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On the State of Man Without Woman His Condition With Her.

On the State of Man Without Woman His Condition With Her.

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TEXT. -The world was sad, the garden was a wild,

And man, tho hermit, sighed, till woman smiled! CAMJBELL.

TEXT. -The world was sad, the garden was a wild,

And man, tho hermit, sighed, till woman smiled! CAMJBELL.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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O THE STATE OF MA WITHOUT WOMA HIS CODITIO WITH HER.BY DOW JR.TEXT. -The world was sad, the garden was a wild,And man, tho hermit, sighed, till woman smiled! CAMJBELL.I regard to man in his primitive state, and the cosmogony of the world,we have no knowledge, farther than may be obtained through the wri*tings of Moses, which were originally put forth in the Hebrew language,and not in low Dutch, as has been erroneously stated. The authenticity of these writings no one at the present day pretends to dispute, except a few ignorant loafers and infidels such as used occasionally tocongregate for worship at Tammany Hall, whenever they could mustercourag > and candles sufficient to last them an evening. One Thomasllobbus, I believe, was the first who had the audacity to call in question the Pentateuch ; but, my hearers, he died as he had lived, a miserable wretch, and his fate should be a warning to all skeptics and unbelievers. Let us take it for granted that the world had a beginning,and that a first man was created, whose name was Adam, and a firstwoman, whose name was Eve. Adam sprung from the dust, in thespace of an hour, like a toad-stool, but the dawning of his intellect wasas gradual as day-break, It took him a week to conjecture for whatpurpose he was formed ; and he knew not whether his proper cogno-man was Adam or Ichabod, till an unknown voice came to him in thecool of the evening, saying : Adam, get out of that tall grass !When man first entered the gates of Eden, it was no more like Paradise than a sheep pasture is like a clover field thorns and thistles,shrub oaks and dog-wood spread over its surface, and thick fogs of sadness encompassed every side ; all because woman was wanting. Manwas a lonely hermit, sad and melancholy ; his prospect was a drearyone, and time hung heavily upon his hands. Day after day he sat uponthe banks of the Pison, and endeavored to amuse himself by fishing forcatfish ; but he got not even a nibble. Ho wept like a child, when thegloom of night bade him seek his fig-leaf couch, and pillow his devotedhead upon tho soft side of a stone. Serpents nestled by his side, andthe solemn owl kept up his nocturnal hoot, till the 'heart and morning*100 SHORT PATET SERMOS.
of the poor forsaken being ' broke together !' when he arose and shook himself, 'as a lion shaketh the dew-drops from his mane.* Oh, thesewere tough times for a single man ! You, who are bewailing your lots,with fifteen or twenty squalling brats by your firesides, think of thesolitary condition of this mortal, and weep not for yourselves, but him.o wonder that a merciful Providence eventually sent him a partner,to sweeten his solitude, and smoothe down the asperities of life. Onthat blissful morning when he awoke and found woman by his side, hisbed was strewn with roses, and ihe perfume of flowers regaled his senses the wild birds reiterated their notes in the spicy groves the sunrose in unwonted splendor and the thick fogs left the sluggish bed of the Euphrates, rolled up the mountain side, and disappeared forever.A change had come over Eden instead of a dreary wild, it had become a lovely garden, filled with roses, poppies, dasies, hollyhocks,asparagus, woodbines, cucumbers, squashes, and all that sort of things.Man was now a happy creature he had learned to love, and his lovewas reciprocated by one whose bosom was full of affection. She hadno occasion to be acquainted with household matters, further than toassist in sewing fig-leaves; and he could live without toil. But youknow, my friends, 'the course of true love never did run smooth.' Assoon as the honey-moon had passed away, little bickerings arose, andthey both became guilty of a miss-step which drove them forever fromhappiness into a state of eternal misery.My hearers, I hope you will all take warning by this, and strive tobe united in the bonds of love and peace. You needn't think you aregoing to live here forever ; because, you have got to go, and make roomfor somebody else, who have just as good a right here as you. Youare cut down like weeds before you know it so make the best of it.The earth itself, and all that inherit, shall pass away with a frightfulnoise. I'll quote the original :Celcstos quid, horrific scareum,Terros convulsit instanter tan. um !I must persuade husbands to love their wives, and wives their husbands ; and all of you to love one another. The boys will love thegirls without persuasion and the girls do love the boys, only theydon't like to own it. Love, alone, forms the true basis of happiness ;and if we only nourish it, it will grow with our growth, and increasewith our years. So mote it be !1. 68 FREE BOOKShttp://www.scribd.com/doc/21800308/Free-Christian-Books

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