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The Merciad, September 18, 2013

The Merciad, September 18, 2013

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Published by TheMerciad
Digital version of The Mericad, September 18, 2013
Digital version of The Mericad, September 18, 2013

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Published by: TheMerciad on Sep 18, 2013
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Page 2September 18, 2013
 Tuesday, Sept. 10FraudBookstoreReferred for discipline Tuesday, Sept. 10Liquor Law ViolationWarde HallReferred for discipline Tuesday, Sept. 10Controlled Substance ViolationWarde HallReferred for discipline
MercyhurstUniversityPolice & Safety
Police Log
Friday, Sept. 13 TheftRICOH MailroomReferred for discipline
Know anyone that deserves to be Laker of the Month?
Please send all nominations with a brief summary of why they deserve theaward to editormerciad@mercyhurst.edu
MSG members and the Merciad staff are exempt from being nominated.
Mercyhurst community gathers for annual Mass
 As a new year begins at MercyhurstUniversity, our community united inprayer this past Thursday, Sept. 12,celebrating the Mass of the Holy Spirit at Christ the King Chapel. The Mass was presided by the Rev.Dan Horan, O.F.M., and concele-brated by Msgr. David Rubino andthe Rev. James Piszker.Later that day, the guest celebrantgave a lecture at Taylor Little The-atre: “The Saint and the Pope: TheSignificance of Two Men NamedFrancis for the Church and World.”Christ the King Chapel Choir,directed by Daniel Cabanillas along  with the D’Angelo School of Musicconcert choir, directed by RebeccaRyan, delighted the attendees withtheir interpretations throughout theMass.During the Preparation of Gifts,the Mercyhurst Liturgical DanceEnsemble, directed by KatherineBoatright, performed a special pieceto the choir’s interpretation of “OldHundredth.”Faculty members interpreted thePentecost Sequence in Spanish,French, German, Bengali, Chineseand Nepali. As part of the tradition, follow-ing the Mass, a picnic was held onthe front lawn of the Chapel, wherestudents, faculty and other attend-ees gathered to share a moment and
meet new members joining our uni- versity. This Jesuit tradition was imple-mented at our university in the mid1990s and since then it has been atradition at the beginning of every academic year at Mercyhurst, accord-ing to Piszker. The Mass of the Holy Spirit bringsthe Mercyhurst community togetherin prayer every year where studentsand faculty receive a blessing for asuccessful year at Mercyhurst Uni- versity.For more information, visit theCampus Ministry office on the mainlevel of the Student Union.
By Marcela Delgado
Contributing writer
Students, faculty, and other members of the Mercyhurst community gathered at the Mass of the HolySpirit to celebrate and pray for a successful 2013-14 academic year.
Caitlyn Merkel photo
Bookstore suffers security breach
Last week, the Mercyhurst Book-store was victim of a security breachinvolving credit cards used at thestore, which resulted in the theft of some customers’ information andcases of online fraud.Immediately after the breach wasdiscovered, the credit card system was shut down for some time to pre- vent the hackers from retrieving any more credit card information. According to Bookstore Man-ager Daniel Cullen, the issue is notexclusive to Mercyhurst. “It has beengoing on all over the country, peoplemaliciously hacking into systems toretrieve credit card information,” hesaid.Staff advised students to check their account statements to makesure no unauthorized transactions were made. Common locations forthese include but are not limited toCalifornia and countries in Africa.On top of that, management sug-gests that students take measuresthemselves, such as replacing thecards that were used at the bookstoreduring the timeframe this happened,just in case the hackers try to usethem again.“Parents have been very under-standing of the situation,” saidCullen. “It’s something that couldhappen to anyone.”Student response has been mixed,although the distaste for the situa-tion is general.“I think it’s really crazy to think it could happen to you. Credit cardsneed more security. Getting reim-bursed is not enough, preventing these people from the act all togethershould be the goal,” one student said. Another student did not noticethat his account had been tampered with until his card was declined at agas station for lack of funds.“It’s very upsetting to know some-one took the money out of my account, but it was worse to only findout after my credit card declined, which was worse than finding outsomeone had stolen my informa-tion,” he said. The bookstore management guar-anteed that no money was lost during the incident and the banks wereproceeding to take the appropriatesecurity measures to protect the cus-tomers affected by the breach. Although the issue has beenresolved on the bookstore’s behalf,university officials encourage stu-dents to proceed with precaution andtake the safety measures necessary tomake sure their money is not com-promised.For more information, as well asany questions or concerns, pleasecontact Daniel Cullen at 814-824-2229.
