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Get Rid of Moles

Get Rid of Moles



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Published by Sam S.M. Smith
Big e-book compiling different methods of eliminating moles from lawn and garden. A how-to guide to mole control that works. Effectively combat moles, gophers and voles that destroy yards.
Big e-book compiling different methods of eliminating moles from lawn and garden. A how-to guide to mole control that works. Effectively combat moles, gophers and voles that destroy yards.

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Published by: Sam S.M. Smith on Jun 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Get Rid of Moles
Eliminate Yard Moles for Good
Common and Not-So-Common Methods
of Ground Mole Eradication
 by Sam “Stop Moles” Smith
Introduction to Ground Mole Control
Moles are small, burrowing animals. They spend all of their lives underground, and thatis where they do their damage, too. They build extensive tunnels, and in the processdamage and destroy plant roots. The mounds of earth they throw up from their tunnelingmakes an unsightly mess of people's lawns, too.
Ground mole control
is an important subject, and one of seemingly endless debate.Everyone seems to have a pet remedy for controlling or eliminating moles. Few of thesesolutions seem to pan out as being consistently reliable.Ground mole control
possible, though. These articles will point you in the rightdirection.
Beginners' Guide to Ground Mole Control
Ground moles come in different species and are also known as yard moles or lawn moles.The star mole, so named for its distinctly odd, star-shaped nose, is one kind you mightsee. But the species that is mostly likely responsible for destroying your nice green grassor your flower bed is the Eastern mole. That's if you live in the U.S.; if you live in theU.K. the culprit is probably the common European mole.
Ground mole control
is prettymuch the same no matter what species you're dealing with.
Don't Be Confused About Ground Mole Control
Some people needlessly complicate the subject of 
ground mole control
. Moles aredestructive creatures but they're just little animals, after all. And little animals can be
eliminated or caught by human beings using common sense andeasily available tools. Don't be intimidated by all the conflictingadvice you might hear on the topic of ground moles.
Ground Mole Control - Why It'sNecessary
I'll be the first to admit that ground moles are cute, in an odd sort of way. And I don'treally like trying to put an end to cute furry things. But as few as two or three moles candevastate a lawn or a garden. It's not that they eat grass or plants - that's a myth - but their constant burrowing and tunneling can break off roots beneath the soil. And, of course,those molehills popping up everywhere don't look very pretty. Proper 
ground molecontrol
is the answer.
Ground Mole Control: Avoid Poisons
I for one am not keen on using poisons for 
ground mole control
. Most of them don'twork all that well, and some of them pose a distinct risk to other creatures -- such as petsor even your children! It's easy to see why a desperate homeowner or gardener might turnto poison in an attempt to rid themselves of ground moles. But there are better and lessrisky ways of solving a mole problem.
Ground Mole Control: Have You Heard those Wives'Tales?
In your search for 
ground mole control
answers, you will undoubtedly come acrossmany supposed home remedies. The advantage of such remedies is that they are usuallyquite cheap to try. The disadvantage is that they most often don't work, and you will be back to square one in your mole control quest. Many of them fall into the category of wives' tales. Try them if you like, and if one manages to work for you, congratulations. Inmy experience, though, there's only one reliable method of 
controlling moles
... traps!
Here's My Favorite Online Resource for MoreInformation on Controlling Moles with Traps:

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