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On Avarice.

On Avarice.

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Text. — God made man, and man made money,
God made bees, and bees made honey.


Text. — God made man, and man made money,
God made bees, and bees made honey.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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O AVARICE.BY DOW JR.Text. — God made man, and man made money,God made bees, and bees made honey.My Hearers — ^if you were to ask me for what purpose man wascreated, I should say at once, he was created to love, serve and obeyhis Maker, and to do all the good he can, without directly meddlingwith the business of others : but, generally speaking, he does liketo believe this doctrine :He'd rather believe that the chief end of manIs to keep what he's got, and to get what he can.I think, my hearers, that man has made money his chief end, whe-SHORT PATST SERMOS. 11ther he is designed for it or not. Go where you will among thenations of the earth — among the enlightened, civilized, half-civil-ized, savage, heathen, barbarian, unitarian, trinitarian, bibletarian^nothingarian, and Money is the god bowed down to by all. Yes,my friends, it is the general or universal god for the whole world.There is but one greater, and more powerful ; but it makes me feelbad to say, that this greater One is most shamefully slighted by theunhallowed attentions paid the other. The difference is, one isworshipped six days in the week — aye, I may say seven — whilethe other is worshipped only one day — ^and, in thousand of cases,not even that. You may well hang down your heads, ye proselytesof modern avarice, and blush for the shameful truths that I Ere off at you ! I shoot no blank cartridges — mine are no paper wads — but, with the leaden bullets of conviction, I mean to pierce yourunderstanding-chests, which, alas ! have been converted intosub-treasuries for miserly, worldly, gain -getting, hard-currencythoughts. Supposing, my hearers, that I should, in the superabun-
dance of truth and honesty, have the superfluous kindness to saythat you were all worshippers of false gods, the same as are thosepagan idolaters of the East, who don't know enough to move back when too near the fire : supposing I should say this — what mightyou do to me ? You might, perhaps, tar and feather me — you mightride, me on a rail, as averse as I am to such a mode of travelling— you might persecute me to the fullest extent of the lynch lawTherefore I shan't say any such thing : but I will venture to say,that between you and the poor ignorant heathen, there is a practi-cal likeness. They bow down to a log of wood, a piece of stone,or a pair of stuflfed breeches ; and you worship pieces of gold, bitsof silver, and scfaps of paper. How much better then, are youthan they ? ot but a precious little, when the moral and intellec-tual advantages which you possess are thrown into the scale of consideration. They, poor things, are surrounded by the thickestdarkness of ignorance — so thick that their little sixteen- to-thepound candles of instinct can burn but with a sickly glare : butyou, my dear friends, are differently situated. Here you are, pla-ced in an ever-blooming garden of knowledge. The sun of enlight-enment shines down upon you from an unclouded firmament of peace : around you, on every side, flow streams of learning, en-riching the soil o{ your intellects, and beautifying the flowery valet12 SHORT PATKHT 8ERM0>fS.of yirtue : before you stand the two trees of good and eril, andyou know which is what as well as I do. With all these advan*tages, how is it possible that you, ye children of avarice, can beeontent to wallow in the filthy mire of lucre ? But you will keepgnawing at the root of all evil, regardless of the poison that lurkstiiernn, the effect of which is most awful. It causes some to stealsheep, rob hen-roosts, lie, cheat and dissemble — others to put onthe robe of }Hety,and go to church to pick pockets in prayer time^-others to squeeze a poor man's sixpence in his clutches, till itsqueals out for mercy — and others to perform a clandestine pil-grimage to Texas, to worship at the shrine of Mammon.0, my friends ! these things are a disgrace to a civilized commu-
nity. I have no objections to your making money, if you can makeit honestly and not too fast. Go to the bees, those little democraticinsects, and grow wiser. They obtain their bread and their honeyby incessant industry. There are no beggarly misers, thieves androbbers among them — ^no land-sharks, money-changers, flint-skin-ners, and sharpers — ^no striking for wages — ^no wrangling, disput-ing and quarrelling about gain, and the division of spoils. o, myfriends, all there is love, harmony, industry, and peace. The cor-ruptions of avarice can find no crack through which to enter theirwell-secured domicils ; and sloth is drummed out instanter by thewhole bee posse comitatus. The bee quits his hive in the morn-ing, as soon as the sun begins to lick the dew from the grass, andhies him away to far distant fields, where it buzzes about fromilower to flower, till he is heavily laden with the treasure he seeks >and he then returns, re-returns, and returns again, and so on till theshades of evening call him in. He folds up his wings and retiresto sleep with a calm conscience ; for he knows tliat he has mind-ed his own business, not meddled with others, and labored to pre-pare for a rainy day. His sleep must be sweet, and no mistake.My hearers — ^I might as well let out the whole cable of myopinion, as to keep such a weight of it coiled up in my breast.Therefore, I say, I consider the practice of bees making honey farmore decent than many of your modern plans for making money :because one is made by industry — ^the other by fraud, idleness andrascality. You will all go to destruction in a dirt cart one of theaedays, unless you think less of money, and more of your own mo-lal characters. The devil is fishing for you with a shilling on hif SHORT PATET SERMOS. \Zbook for l)ait. He caught a lawyer the other day, but he couldn'tkeep him. He went to scale him, but he didnt like to be in such ascrape ; and so he slipped through his fingers, and went ker-flapdown into the muddy pool of his former iniquity. But you, myfriends, are not all lawyers ; so I advise you not to snap rashly atthe devil's shilling, nor hang longingly round it, or you may gethooked up by the gill — and if you do, you are fried eels, as sure as

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