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Planning Brief

Planning Brief

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Published by Kayayleigh
Planning Brief
Planning Brief

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Published by: Kayayleigh on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project Name: The Mix UpGroup Members and Roles: Anuka Barua
Editor/ Sound MangerHiba Butt
Cameraperson/ Sound ManagerUzair Babar
Director/ Sound ManagerFormat: Short Film
Romantic ComedyLength: 5 minutesOutline: Our short consists of four characters withinthe frame. Our protagonist is a youngdesperate girl called Saira who wants to goon holiday with her friends for a monthhowever her mum disagrees and says no.However Saira comes up with a plan thatwill make her mother say yes she will dowhatever it takes! The plan is to bring herboyfriend to her home, he is Jamaican .Theyoung black male is named Trevor and he ispresented as wearing dread locks, rasta hatand a string vest. Saira introduces herboyfriend to her mother and grandma intoher home. Our short films end with a slighttwist outside Sairas house.Target Audience: Our target audience is aimed at bothfemales and males. As our production haveboth genders in it. Our age range is 12 andupwardsPromotion: Our production will be promoted throughsocial networking sights such as
‘Facebook’‘YouTube’ ‘Twitter’ and by word of mouth
 What have we researched? We researched into many romanticcomedies which would allow us to have anidea, we also looked
at ‘YouTube’ videos to
do with online dating, the film weresearched into was Bend it Like Beckhamwhich gave us more of an overview as oneof the female character has a secretboyfriend.Rationale behind the text? The rationale behind this text is to show anAsian household react to their daughterhaving a secret boyfriend regarding that heis not Asian.How will you test whether the product issuccessful? How will you check that theproduct is effective?We will test our product by asking a focusgroup who is our target audience to watchour production and discuss whether ourproduction is a success or not. Also we haveconducted pre and post questionnairesasking a mixture of questions to do with ourPlanning Brief 
production. The questionnaires will enableus to get our audiences opinions on whatthey think or our production. From theresults this will gives a much clearer outlineon whether the production was a success orwe would get feedback on how we couldmake it better next time.What generic codes and conventions will bepresent:*Bright setting*String vest*Make up*Traditional clothing*Rasta hat*Dread locksIdentify any resource constraints (location,characters, equipment)which can affect theproduction?Our production will take a few weeks to filmand we need to make sure our characters
don’t do anything to change their
appearance such as their hair (coloured/cut)this is vital because we may need to re dothe scene or take many shots over thecourse of time. Time management is animportant issue as one of the actors/actressmay not be available, if we wanted to filmduring school time one of the actors mighthave a lesson lastly having theactors/actress longer than expected to getthe scene just right. For our location whichis set in a house might cause a problem asthere might be family members in thehouse, building work may be happening,family gatherings etc.

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