By Juan Mendez
News editor
Page 3September 18, 2013
I.T. Department provides tech solutions
Many students around the Mercy-hurst campus have been experienc-ing trouble with their new Office 365email.Most of them get the same errormessage but there are also a few thatare telling them something different.Hannah Cox, director of the Infor-mation Technology (I.T.) Help Desk located in Hammermill Library’s mainfloor, explains the reason why therehave been problems, ways to fix it andsome helpful hints. The reason for the software switchfrom Windows Live to Office 365 was not a decision made by the staff of Mercyhurst. Microsoft issued theupdate and made it mandatory for alluniversities using their program foremail to switch. The switch was originally scheduledto happen in June but it was pushedback so Microsoft could fix some bugs.Clearly, there are still some issuesand Microsoft, as well as the I.T. team,is working to make this switch as easy as possible. According to Cox, the mostcommon problem to occur with theemail is a yellow-boxed error mes-sage saying something along the linesof “This account cannot be used toaccess outlook.com.” This problem can be fixed by clear-ing your cookies and cache in yourhistory.For those who are not technolog-ically savvy, there is an instructional video posted on the Mercyhurst Portalexplaining how to fix the problem stepby step for both Macs and PC’s. Another common problem is thatstudents are not able to log in to theiremail; even when they claim they havethe correct password.First things first, students shouldunderstand that due to the softwareswitch, passwords to their Portal,Blackboard, and Webadvisor do notsync to their email.Email passwords do not expire,meaning they do not have to bechanged every 180 days, and can only be changed by contacting the HelpDesk and asking them to reset it. The Help Desk is hoping to even-tually gain the ability for students tochange their own passwords.Upon contacting the Help Desk toreset email passwords, they will give thestudent a temporary password that willgo into the “Old Password” field, andthen the student will enter his or herdesired password into the “New Pass- word” field and then should be able tosuccessfully log in to their email.Sky Drive is a program that has alsobeen affected by the change. Students,as well as faculty, should understandthat the Help Desk does not supportSky Drive anymore.Sky Drive is a web app that stu-dents can access by going to skydrive.live.com and register using their Mer-cyhurst email. Students should alsounderstand that Sky Drive is a personalaccount whereas email is institutionally managed. When problems with Sky Drive occur, students should contactMicrosoft.Other common questions do comein to the Help Desk such as how toset up the Mercyhurst email on smartphones, Cox said.Instructions for this, other prob-lems, and some tutorials can be foundon the Portal under Services > Infor-mation Technology > Help Desk >New Student Tech Information.Some things that students shouldkeep in mind are that even though theswitch has been confusing and diffi-cult, it allows privacy to web apps suchas Sky Drive and students are able tokeep their Mercyhurst email addressesforever.It is also helpful to realize that whenstudents are asked for their Mercyhurstusername, it is the same as their emailaddress but without the “@lakers.mer-cyhurst.edu” and is made up of theirfirst initial, the first five letters of theirlast name, and the last two digits of their student ID number.Cox also recommends that studentskeep track of and store their pass- words to all accounts in a safe placebut should not hesitate to come to theHelp Desk with any technical prob-lems. The Help Desk also encourages allstudents and faculty to keep updatedby reading all emails they receive andfollowing them on their new socialmedia accounts, both on Twitter andFacebook, under the name of “Mercy-hurst University I.T. Help Desk.”For more information, as well as any other technical inquiries, please con-tact the Mercyhurst I.T. Help Desk athelpdesk@mercyhurst.edu, visit themat the Hammermill Library, or call 814-824-3200.
By Samantha Beckas
Contributing writer
 Students can follow simple steps to access their e-mail accounts

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