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Deleted Scene (for Precious at Fragments of Life)

Deleted Scene (for Precious at Fragments of Life)

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Deleted Scene from Not Pretty Enough
Deleted Scene from Not Pretty Enough

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Published by: Precious Gabriel Banaag on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Double technology on Monday afternoon – amazingly, I am one of the first peoplein class to have finished my project. I use the term finished loosely. It’s more along thelines of decided that no matter how many more times I file this bit or solder that bit,it’s never going to look anything like it’s supposed to.There are only a handful of others who have finished – Lloyd and Ewan (obviously)Debs, Ceri, and me. The teacher calls us out to the front of the classroom and says, “Ihave a favour to ask you five. Seeing as the others are all busy and I need this done bynext lesson, there are some spare desks down in my form room that I need brought uphere. They’re not too heavy, and if you take one end each, it should be done in notime.”Of course, we jump at the chance. I love walking through the school when everyoneis in lessons and the whole place is deserted. And, you know, carrying a desk withLloyd Layton is probably about as close as I’m ever going to get to him.We all leisurely walk down to language block where the teacher’s form room is,taking our time and luxuriating in the late afternoon sun.Except my plan to spend all afternoon carrying desks with Lloyd isn’t exactlyfoolproof, because we find a stack of ten desks, there are five of us. One carrying eachend of a desk only needs four, and three guesses who the odd one out is. Yep, it’s me.Debs and Ewan grab a desk, and just as Lloyd is about to pick one up, Ceri takes theother end. And I’m left carrying the heavy chairs all on my own.It’s not much fun. The others are talking and laughing with each other, while I lag behind and struggle under the weight of the stack of four chairs. Admittedly I should probably have taken only one at a time, but maybe I can impress Lloyd with mystrength.Lloyd is telling Ceri jokes, and she’s laughing like he’s the funniest thing in theworld.
That could’ve been me
.Okay, so Ceri doesn’t know I like Lloyd Layton
much, and I know she didn’tdo it on purpose or anything, but still. It’s not like the opportunity to talk to LloydLayton without his gang of boy mates around is something that comes up every day. Idecide to try to get in on the act. If I walk right next to Ceri, maybe Lloyd will tell me jokes as well. I hoist the chairs a bit further into my arms and speed up. Soon enoughI’m walking up the concrete steps right behind Ceri. And its not like I’m trying to pushher out of the way or anything, but I do want to get past her so I can walk next to themand not behind like I don’t even exist.And then my usual luck comes into play.I trip.
the stairs.Most people would fall
stairs, but not me. Oh no. I trip
them.And it creates a domino effect.I fall into Ceri, who stumbles and falls over the desk, which goes clattering to thefloor on top of Lloyd who has landed on his bum on the ground, which knocked over Debs and she sent the other desk flying into Ewan, and now there are four studentsflailing around on the concrete. I’m the only one who didn’t actually lose my balanceand hit the deck.Great.Ways to make Lloyd fall in love with you #234: knock him over and pin him to theconcrete with a smelly old desk.Yikes.That could’ve been nasty. A couple more inches and he’d have lost an eye to thedesk leg.

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