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On Present Opportunities.

On Present Opportunities.

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Published by glennpease

Improve the present hour, for all beside
1- a mere feather on a torrent's tide.

Improve the present hour, for all beside
1- a mere feather on a torrent's tide.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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O PRESET OPPORTUITIES.BY DOW JR.TEXT. HORACE.Improve the present hour, for all beside1- a mere feather on a torrent's tide.MY HEARERS It is quite warm to-day, and I shall enter quite warmlyinto my cause. You cannot be otherwise than warm-hearted, as I perceive by the number of fans in operation. We must improve this present hour, for it is not at all certain that we shall be allowed the privilege of making improvement hereafter ; but one thing is certain that if this opportunity is neglected, it will never occur again. Opportunitiescome in at the door and slip out at the window ; and you might wishand whistle from July to eternity, with the hope of recalling them ; but,my friends, they pass by in single file, exu nding from the cradle to thegrave ; and if you don't pitch upon them as they come along, dependupon it, they are out of your clutches forever. You must depend uponyour own exertions, to improve the present hour no one else Can doit for you. You cannot procure a substitute, as journeymen printers do,when they want to go on a spree. Were 'I to tell you that I could actas a sub. for either of you at the dinner table, in your absence, youwould immediately pronounce the idea preposterous. I know youwould because your ungratified appetites would tell you, that it wouldbe difficult for a man to fancy his hunger allayed, as long as 'the substance of things hoped for' remains untasted. Don't place too muchdependence on me. It is my business to instruct, and yours to act.Though I have a life of sixty years to account for, and the gray hairson my head are equal to the number of my days, yet I can recount thepast moments with satisfaction. They have been safely gathered intothe sack of my memory ; and should I empty them out here before you,I could describe them all to your satisfaction, except a few stragglingminutes, which were foolishly squandered, amid the dissipations of youth. The movements of my hand have always kept time with theSHORT PATET SERMOS. 131
beatings of my heart ; and it lias ever been my desire to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and administer comfort to the afflicted. I get upearly and go to bed late eat quick and talk slow preach moderateand work lively sleep high and live low look coarse but feel fineam blest with health, have a clear conscience, and enough to eat, drink and wear, besides a little change in my pocket all because I havemade a proper use of my time ; and if you, my hearers, will only do thesame, happiness, peace and contentment are yours ; if not, you will always be miserable shoats, though you live till you are gray as wood-chucks.' Improve the present hour,' says my text that's what I want to coaxyou to do, in some shape or other ; but don't improve it by drinkingpunch or chewing tobacco, as these things have a tendency to enslavethe mind and corrupt the finer feelings and are also offensive to theladies. Be industrious, sober and moral cultivate your understandingsas a farmer cultivatoth the earth eradicate the weeds of vice with thehoe of wisdom, and engraft the sprouts of virtue on the tree of knowledge. Idleness is a loafer clothed in rags, and whose breath savors of rum; but the apparel of Industry is comely and neat. ever put ofl*till to-morrow what can be done to-day ; for it may rain on the morrow,and wet all your brightest hopes. It grieves me to see so many of ouryoung men running headlong to destruction. They drink, carouse andgamble away their time and money, as though the future contained asub-treasury for them to dip into in case of emergency ; but, alas ! theybarter away its keys, and are obliged to wander houseless vagabondsover a dreary waste of existence. Parents are responsible for theirmoral defalcations, for not giving them a dose of Christianity whenyoung. ot long since, my friends, I sraw a little child lying in thecradle it was the emblem of innocenceujp its virgin purity. As it castup its little blue eyes and smiled, I looked upon it as a bud of promise,that would one day unfold and ornament the human family ; but suddenly it began to squall, and judge of my surprise, when the watchfulmother exclaimed : * Sally, tho baby cries give it a cigar and a glassof toddy !' Here, now, was a hopeful candidate for Sing Sing ! betterby far, it were cast off the dock, with a mill stone about its neck, thanto be trained up beneath such guidance. Parents, be watchful of yourchildren, and set them good examples. Improve the present moment,for all beside is but a feather on the torrent of time. To-morrow, like

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