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Snuff House Guide

Snuff House Guide

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Published by ragingbullfrog

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Published by: ragingbullfrog on Jun 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Snuff Beginners Guide
by the members of Snuffhouse.org
What is snuff?
Snuff refers to finely ground tobacco, which is taken nasally. Depending on the production method, driedtobacco leafs are ground into powder. After adding different oils to apply a certain flavour, the snuff isstored for a period of time.
How to take snuff?
Small portions: start with portions smaller than a peaSniff carefully: the Snuff should remain in the front part of your noseSneezing allowed: this will abate over time and actually feels quite relievingDifferent types: find the right one according to your tasteDepending on personal preferences, snuff can be taken in different ways. The most common ones are:
Take the snuff between your thumb and forefinger and bringit to your nose to sniff it.
Put the Snuff on the back of your hand and sniff it carefullywith your nose.More methods with illustrations can be found atSnuffhouse.org/discussion/6/how-to-use-snuff/
How long you keep the snuff in your nose depends on your individual preferences. Some minutes should beenough for the taste to develop and to feel the stimulating effect of the nicotine. In addition, anincreased production of nasal discharge should evolve. If you feel you need to get rid of it, just use ahandkerchief.
How to prevent the snuff hitting the throat?
Especially very fine snuff is not always easy to handle. Sometimes it hits your throat, which is veryunpleasant. Try the following:
pinch with your fingers instead of sniffing from the back of your hands
breathe in before you sniff 
carefully breathe at the snuff before sniffing to add a certain moistSnuffhouse.org – Snuff Beginners Guide – Version 1.0 – 03/22/2007Additional information and discussion about this guide atSnuffhouse.org/discussion/39/setting-up-a-beginners-guide/Page 1/3
Which snuff types are out there?
Worldwide, more than 250 snuff types are available. While some experienced snuff takers try to get theirhands on every single type, beginners might want to start with a selection.
A/P by De Kralingse
A coarse snuff with a strong tobacco basis and a nice pine scent. Produced on old snuff mills in theNetherlands.
Blue Crest by Samual Gawith
A medium fine, medium moist snuff with a flavour of toasted nuts.
Dr. Verey's Medicated by Samuel Gawith
A fine and medium moist snuff. As the name already implies, it has a slightly medicated, herbal scent.
Kendal Brown by Gawith Hoggarth
A coarse, moist and dark brown snuff. Besides a clear tobacco scent, it is slightly flavoured with citrus.This is a classical product carrying the name of the snuff centre of the world.
Kendal Brown Original by Samuel Gawith
See above.
Latakia Ao 1860 by De Kralingse
A coarse, dark and unflavoured snuff with a smoky tobacco scent. See A/P, which is based on this snuff.
McCombie by Samual Gawith
A coarse and medium moist snuff. Easy to take with a mild flavour of nuts and butterscotch.
Morlaix by Fribourg & Treyer
A medium fine and medium moist snuff with a light floral scent.
Old Paris by Fribourg & Treyer
A medium fine and medium moist snuff with a scent of cinnamon and dates.
Original & Genuine by Mc Chrystal's
A medium fine, mentholated snuff. Flavoured with camphor and eucalyptus, this medium moist snuff iseasy to take and has a refreshing effect. 
Princes by Fribourg & Treyer
A medium fine, medium moist and dark brown snuff with a scent of flowers.
Taxi Regular (Blue) by Dingler
A medium moist, medium coarse snuff with a straight tobacco flavour.
Where to get those snuff types?
Marscigars.com is based in the USA and offers some De Kralingse snuffs and the Kendal Brown.Mysmokingshop.co.ukfrom the UK carries the Blue Crest, Dr. Verey's Medicated, Kendal Brown Original,McCombie and the Fribourg & Treyer snuffs.Rajek.deis a German tobacco shop with a wide range of European snuffs including the De Kralingse andDingler range.Snuifmolens.nlis the Dutch based website of De Kralingse including a shop carrying their own products.Snuffhouse.org – Snuff Beginners Guide – Version 1.0 – 03/22/2007Additional information and discussion about this guide atSnuffhouse.org/discussion/39/setting-up-a-beginners-guide/Page 2/3

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