that quercetin increased both VO2Max and endurance capacity inuntrained individuals.
Studies have shownthat L-carnitine improves energyproducing enzyme levels in longdistance runners. L-carnitine alsofunctions as an anti-fatigue formulafor endurance athletes because itincreases the utilization of fatty acidsduring exercise, prolonging enduranceand increasing energy.
Glutamine is the mostabundant amino acid in the body andis the amino acid most responsiblefor keeping the muscles in a positivenitrogen balance. Glutamine isheavily depleted during exercise andwhen supplemented will help reducemuscle damage and promote proteinsynthesis.
Like glutamine, branchedchain amino acids (BCAAs) are heavilydepleted during exercise. Leucineplays a major role in protein synthesisand is provided in EnduroMax ina dose of 1.5 grams per serving.Isoleucine and Valine are a directsource of energy for our muscles andcan delay fatigue and speed recoverywhen taken during exercise.
 Antioxidants, Electrolytes andCofactors:
Vitamin C, vitamin E,coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acidprovide the antioxidant protectionfrom free radicals producedduring prolonged exercise and arekey cofactors for mitochondrialfunction. Electrolytes are providedin the appropriate levels for properhydration.
Get YourBoost On!
 Vit-Acell Energy is abundant in thenutrients your body craves and needsto help with everything from immunesupport to anti-aging, from energysupport to exercise recovery. It is nota synthetically designed, cheap “onea day,” it is the gold standard of multi-vitamins and will help your body meetits daily needs to live your life to thefullest.
Key Ingredients Foundin Vit-Acell Energy
 Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs:
 Vitamins and minerals play essentialroles in most metabolic processes inour bodies. They act as antioxidants,co-enzymes and catalysts playing rolesin a number of chemical reactions. Vit-Acell Energy is a natural liquidnutrition supplement that provides100 percent or more of 13 essentialvitamins and essential minerals. Italso contains a natural juice blendcomplete with antioxidants, 100 mgof colloidal minerals and energizingherbal extracts such as green tea,ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract,ginseng, citrus bioavonoid extract,rutin powder and herperidin extract.
Vit-Acell Energy alsocontains a natural kick, a caffeineblend, making it a perfect choice foryour morning multivitamin. It provides100 mg of caffeine coming from greencoffee bean extract, guarana extract,yerba mate extract and kola extract.
Lou Scharpf, 58, SacramentoShops at Max Muscle Natomas, CA 
I have been using EnduroMax sinceSeptember 2011. I frst startedincorporating EnduroMax or motorcycleriding. My lap times got aster and I hadmore energy. It was unbelievable. I also eltlike I was more ocused. For cycling, I adda scoop o Emerge or that extra kick andeel great. Recently, I tried EnduroMax orsnow skiing and had unbelievable energy.I was able to ski all day whereas beoreI would peter out about midday. I know itsounds cheesy, but I really love this stu!

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