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1st Amendment

1st Amendment

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Published by James Bradley
Senate bill 987 - limiting the power of the independent journalist not affiliated with a proven new entity
Senate bill 987 - limiting the power of the independent journalist not affiliated with a proven new entity

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Published by: James Bradley on Sep 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JLBSept – 2013
 Just when I really believed that our President was on the up & up, Iread that members of his party in Congress are moving forward tomake our 1
Amendment rights a thing of the past.Whereas on Sept 13
, (Friday no-less) the Senate JudiciaryCommittee voted 12-5 to introduce “
common sense press control
in the news you and I read or watch, in this they set some preliminarystandards that will eventually lead to Internet Service Providers (ISPs)in either upping the charges on such news outlets such as those run by“bloggers”. In fact they are leaning toward blocking their “grid”access. The panel is noted as working out a “compromise” with DemocraticSenators, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and Dick Durbin incoordination with news organizations, where the overall bill will“codify” many regulations proposed earlier this year by AttorneyGeneral Eric Holder. They are in the process of making a law that will define “covered journalists”, as to those who are employed as an “employee,independent contractor or agent of an entity that disseminates news orinformation,” the bill will also “extend to student journalists,” thereport continues, meaning it will also “codify” who is an “AuthorizedStudent.
In has been my personal experience being behind my daughterwhen she was in the journalist class at Western Washington Universityin Bellingham, WA – where one day she asked me what the morningsiren at the local GP pulp mill was for. Snooping around a bit in OldMain (I was employed by WWU), I found out it was a warning whistlethat was tested daily to be used if there was a chlorine incident at themill. Informing of this she was off and running constructing a newsarticle in the University rag, asking such questions as why the newstudents did not received notification of the warning siren, and whydidn’t the University post instructions on an evacuation if such anevent occurred. She went one step further in contacting the localemergency services if there was an evacuation plan for downtownBellingham…their reply was they’d get back to her. They did alright,she was asked to report to the school safety director (I went with her),and we were told to kill her investigation or her grades and status inthe school would suffer – end of story. This is the power that hangs over a student who investigates a storythat might be adverse to the local economy or the politicalestablishment in-place, the same power executed daily on your localnews outlet or information center, and on a national mediaorganization but on a grander and more far reaching scale.For those select few who do not know the words of the 1
 Amendment it is written:Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of people to peaceably to assemble,and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.“Abridging the freedom of speech, or the press…” Now before thecitizens of the country comes the
Senate Judiciary Committee
a vote of 12-5 that makes some of us “more equal than others”, yetnot too surprising in many opinions. Be afraid American’s, here wehave 17 members of a committee that are on their way of creating alaw, which will be backed with the force of the government. Iunderstand that the press is now under the control of the rich who feedthe government just enough to obtain their wishes on how to run theirprivate enterprise, the Congress of the United States. Now they wantto muffle the words of private blogs, what is next? The demise of thesocial media sites, such as Facebook or put them under strictcensorship to allow only what a government official states falls within adictated set of rules?Schumer is the bat boy for the White House, while Feinstein viewsthe 1
Amendment as a “special privilege” to grant the “loyal”members of the press, while Dubin is racking his grey matter to makeonce-and-for-all the demise of the quill pens (keyboards) broadcastingonly what he deems to be to his and his party’s advantage.A good example is what as known as the “Fukushima Event”,whereas EPA working with NOAA, and the FDA published a set of Pacific charts showing how there was no effect of the 300-400 gallons-a-day radiation release on the fish in Alaska, charts or maps with aslew of red dots on it showing that the fish in Alaska did not range intothe waters being flooded with radiation. In a flash of a dart thrown at achart they now know where fish grow up. And yet Feinstein in all herglory passed a rule that pulled all monitoring of the waters in thePacific by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency.We don’t have to go to Denmark to see that something is “rotten inand around the Potomac” – the power of the press, and big money.Feinstein comments allude to a
hard-to-pass bill
she says should“only protect” reporters and their sources and apply to only “real journalists”, stomping her feet and pulling her hair stating thatWikiLeaks employees, and non-salaried reporters, don’t count. The

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