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big boys

big boys

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Published by deflective
2013-09-16 - write off
2013-09-16 - write off

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Published by: deflective on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Big BoysBy/u/deflectivehttp://www.reddit.com/r/Screenwriting/comments/1miilc/
INT. SUBURBAN KITCHEN - MORNINGRAY RICE (seven years old, shirt untucked, shoes untied)sits at the table. He holds a cereal bowl to his face andshovels the last of breakfast into his mouth. His gaze islocked on a football that sits on the other side of thetable.Finished the cereal, he drops the bowl to the table andbolts down the last of his orange juice. Then he jumps outof his chair and races around the table to scoop up thefootball.MA RICE (early 30s, simple clothes neatly put together)shouts at him as he runs for the door.MA RICERay! I don’t want you playing withthose big boys. You’re going toget hurt!The last words are to a swinging door and emptykitchen. She makes a disapproving sound and shakes herhead.EXT. PARK FIELD - LATE MORNINGA group of boys about 10 to 12 years old have split into twoteams and are flipping for possession. Ray comes running upjust as they are setting up.They are dismissive when they see him, but good naturedlyso. Ray arrives and looks between the teams but neither ofthem pay him any attention. He drops his own ball and joinsone of the teams, seemingly at random.The boys begin to play. The game is messy in all possiblemeanings of the word. Plays are disorganized, the field isdirty, elbows are thrown. Injuries happen but no one losestheir temper.Ray is always at the edge of the play, running around andtrying to get to the ball. Often he is left behind as theboys run down the field.When he does get to an opposing ball carrier, he bouncesright off as they ignore him entirely. Occasionally, hemight get in the way and unintentionally run interferencewhen his own team gets the ball. Just a coincidence that gounacknowledged.
2.One time, a fumble falls right at his feet and he snatchesit up. He runs for all he’s worth but barely makes it fivefeet before a big boy grabs him.He doesn’t even bother to tackle Ray. Instead he hold himupright while he pries the ball out of his hands. Ray triesto stop him, then tries to tackle him. Then he’s laying onthe ground and watching him run away.For a moment he’s frustrated. But then some boys, from bothteams, pick him up and dust him off. Most of their laughterisn’t cruel and Ray is soon running after the ball again.INT. GYM - AFTERNOONA sign states that football tryouts start today. COACH(40s, whistle) is watching the boys milling around beforehim.Ray is older now, a freshman. He’s bigger, but stillsmaller than the older boys around him.Coach eyes him speculatively.EXT. HIGHSCHOOL FIELD - AFTERNOONThe game is full swing. Fans fill the stadium.The team finishes the play and comes back to the bench,where Coach is shouting. Ray is also there, with the waterand equipment.INT. GYM - AFTERNOONThe tryouts sign is back up. Coach watches the boys.Ray is now bigger than most of the other boys around him.Coach eyes him speculatively.EXT. HIGHSCHOOL FIELD - AFTERNOONThe game is in full swing.Suddenly a player breaks away with the ball, running up thesideline with speed and determination.He’s taken down but only after covering half the distance tothe endzone. The hit is hard, but Ray jumps up to thecongratulations of his team.

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