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Photography 020413

Photography 020413

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Published by Paul Vincent

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Published by: Paul Vincent on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Photography courses
Guidelines or submission or ormal assessment 
Look at OCA’s Student Support Guide
 Assessments and how to get qualifed,
availableto download rom, OCA’s student website:oca-student.com. This will tell you about theassessment process. Also look out or videos and other tips on assessment that areposted onweareoca.com. Look out or updates on these guidelines onoca-student. comDigital Submissions
Please note that all written work (tutor reports, learning logs and blogs do not have to be printed out, i they are submitted digitally) submitted or assessment MUST be submitted digitally as well as printed out andsubmitted on paper along with the rest o your submission. Digital work should be submitted toassessment@oca-uk.com,clearly stating your name, student number, the course name and what the digital work attachedis (eg critical review, essay etc). This is a requirement and is to enable OCA to carry out plagiarism checks onwork, and a requirement o our validation with the University or the Creative Arts.I you are submitting an entirely digital portolio on CD or a USB stick, or entirely via a blog, only a sustainedpiece o writing (such as an essay or critical review) needs to be sent toassessment@oca-uk.comas well asprinted out and submitted or assessment in hard copy.
I you are submitting work on a USB stick or a CD please ensure you check it thoroughly or viruses beoreyou send it in.
Include a clear contents list with your assessment submission. All your work must be clearly labelled, statingwhich assignment it relates to and with your name and student number on every item you submit. Wherethere is a clear link between project work and your learning log, or blog, this should be clearly labelled orcross reerenced in some way. At Levels 1 and 2 you can send jpeg les on a CD or DVD but these must be ully corrected and o anappropriate size and resolution ready or nal printing. At Level 3 all work must be submitted in hard copy as well as digital copy. Although 'proo' prints are quite adequate or early assignments, nal prints orassessment should be exhibition quality and may be whatever size is appropriate to the work. An exceptionto this might be i nal work is to be shown as photobook or on website. The proessionalism o your presentation is important and you will lose marks or poor presentation. Studentsmay consult with their tutor i they eel unsure about what to include in their submission based on theirstrengths and weaknesses and also or guidance on presentation methods.
Requirements at each levelLevel one courses
 All ve assignments plus any amendments made in response to the tutor reports
 Tutor reports
Learning log or url or blog
Important note about Assignment one or level one courses.
 Although Assignment one is not ormally assessed component o the course, the assessors do want to see it,so that they gain a comprehensive view o your development. So, i you are applying or ormal assessment,do send assignment one in with all the others.
Level two courses
 All six assignments plus any amendments made in response to the tutor reports
 Tutor reports
Learning log or url or blog.
 The 2,000 word critical review. This should be submitted as a sixth assignment, but you should beworking on this along side your other work (send both physical and digital copies).
Portolio as specied in the particular course
 Twelve images; three rom each season as explained in the course introduction and at the end o 
2: Light and its measuremen
Level three courses
 A comprehensive selection o the work produced or the assignments
Essay (3,500) words (send both physical and digital copies).
 Tutor reports
Learning log or url or blog.
 You must also submit copies o all your tutor report orms. I your tutor has annotated your written work,then you must submit the annotated version o the written work as well as the fnal version.
Further tips on presenting your work or assessment 
 Try running a usability tests by asking someone who is not amiliar with your work and its structure to ndspecic items in your proposed assessment submission and gauge their perormance. 

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