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A Believer's Love for the Bible

A Believer's Love for the Bible

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Published by glennpease

Professor of Theology in Magee College, Londonderry

" O how love I Thy law ! it is my meditation all the day."
Psalm cxix. 97.

Professor of Theology in Magee College, Londonderry

" O how love I Thy law ! it is my meditation all the day."
Psalm cxix. 97.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A BELIEVER'S LOVE FOR THE BIBLEBY THE REV. DAVID SMITH, M.A., D.D.Professor of Theology in Magee College, Londonderry" O how love I Thy law ! it is my meditation all the day."Psalm cxix. 97.It is characteristic of a truly Christian manthat he loves the Bible. It is his rich treasure-house, and he searches it with constant wonderand ever fresh appreciation. And it is one of the miracles of grace that so soon as it takespossession of a man's soul, it makes the Biblea new book to him and reveals in it a hithertoundreamed-of glory.There is a striking instance of this in theexperience of Dr. Thomas Chalmers. He hadbeen minister of the Fifeshire parish of Kilmanyfor some eight years ere he attained to a vitalknowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and whenat length the light broke into his soul, it revealedmuch that had been hidden from him. It gavehim new thoughts about God and religion, and4344 A BELIEVER'S LOVE FOR THE BIBLEtherewith a new sense of the value of the Bible.One of his elders was an old saint named JohnBonthron, who lived close to the Manse and wasa frequent visitor there; and it is told how it
grieved him during the dark years to find theyoung minister continually engrossed in allmanner of secular employments— experiments inchemistry, studies in philosophy, the cultivationof his garden. And once he said: ** I find youaye busy, sir, with one thing or another, but comewhen I may, I never find you at your studiesfor the Sabbath." ** Oh," was the reply, *' anhour or two on the Saturday evening is quiteenough for that." Then came the heavenlyvision, and all was changed. ** I never comein now, sir," said the old man, ** but I find youaye at your Bible." '* All too little, John," wasthe answer j ** all too Utile."And it is ever thus. Wiien the grace of theLord Jesus Christ comes home to a man in itspower and glory, it transfigures the Bible inhis eyes, and reveals in it a new worth and afresh interest. It is a mark of a man of Godthat he loves God's Book. See how it was withthe Psalmist. His Psalm is one long rapture,and its theme is the excellence and glory of theA BELIEVER'S LOVE FOR THE BIBLE 45Holy Scriptures. Hear how he speaks : ** Mysoul breaketh for the longing that it hath untoThy judgments at all times. Thy testimoniesare my delight and my counsellors. Thystatutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage. The law of Thy mouth is betterunto me than thousands of gold and silver.Unless Thy law had been my delight, I shouldhave perished in mine affliction. O how love IThy law I it is my meditation all the day. Howsweet are Thy words unto my taste 1 yea,sweeter than honey to my mouth ! Thy statutes
have I taken as an heritage for ever, for theyare the rejoicing of my heart.*'And it is remarkable that the Psalmist's Biblewas much less than ours. It was merely theLaw, the five Books of Moses ; for the rest of the Old Testament was only in the making then,and the days of the Gospel lay still in the farfuture. His Bible, in comparison with ours,was very narrow and very meagre. It containedno Books of the Prophets with their passionatedeclarations of the lovingkindness and tendermercy of the Lord and their visions of thecoming Saviour, and no ew Testament, noblessed Gospels, no story of Jesus the Friend46 A BELIEVER'S LOVE FOR THE BIBLEof sinners ; only the story of Abraham and Isaacand Jacob, Moses and Aaron, the Red Sea, theiWilderness and Mount Sinai, and the Tabernacleand its sacrifices. That is all the Bible thathe had, yet it was very dear and precious to him,and he wrote this long Psalm in its praise, ingrateful confession of the peace and gladnesswhich it had brought him. If his Bible meant somuch for him, what should ours mean for us?My subject, then, is the Believer's Love for theBible, and you will observe, first of all, that itis a love such as no other book inspires.It is more, far more, than a mere literaryinterest.Yet even on this score, I may remark inpassing, the Bible is incomparable. I know of no study so fascinating, so exhilarating, as theinvestigation of the intricate and far-reaching

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