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Angel's Moon

Angel's Moon



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Published by Ciera
16 year old Roxanne Cambell’s life is turned up-side-down when she has to move into a mansion owned by Robert Owens and his wife, and their children, to become a maid. Roxie meets Jace, who is Robert Owens's son. Roxie suspects that something weird is up at the mansion, when strange occurrences happen that can't be explained. The residents at the Mansion aren't human...what are they? Enjoy=]
16 year old Roxanne Cambell’s life is turned up-side-down when she has to move into a mansion owned by Robert Owens and his wife, and their children, to become a maid. Roxie meets Jace, who is Robert Owens's son. Roxie suspects that something weird is up at the mansion, when strange occurrences happen that can't be explained. The residents at the Mansion aren't human...what are they? Enjoy=]

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Published by: Ciera on Jun 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Angel’s MoonRoxanne AKA Roxie played by Kristen Herrera[IMG]http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z180/Danaway_Tango/KH3.jpg[/IMG]Jason AKA Jace played by Alex Evans[IMG]http://i711.photobucket.com/albums/ww112/Kiki_ZsGirl_410/alexevans2-2.jpg[/IMG]Tiffany-Jace’s little brat sister played by Jamie Lyn Spears[IMG]http://i372.photobucket.com/albums/oo163/SupJ3SS3K4/Celebrities%20and%20Bands/untitled.jpg[/IMG]Emily-Roxie’s best friend played by Shailene Woodley[IMG]http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w216/straitdstudentg3/celebrities/Shailene.jpg[/IMG]Brandi played by Nikki Webster[IMG]http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee219/greer_018/nikki_webster_01.jpg[/IMG]Chapter 1 ~Surprise~“Mom?” I yelled, running down the stairs in my jeans, and a black T-shirt.“Mom!”“I’m in the living room, sweetheart.” My mother called, and then coughed. My momlikes to smoke, a lot, no matter how many times I’ve told her to quit. I walkedinto the living room, and found my mom sitting on the red loveseat. My father haddied when I had been four. My mother had told me that he had been in a bad caraccident, but I couldn’t remember much about it, or him.“What is it mom?” I asked, while swiping my long dark hair out of my eyes.“There are some people that I want you to meet.” My mother said, and then lookedacross the living room. I followed her gaze, and discovered the people that shewas talking about. There were two men. One-who looked to be about my age- wassitting in our blue armchair. The other man was sitting on our gray couch. Inoticed that the boy in the blue armchair was absolutely gorgeous. He had spikyblack hair, that fell into his eyes a little, and bright blue eyes. And he wasalso wearing white jeans, and a white shirt. The guy looked like an angel. Hesmiled a little at nothing and looked out of the window behind my mom. The otherman had longish dark hair, and dark eyes. He was wearing an all black suit, andwas as pale as a ghost. The two of them looked different in contrast. I turned myscrutinizing gaze back to the angel boy, and found that his bright blue eyes werewatching me. The corners of his mouth turned up, when he found that I had caughthim looking at me, and my heart skipped a beat. I smiled back.“Sit down Roxanne.” My mother said while patting the space next to her. I walkedover to the loveseat and everyone turned to me when I sat down. Okay, this wasweird.“Roxanne.” My mother said, and then coughed. “I’d like for you to meet Mr. RobertOwens.” She said, gesturing to the man in the black. “And his son Mr. JasonOwens.” She continued, and gestured to the angel boy in white.“Hi.” I mumbled, looking from Jason to Mr. Robert. I had a feeling of uneasinessfor some reason. I looked at my mom who was looking at me with a sad expression.“What’s wrong mom?” I asked. I Started to silently panic. My mom only made thisface when she was about to deliver really bad news.“Roxanne.” My mother said, taking my hands in hers. Her honey blonde hair fellinto her bright blue eyes. “Roxanne, honey, I’ve gotten you a job with Mr. Owens.”She said. I relaxed. Oh, so that was all.“You’re going to move into Mr. and Mrs. Owens’s home.” My mom said. My heart
instantly dropped.“What?” I practically screamed. “You have to be kidding me, right?”“I’m sorry, honey, but no.”“I can’t believe this.” I yelled while jumping up from the couch. I stormed out ofthe living room, and upstairs to my room. I heard my mother calling after me, butI ignored her and slammed my door. I walked over to my bed and sat on it. I tookmy iPod off of the charger from my desk, and plugged the earbuds in. Animal I HaveBecome by Three Days Grace blared from the iPod in my hands. Listening to musicwas how I always got my anger out. I turned the volume up when I heard a knock onmy door.“Roxanne.” I heard my mother call. “At least let me explain” I sighed and gave upwhen I heard her coughing from the other side of the door. I pulled my earbudsout, and walked over to my door and opened it. My mother stood in the hallway,looking like she was about to yell again, but she closed her mouth when she sawme.“Well.” I said and leaned against the door frame. “Start explaining.”Jason’s Point Of View“Well.” I heard Roxanne say from upstairs. “Start explaining.”