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Saugatuck Whitepaper on Crowdsourcing

Saugatuck Whitepaper on Crowdsourcing

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Link Outside the Box:Crowdsourcing Development for theBoundary-free Enterprise™ 
A research report prepared by: Publication sponsored by:
Link Outside the Box:Crowdsourcing Development for the Boundary-free Enterprise
June 2013
© 2013 Saugatuck Technology Inc.
About Saugatuck Technology
Saugatuck Technology, Inc., provides subscription research and management con-sulting services focused on the key market trends and disruptive technologies driv-ing change in enterprise IT, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud Infra-structure, Social Computing, Mobility and Advanced Analytics, among others.Founded in 1999, Saugatuck is headquartered in Westport, CT, with offices in Fal-mouth, MA, Santa Clara, CA and in Frankfurt, Germany. For more information, please visitwww.saugatucktechnology.comor call +1.203.454.3900.
About this Report
This report was prepared and published by Saugatuck Technology Inc., which issolely responsible for all content. The research, analysis, and conclusions cited and presented in this report were conducted by Saugatuck Technology. The publicationof this report was sponsored by CloudSpokes. 
Executive Summary
1What is Crowdsourcing?
2How Does Crowdsourcing Work?
4When to Use Crowdsourced Cloud Development6Is This Crowdsourcer Right for You?8Conclusion: How Saugatuck Views the Future of CloudsourcedCloud Development8Sponsor Perspective9Sidebar: Eric Browne, VP Product Management at SmartSheet,Had a Problem to Solve3Sidebar: Lessons Learned in Crowdsourcing Cloud Development5Sidebar: The Crowdsourcing Community Advantage7Figure 1: Crowdsourcing’s Success Advantage7
Link Outside the Box:Crowdsourcing Development for the Boundary-free Enterprise
June 2013
“If you’re going to spend money with a developer, and instead decide to docrowdsourcing, you are increasing the value of those dollars tenfold. But you alsobring in people from all over the world, people who love what they do, and whobring their passion to the project, and you can’t pay for that.”
- CEO of a product design and testing company
Crowdsourcing is a powerful capability for the Boundary-free Enterprise™, lever-aging the Cloud to free up and pull together resources across time and place.Through crowdsourcing, enterprises and ISVs alike can supplement their own in-ternal resources and PaaS development efforts to “link outside the box” withcrowds of expert resources that can deliver timely and cost-effective, not to men-tion innovative solutions. It is also an effective way to create linkages betweenfunctional Clouds to exploit their synergies or between Clouds and on-premisesapplications to extend their value and reach.
 The Cloud has precipitated major change in the IT industry, impacting both thevendors that provide a wide spectrum of technology solutions and the enterprisesthat acquire, configure, develop and integrate that technology to power their busi-nesses. Technology suppliers, platform providers, ISVs and SIs have transformedtheir offerings to utilize the Cloud and the demand-driven business models arisingfrom it. Cloud ISVs and ISVs transitioning to the Cloud have launched the first fewwaves of Cloud offerings, and now have begun integrating more advanced func-tionality from key Cloud platforms supporting Mobile, Social, Collaboration andAnalytics capabilities.Today’s businesses and individuals are becoming less encumbered by constraintsof time and place, doing their work through a new array of time- and location-independent computing capabilities – Mobile, Social, Collaboration and Analytics plus Integration – that make the Boundary-free Enterprise™ possible. Though notwo Boundary-free Enterprises™ are exactly alike, businesses have begun to recon-figure how computing resources are deployed to take advantage of anytime / any- place hybrid computing.
© 2013 Saugatuck Technology Inc.

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