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English Language

English Language

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Published by Hamizah Ab Karim

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Published by: Hamizah Ab Karim on Sep 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English Language Carnival For Primary SchoolRembau District 2011
English Language Carnival for Rembau District was held on Wednesday, 13 April 2011. Being the grandest carnival ever organized by Sk Astana Raja, itattracted the participation of almost all 30 primary schools in Rembau Districtincluding SJK(C) and SJK(T). The aims of the competition is to encourage the pupilsto show their talents in the English competitions. The main objectives of the Englishcompetition are to enable the pupils to communicate in the English language.Secondly, to create interest among the pupils and finally are to make Englishlearning enjoyable and fun. English was the second language for this country andpupils have to learn and know how to speak English. With this competition,it canenable pupils to communicate in in English in public.The competition was organized for level 1 and level 2. For level 1, there wasthe Action Songs competition and for level 2, the competitions were, PublicSpeaking Competition, Spelling Competition and Choral speaking Competition. Sk Astana Raja, Sk Undang Rembau and Sk Pedas were took part in all thecompetitions. The other 27 schools participated in one or three competition only.The competition started at 7:45 a.m with the registration. Shortly after theregistration, the competition started with the Spelling Competition which was held inthe classroom on the top floor of the old building. Thanks to Pn. Norhayati bt AbMalik from Sk Undang Rembau and her team who ran the competition well. It wascarried out orally and the words were tough as most of them were taken from theKnowledges Discovery Magazine. At the same time, the Story Telling Competitionwas held in the Pre-School room. Participants performed their best in front of the judges. Some were dressed in colourful and appropriate costumes depicting themain character of their stories. The judges chose the best participants who hadperformed very well in these aspects, pronunciation skills, grammar, fluencyintonation and creativity. Also thanks to En. Nor Azlan B Khamis from Sk SawahRaja and his team for a good commitment as a judges for Story TellingCompetition.
Everyone in the hall was impatient the for Action Song teams to perform.There were 8 teams from Rembau District thar took part in this competitions. Theschool that was took
part were Sk Astana Raja, Sk Kota, Sk. Legung Ulu, Sk Dato’
Shahbandar, Sk Undang Rembau, Sk Pedas, Sk Sepri, Sk Sawah Raja and SJK(C)Yuh Hua. This competition was held in the main hall. They wore colourful andvarious costumes. Their performance were accompanied by music that made thiscompetition very interesting. After the Action Songs Competition,the ChoralSpeaking Competitions were also held in the main hall as these competitions wereteam competitions. Sk Astana Raja participated in this competition. Their Choral
Speaking team presented “Lead A Healthy Lifestyle” and they achieve
d the 1
place.Congratulations to the Choral Speaking team. The public Speaking was held in theComputer Laboratory. 17 schools took part in this competitions, they were Sk Astana Raja, Sk Kota, Sk Kayu Ara, Sk Kg Batu, Sk Chengkau, Sk Chembong, SkDato Shah Bandar, Sk Undang Rembau, Sk Pedas, Sk Semerbok, Sk Bongek, SkSepri, Sk Salak Nama, Sk Batu Hampar, SJKC Yuh Hua, SJKT Ladang BatuHampar and Sk Taman Seri Rembau. Thumbs up to all the participants who triedtheir best to perform. The impromptu session truly tested them on their oratory skills,their knowledges and the usage of correct grammar. After all the competitions were finished, everybody was impatient waiting for the results. The champion for the Action Songs competition was SK Kota whichdrew praises and applause for their wonderful, lively and creative performance and
their theme was “Save Our Earth”
. The runner up was Sk Astana Raja, anyway theydid a very good performance. The Public Speaking Competitions was won by RahilaBinti Mohd Rafik from Sk Pedas . Sk Astana Raja was in the 7
placing. In theStory Telling Competition, Aimannur Syahirah From Sk Astana Raja emerged as thechampion. For Spelling, 5 top winners for this competition were chosen. Thechampion was Nurfazlin Bt mohd Masdi from Sk Pedas . Sk Astana Raja achievedthe 10
placing. Finally for the Choral Speaking Competition, the champion was Sk Astana Raja followed by Sk Undang Rembau. Anyway congratulations to all thewinners and to those who did not perform that well, they can try again next year. Atleast, they had gained new experience and learnt from their mistakes.
The closing ceremony was held at 12:30p.m after all the competitions werefinished and all the VIP had arrived. Yang Berbahagia, Datin Hjh Naemah Bt AhmadDahalan, the Education Officer of Rembau District officiated the closing ceremony of the English Language Carnival. After the closing ceremony was the prize givingceremony for the winners. SK Astana Raja as the organizer, thanked the panel of  judges for carrying out their duties well to decide the best participants for the EnglishCarnival 2011, Rembau District.The English Language carnival was carried out successfully but there were afew weaknesses problem before and after competitions such as technical problems. As a result of these, some of the competition were carried out without using the PAsystem. Moreover the main hall was not spacious enough to accommodate all theguests during the closing ceremony. Some of the pupils had to sit in the tentoccupied out side the hall. There was also not enough rooms for the competitions.They had to occupied small rooms such as the pre-school room and the remedialroom. It was not comfortable for the participants and the teachers. The strength of this carnival was the commitment and cooperation from District Officer Of Rembauand the English teachers from the neighbouring school.The whole staff of Sk Astana Raja helped the organizing committee to runthis carnival successfully. Thanks to the Sk Astana Raja staff who did much of thepreparation. Luckily, the room for all the competitions were ready in time for thecarnival. Thanks and great appreciations to the District Education officer of Rembau, the panel of judges, to all the headmasters and headmistresses, teachers,participants and to all the individuals involved directly and indirectly in making theprogramme a success. The English Carnival, Rembau District 2011 was a greatsuccess and the organizer hoped that the aim to encourage pupils to show their talents was successfully achieve.Reported by,
 (Hamizah Bt Ab Karim)Secretary

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