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On Thankless Children.

On Thankless Children.

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TEXT. How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is

To have a thankless child ! SHAKESPEAR.

TEXT. How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is

To have a thankless child ! SHAKESPEAR.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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O THAKLESS CHILDRE.BY DOW JR.TEXT. How sharper than a serpent's tooth it isTo have a thankless child ! SHAKESPEAR.MY HEARERS If the laws of ature were such that full-grown, ready-made members of the human family could be brought into existence,we should be spared a vast deal of trouble, anxiety, grief and mortifica-tion in the cultivation of young suckers of mortality, called children.Our first parents came into the world as ripe as wind-fallen peaches,and as full of vigor as a lemon is full of juice. As soon as they were .born from the earth's mysterious womb, they were ready for matrimony ; and their nuptial and christening ceremonies were all performedat the same time. They never crept in infancy they never prattledtogether as brother and sister in childhood they never felt the fervencyand enthusiasm of youth -and they never experienced the blissful agony of long protracted and unwcdded love. o, they wero made manand wife almost tho moment they got ready to breathe ; and thus thosetwo physical trees budded, blossomed and fructified on the very morning they were planted in paradise. So, my friends, it should be now ;for such small potatoes as children are at the present day, are a nuisanceto communities and a plague to parents. When I speak thus of thorising generation, 1 wish it to be understood that I havo not referenceto the exact whole, but to a large majority of the juvenile race. I knowthat some of them have dispositions as mild and as gently as the balmybreath of May, and are easily trained up in tho way vcy should go ;but there are others aye, too many others possessed of such inflexi*blc, and ungrateful tempers that it is doubtful whether Satan himself would not blush to own them as his oilspring. They drag thrulgh thomuck of ingratitude all the choicest gifts of parental kindness SespaAsbeyond the limits of a liberal indulgence make mouths at their mothere,and swear at their sires for presuming to administer to them the physicof admonition in the molasses of unadulterated love.Oh, my friends ! it is biting to the heart, and sharper than a serpent'stooth to have a thankless child : to have one that will ride his own hobby to hell, in spite of the threatening thunderbolts of fear, or of the en-ticing wiles of favor ! one upon whom the dews of instruction fall asfutile as spring's genial showers upon a sand-bank. Yet how manythere are whose arbors of peace are stript of their foilago by their ownthankless children! Whither we direct our footsteps, and whereverwe turn our eyes, we behold these case-hardened scraps of humanity as
thick as maggots in ily time. We find them on the corners of the highways and byways watching the tide of evil as it rolls by, and gatheringall the scum of iniquity that floats upon the surface of society. We seethem stripping the petals from the tlowers of virtue to get at the black seeds of vice, and wandering, would-be vagabonds, over the pathlessdesert of unrestraint. The parental tears that are shed over these embryos of loaferism are of no more avail than a dose of castor oil to aSHORT PATET SERMOS.costive stove-pipe. They will swim in the poo) of corruption in spiteof ancestral anguish ; and if their mothers attempt to wipe the slimefrom their backs with the rag of reproof they twist and squirm like half-flayed eels, and snap at their benefactors like the snake in the fable. Ican't see, my friends, even with the magnifying spectacles of philosophy, why it is that children are so prone to adopt the vices of their seniors and discard their virtues ; unless it is that boys fancy they cannever be men until they have possessed themselves of all the wickedness that ever accumulated in the carcase of manhood. In this respect,however, I should judge that they arc all born men, like Adam of old,and stand in no need of seeking such mualy qualities as saueincss,blackguardism and profanity. The truth is, my hearers, boys, at thepresent day, outgrow their pantaloons, and become men before their fathers learn wisdom ; and girls find their petticoats too short before theyhave scarcely entered upon their teens.My hearers strange as it may appear, I am fond of infants, youngpuppies, and a good bowl of hot soup ; but I hate saucy children, olddogs and cold porridge. There is something about a child in infancythat speaks of heavenly innocence, and tells us how pure the heart of man might be were it not for the corrupting effluvium of sin that risesfrom the dead swamps of the world, and contaminates the whole moralatmosphere. Guardian angels watch over the little cherub as it slumbers in its cradle, while the fond mother reads nothing upon its featuresbut innocence and purity. She beholds the green bud gradually unfoldfrom day to day, and rejoices in the expectation of as lovely a flower asever cast its sweets in the circle of domesticity. She listens to its artless prattlings with delight as it creeps over the thrcshhold of time into mature existence, and thinks not how soon it may be converted intoa little loathsome lump of ingratitude and stubbornness : how soon theshears of Time will clip the apron string that binds it to her, and let itrun into the streets of iniquity, and seek its own way to perdition, withno one to reclaim it or give it friendly advice, other than by whisperingDoes your mamma know you're out ?' o, she thinks not of this matter, for she cannot conceive how an object so lovely, so innocent and

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