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Return of the King (of England)

Return of the King (of England)



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Published by Ben Lacy
The British Royal Family has died in a terrible accident. No heir exists to ascend to the throne, so Lord Robert McGregor will travel into the past to find the rightful king in this time travelling adventure.
The British Royal Family has died in a terrible accident. No heir exists to ascend to the throne, so Lord Robert McGregor will travel into the past to find the rightful king in this time travelling adventure.

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Published by: Ben Lacy on Jun 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Return of the King (of England) byBen LacyCopyright © 2009 Ben LacyAll rights reservedTwo days after the catastrophe, the Earl of Sussex summoned Lord RobertMacGregor, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Crown and Nobel Prize winner, to the Earl’soffice at Buckingham Palace.“I thought there were hundreds of blood relations. Won’t one of them do?”MacGregor asked.“None are close enough or interesting enough to be acceptable to the public. Weneed someone who will be embraced by everyone. The state of the monarchy is too precarious for anything else.”“Well, how about a clone then. We can get hold of some tissue and …”“No,” the Earl interrupted, “nobody wants a retread. Aside from the legal issues,the last one, God rest his soul, wasn’t that popular. We need someone new.”“All right, we’ll go back into the past and get a sperm sample, then we can …”The look on the Earl’s face stopped MacGregor in mid-sentence.“And how will you get this sperm sample. No, that is just too crude. I’m afraidit’s hopeless. I’m sorry, Bobby, I’ve only wasted your time calling you here. TheMonarchy is doomed and the way things are going today, I fear the whole country willsoon follow.”
MacGregor sat in his stiff backed chair, deep in thought. He had not become hiscountry’s greatest scientist by giving up. There had to be a solution, an angle that would provide a replacement the public would embrace. No, a replacement that the publicwould demand! In a flash of pure insight, he saw the answer. In his excitement, he leaptto his feet. “No, my friend, I have the answer, the perfect solution. Yes, yes, it can bedone!”The Earl stared at him with a touch of annoyance, “What are you talking about?Calm down and tell me.”“The Princes in the Tower.”First the Earl looked stunned, then comprehension came and with it … a hugesmile.**********MacGregor walked the corridors of the Tower of London, carefully using hishands to feel the way. Only a few hours ago, by his reckoning, he had carefully touredthe entire Tower, but that Tower had been a brightly lit tourist attraction. This Tower wasa dark, dank, prison; a place where more than one king had been murdered. Worse, theTower had been renovated several times over the last seven hundred years.Records indicated that King Richard had removed most of the guards from insidethe Tower just before the murders, but MacGregor knew that an encounter with even onewould risk changing the course of history. He had to avoid that at all costs. He picked uphis pace, hoping he was near the boys. Behind him, his automated equipment cart spedup to stay with him.He could see light coming from the third door on the left. Voices were comingfrom inside. He paused a moment to listen. They were children’s voices. He sighed withrelief. He had found his target.Light came from a small window set high in the thick wooden door. Iron bars ranvertically through the open window. MacGregor saw one boy standing over another,
smaller boy, who sat on a bed with a blanket wrapped around him. The younger boy had been crying.“I’m so cold Edward. I think I’m ill.”The older boy tried to comfort him, “Be strong little brother. Mother will comefor us soon and everything will be fine.”“No, no it won’t. We’ve been prisoners for months now. Uncle Richard willnever let us go. He means to have your crown. So we both have to die … just likeClarence.”Edward slumped down beside his brother and embraced him. “Aye, maybe wedo,” he sighed. “Oh, Uncle, I would gladly give you my crown would you just suffer usto live.”For a moment, MacGregor was spell bound watching history come to life, buttime was very short. To avoid making any change to the course of history, he’d had tocome back at the last possible moment.The door had a crude lock. He pulled out a skeleton key that the Crown’sHistorian had assured him would open any door in the Tower. The key slid in, and withsome force, MacGregor was able to turn the lock. A good thing too, blasting his way inwould be a huge risk. He had to be careful to leave no evidence behind.The boys looked up at him. They seemed wary but not particularly afraid. Bothwere handsome, blonde haired boys. They looked unharmed but somewhat malnourishedfor royalty. As Edward walked up to meet him, MacGregor had to struggle to keep hisface from crinkling. Edward V, the rightful King of England, smelled very bad.MacGregor reminded himself that bathing was not a frequent habit of the era.“What can we do for you milord?” Edward asked. Edward was used to receivingdeference, but the tone of his voice showed that he was no longer sure whether he shouldexpect it.MacGregor was unsure how to explain himself, when young Richard, Duke of York, forgetting his illness, leapt from his bed and ran around his brother. “What is that,”he exclaimed, pointing to MacGregor’s equipment cart floating silently behind him. “Areyou a wizard?”

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