“She reminds me of her father.” My father said and got a distant look on his face.“Are you sure that this was such a good idea?” I asked. I thought of the way thatRoxanne had stormed off.“Of course, Jason.” My father said. Only my mom and dad called me by my full name.Everyone else just called me Jace.“But you know what she is.” I argued, but it was just like arguing with a brickwall. “She would be the only one of her kind there. And God knows what Tiff-” Myfather abruptly interrupter me by saying,“Tiffany will be fine.” He said, referring to my little sister. “She can handleherself.”“But you know as good as I do of how she reacts around Were-” I got interruptedagain by the sound of Roxanne yelling.“What?!” I heard her yell. “Today? Tonight? But what about school? What about myfriends?”“Everything is taken care of, sweetheart.” Her mother said soothingly.“Everything is not alright! I have to live with complete strangers!”My father sighed and shook his head. “Just like her father.” He mumbled tohimself.Chapter 2 ~New life, new job. Kill me now!~Roxie’s Point Of ViewI shoved my iPod in my left pocket, and my cell phone in the other. I grabbed mygiant red suitcase from the base of my bed and walked to my door. I turned aroundand whispered, “Goodbye.” as I turned out the lights. I silently shut my door, andwalked down the stairs. I dragged my suitcase down the stairs and nearly tripped.“Damn stairs.” I muttered. I walked to the front room where my mother and Mr.Owens were whispering violently. Jason stood at the window by the door and waslooking out into the night. Everyone turned when I approached.“Roxanne.” My mother said and then came up to me and gave me a huge hug. When shelet go, she had tears in her eyes. “This is for the best.” She said, more toherself than to me. “I’m going to miss you, sweetie.” She said, giving me anotherhug.“Then don’t send me away.” I whispered. My mother just shook her head.“This is for the best, trust me, Roxanne.”I just sighed.“We have to catch the plane.” Mr. Owned said.“Alright.” My mother said. “Goodbye, Roxie.” She gave me one last hug and I wasout the door. All three of us walked silently to the car. The sidewalk leading
from my house to the street was covered in ice and snow. I slipped, and nearlyfell on my butt while I carefully walked down the front porch steps.“I hate winter.” I mumbled.“Do you need help?” Jason said from in front of me, and turned around.“No.” I muttered, and looked down at where I was walking. I was almost to the endof the sidewalk when I slipped on a patch of ice. I would have fallen on my faceif Jason hadn’t have caught me.“Thanks.” I said when he put me back on the ground.He smiled, and it made my heart skip. “You’re welcome.” was all that he said as heturned and headed towards his father. I had to walk fast to catch up. We were inthe parking lot now.“Which car is..Oh My God!” I yelled when I saw the car that we were taking.“What?” Said Jason. Both him and his father had turned around to look at me withidentical confusion on their faces.“The. Car.” I said, barely able to hide my excitement.Jace’s Point Of View.“Which care is..Oh My God!” I heard Roxanne yell from behind me. I turned to lookat her, and my breath caught, as it kept doing all night. There was just somethingabout Roxanne that made my heart skip a beat. Which was really weird, believe me.“What?” I asked, confused of her reaction.“The. Car.” She practically yelled. She looked up at me and her bright blue eyeswere brimmed with excitement.“It’s only a Ferrari.” I said, still confused.“Only?” She said. And then I saw her smile for the first time.“Yeah.” I said. But I couldn’t help smiling back.“Are you two coming?” Dad asked from the driver side of the car.“Yes!” Roxie squealed, and practically ran to the car. I let out a small laugh.Roxie stopped, and turned to look at me with an unreadable expression.“What?” I asked. I seemed to be saying that a lot tonight.“N-nothing.” She said, and then jumped in the backseat after she dumped herluggage in the trunk. I slipped into the passenger side of the car, and we pulledout of the parking lot.Roxie’s Point Of ViewWe’ve been driving for over an hour now, and I was getting bored. I rested my headagainst the window. I kept glancing at the side view mirror attached to theoutside of the tiny black sports scar. I kept looking at Jason’s reflection. I heabsolutely gorgeous. No-I mentally slapped myself. I can’t start liking him! We’regoing to be living in the same house for God’s sake! And I would be working forhim. I caught Jason’s reflection give a quick and amused smile. That brought aquestion to mind. What exactly would my job me.“Umm..” I Said.“Yes?” Mr. Owens said from the front seat. I saw Jason looking at me.“Um..er..what exactly is my job supposed to be?” I stuttered. Something aboutbeing close to Mr. Owens made me nervous.“You are going to be a maid.” He said.Oh, okay.Wait-what?!“A maid?” I asked and my voice rose an octave. I didn’t know one thing aboutcleaning. My house back home had been super messy.“A maid.” Mr. Owens said simply. “There are other maids, so you won’t be alone.”I sank back into my seat, exasperated. A maid? How could my mother do this to me?I didn’t even do anything wrong! Except maybe forget to water the plants every nowand then, but that was all. I snorted, which caused Jason to look back at me with

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