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The Eyeopener — September 18, 2013

The Eyeopener — September 18, 2013

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Published by The Eyeopener
The Eyeopener — September 18, 2013
The Eyeopener — September 18, 2013

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Published by: The Eyeopener on Sep 18, 2013
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Volume 47 - Issue 3September 18, 2013theeyeopener.com@theeyeopenerSince 1967
PHOTO: amal aHmed albaz
We’ve got photos of every A-list celebrity on campus P7
PHOTO: CHarles VanegasPHOTO: naTalIa balCerzaK
2Wednesday Sept. 18, 2013
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3Wednesday, Sept.18, 2013
T Dgta Mda Zon s t startng ont of many soca nnovaton rojcts.
File phT
Ryerson a Changemaker campus
Canadian Federation of Students is losing popularity
By Farah Mustafa
Students at Ryerson University aretaking part in the largest nationalstudent movement against theCanadian Federation of Students(CFS) since 2009, according to apress release sent out by organiz-ers .The release claims that studentsfrom at least 15 universities acrossthe nation want to end their mem-bership with the group that is meantto voice student needs to provincialand federal governments.The movement is still in its earlystages but, organizers are startingto send out petitions.The CFS is a group of 83 studentunions, representing over 500,000students nationwide. The onlyother national-level student orga-nization of its kind in Canada isthe Canadian Alliance of StudentAssociations, which has 24 mem-ber unions and associations. If thismovement succeeds, a third organi-zation could be formed.The Ryerson Students’ Union(RSU) currently pays over $350,000a year to the lobby group and doesnot want to seperate.The RSU works under the CFSand its Ontario branch, which isthe largest in the country.“I’m surprised that anyone oncampus would be talking aboutthis,” said Melissa Palermo, currentRSU president.“We have had such a widespreadsupport across Ryerson for whatwe are doing with the CFS.”Palermo pointed out that theRSU works in collaboration withthe CFS to provide services to stu-dents such as the community foodroom.Ashleigh Ingle, one of threespokespeople for the movement, isworking directly with the CFS as ageneral member.Ingle said there are currently anumber of Ryerson students col-lecting the 6,000 to 8,000 signa-tures needed to hold a referendumwith the CFS next year.“People are beginning to havein depth conversations about whatthey want the Canadian studentmovement to look like and it’s notsurprising to us that people are re-alizing that they don’t want it tolook anything like the CFS,” Inglesaid in a statement last Sunday.Brent Farrington, internal coor-dinator for the CFS, said they haveheard little about it.“We have yet to hear anythingabout where [the petitions] areother than a listing of six schools orcampuses [that are participating].So we’re not sure that’s actually thecase,” he said in a phone interviewSaturday.According to the press release pe-titions are also at the University of Toronto, York University and Lau-rentian University.Farrington said the CFS meetstwice a year with its member unionsfrom across Canada.Ingle said that members are treat-ed unfairly and oppressively in theCFS and that there is little room forreform.“They have responded to ourcritiques that they are an insularand undemocratic organizationby becoming more insular, shut-ting down debates and castigatinganyone who expresses a dissentingview.”Ingle said the CFS is often nega-tive and hostile in their responses tocriticism, which is why it has cometo this point.Before a referendum can takeplace petitions must be signed andratied by the CFS.In 2009, a similar movementwas sparked with students from 13schools taking part.For now, Farrington says the CFShas reached out to the movementorganizers to engage in dialogue onhow to move forward. Apart fromthat, the CFS will continue regularwork on tasks outlined by their lastsemi-annual meeting relating to stu-dent debt and accessible learning.Palermo said the “Drop Fees”campaign, a collaboration betweenthe RSU and the CFS, has receivedpositive feedback on campus.Ingle has a different plan in mind,involving the creation of a newmore student-centric organizationnext year.“If we want to drop fees, we’regoing to have to drop the CFS rst.Because students have shown thatthey won’t — and shouldn’t — getbehind an organization as undemo-cratic, ineffective and dysfunctionalas the CFS.”
By Jackie Hong
Ryerson has become the rst Ca-nadian university to be named aChangemaker campus by Ashoka,the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs, the univer-sity announced in a press releaseWednesday morning.“Innovation is in our DNA…We look forward to working withour partners in the Changemakernetwork,” Ryerson president Shel-don Levy said in a media release.The Ashoka U ChangemakerCampus designation is awarded touniversities around the world whohave made exceptional progress insocial innovation education.To be declared a ChangemakerCampus, schools must form ateam and submit an application toAshoka. After multiple interviewsand evaluations of a school’s so-cial innovation projects, a panel of international judges select the bestschools to receive the designation.Ryerson’s vice president of re-search and innovation WendyCukier, who led Ryerson’s ap-plication, said that the numerousprojects that exist on campus likethe Loodariak Maasai Women’sBeading Collective, RyePRIDE,HitSend and Bioniks Laborato-ries were the reason that Ashokachose Ryerson for the designation.Many of the projects got theirstart at the Digital Media Zone(DMZ), Ryerson’s entrepreneurialhub.“The extent [of Ryerson’s] in-novation and experiential learning[and how it] connects with com-munity and outside organizationsembedded across Ryerson... Therereally and truly are very few insti-tutions that compare with us inthat regard,” Cukier said.Ashoka’s judges agreed.“Ryerson’s unique ‘learningzone’ model of education... [is]an exemplary experiential learn-ing model that encourages cre-ative, systems-wide thinking instudents,” Ashoka ChangemakerCampus director Michele Leamansaid in a media release.Although the entire applicationand evaluation process usuallytakes two years, Ryerson’s team of 16 faculty members and studentscompleted it in three months.An Ashoka application costs“a few thousand dollars,” Cukiersaid, and the university receiv-ing the Changemaker designationmust also pay a one-time mem-bership fee, but Cukier said itwas a worthy investment. Ashokahelps to organize programs at itsChangemaker campuses to furtherdrive social innovation, whichCukier said will bring in morefunding for Ryerson.“When you build these sort of cross-university structures … itwill create more opportunitiesfrom different areas to get to-gether to talk about how they canwork together on solving prob-lems, which I think will kind of take our game to the next level,”Cukier said.The designation also allows Ry-erson to attend Ashoka-fundedconferences and participate incontests only open to Ashoka Ucampuses.Ryerson is the twenty-fourthuniversity in the world to receivethe Ashoka U Changemaker cam-pus designation. Past winnersinclude Brown University, DukeUniversity, Dublin City Universityand the University of Maryland.Ashoka U was launched in 2008by Washington, D.C., -based or-ganization Ashoka. It also has anAshoka Fellow program, whichhas honoured people like Free theChildren co-founder Marc Kiel-burger and Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.
RSU rsdnt Mssa parmo camagnng to dro tuton fs.
File phT
If we want to dropfees, we’re going tohave to drop the CFSrst
Justin Trudeaudrops by TRSM
Federal Liberal party leader Jus-tin Trudeau dropped by the TedRogers School of Management tospeak to students on Monday af-ternoon followed by an hour-longmeet and greet. This is the secondcampus visit Trudeau has madethis year. The rst was to Ryer-son’s Digital Media Zone. For thestory, pictures and videos, visittheeyeopener.com.
FCAD studentsget access toLynda.com
FCAD students now have accessto online learning platform Lyn-da.com. The service, which usual-ly has a subscription fee, is free forstudents who sign up for accountson FCAD computers. From there,students get access to a variety of educational videos, tutorials andexercises. The innovative onlinetraining tool allows students tolearn the basics skills outside of the classroom. For more aboutthe FCAD and Lynda.com deal,read Monique Phillip’s article attheeyeopener.com.

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