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The Machinist Trailer Analysis

The Machinist Trailer Analysis

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Published by ChloeClark
The Machinist Trailer Analysis
The Machinist Trailer Analysis

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Published by: ChloeClark on Sep 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Codes and Conventions of aTrailer
The Machinist” (2004)
Use of Titles
The first text the audience sees is the ‘Institution titling” in which thefilm’s distribution company is shown. This is a way of the audience
gathering information about the film and what genre the film showncould be. When creating a trailer in my own group, I will research acompany that is most suitable for my chosen genre of Film Noir.
Another title shown in this trailer is a critic’s review. The layout of this
is however unusual for the style of the film, as it has a much brighter
background of yellow, and almost ‘graffiti’ like typography. This is not
synonymous of film trailers as you would expect the text to be thesame throughout. However the tilted appearance here adds to the
distorted theme of the film and symbolises the protagonist’s mind.
 The title typography here changes and remains the same for the rest of the trailer. This style seems more apt for the film as it is dark and sinister,therefore reflecting the central issues of the plot. The text addressing theaudience also has soft edges, which appear to fade into the black, thissymbolises a ghost like presence and heightens the eerie storylinefurther. It is also noteworthy that only one actor has been credited whichmay have been done in order not to disrupt from the dark atmospherethat has been developed throughout the trailer.
Introduction of characters
The introduction of Trevor, theprotagonist, is mysterious, asthe first mention of him is by acharacter who is unseen- thewaitress, Maria. The image of the machine coupled with thesound of her voice dehumanisesthe character of Trevor, thusadding an illusion of unimportance or disorder.Secondly, the stylistic approachto this introduction symbolisesdisorientation and confusion forthe audience.The grey scale filter of theimage also adds to the darkatmosphere and the tinges of blue depict the machinery andsymbolise the character of Trevor. As well as theatmosphere of the colours, thesound bridge leads to asubsequent scene of theconversation taking place- thusclarifying the characters for the
audience and ‘taking them outof the darkness’.

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