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TEXT. There are many devils that walk this world

TEXT. There are many devils that walk this world

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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O DEVILS.BY DOW JR.TEXT. There are many devils that walk this worldDevils largo and devils small ;Devils so meagre, and devils so stout,Devils with horns, and devils without ;Shy devils that go with their tails up curled,Bold devils that carry them quite unfurled,Meek devils and devils that brawl ;Serious devils and laughing devils,Imps for churches and imps for revels,Devils uncouth and devils polite,Devils black and devils white,Devils foolish and devils wise ;But a laughing woman with two black eyesIs the worstest devil of all ! PRAED.MY HEARERS I've got to take a devilish subject by the horns, thistime ; however, I am as bold as a lion ; and dont care a straw even forthat devil of all devils, old Beelzebub, himself. He and I had a set-to,SHORT PATET SERMOS. 99long time ago, as the poet says and the way I thrashed the old covey,was a caution to his imps. He first came palarvering round me, andtried to stuff me up with all sorts of Tartarean blarney. He said thatvice, immorality, intemperance, and all such trash, was just the sort o'
thing to carry a man safely round the corners of this octagonal world;Said I, (putting my thumb on my nose, as the boys do,) you can't catchan old bird with such chaff as that you're a liar, Satan, from the verybeginning of all that ever begun to be, and you know it, too. So Idoubled up my two gospels, and let him have, right over the left pee*per then hit his retrospective a kick, and told him to go to . Hecut his stick, for dear life, and never has troubled me since. That, myhearers, was what I call fighting the good fight ; and you should all dothe same when similarly molested. Just spunk up to the old codgerlet him know you are not afraid of him, and you'll quick find out, thathe is one of the biggest cowards that ever wote hair. I say, standyour ground, in spite of the devil ; and if you are only backed by faithand virtue, you can knock him down with a psalm book just as easy asnothing.But, my friends, there are more devils than one, that go about thisworld, ' seeking whom they might catch somebody.* Some are monsters, and frightful to behold others are little, and look pretty ; butthese are some of the worst kind, because you can't fight 'em, morethan you can musquetoes. Some devils have horns some don't andsome have horns that shove in and out, like a pencil case out whenthey want to use them in at other times. Look out for these fellows !There are shy devils that mix up a great deal of misclu'ef for us mortals. They may be found in great numbers, in this goodly city of Gotham aye, even in that filthy lane of lucre, which projecteth towardthe two great rivers, called Wall street. They carry their tails curledup in a knot, or wind 'em round their legs, and tuck the ends into theirboots. Keep away from these devils if you please. There are devilsamong us, that show their hoofs, their horns, and the whole length of their tails. I need not warn you against such ; because, as my friendAlexander Pope says, they are monsters with such confounded uglymugs, that to be shunned and despised, they have only to be squintedat. The meek devils belong to the cunning tribe ; but we have a setof brawling devils around us, that are enough to bring the ten plaguesof Egypt upon the kingdom of righteousness. They woke up Beelzebub on ew Year's night, by their infernal orgies. They are his disinherited children and I verily believe that when they are cast back 
100 SHORT PATET SERMOS.into the stagnant pools of damnation that spawned them, they will givetheir kindred spirits the scurvy, and Tophet itself will have a touch of the black vomit.ow, my beloved friends, I must pass over a lot of other devils thatare lying in ambush for us, to one of a very peculiar and bewitchingnature, and (as my text says) the very worst devil of all one that oftentempts me to commit a few delightful sins, under the captivating spellof its charms. A laughing woman, with two bright eyes, is the very animal. Who can hold on the reins of sober reason when this beautifuldevil is piercing the heart with the arrows of love that are propelled bythe lightning of its eyes? I can't, and don't try to. There is something under the silken eye-lashes of a young feminine devil that shootsa load of harmless sin right into a body ; and makes him feel as if hewas strung up by the ears, and dancing in an atmosphere of bliss ! 0,it's a queer sensation ! and I exonerate all from the blame of imprudence, who may be caught up, and borne away on the demi-angelicwings of woman's love. I have sometimes thought that the devil whichtempted Eve in Paradise was her own beautiful shadow. o itcouldn't have been ; for she never would have been driven out of thegarden for such an unsinful act of worship. It was a blasted snake.Down with the snakes, I say ! Death to all snakes !But, rny hearers, I fear I am trespassing on your patience. I couldexpiate on this subject from now till breakfast. I may touch upon itagain, one of these days wind, weather, and Providence permitting;but for the present, I have only to say, that if you don't fall into theclutches of any worse devil than lovely woman (as bad as she may be)you may consider yourselves as favorable candidates for offices in thehighest courts of heaven. So mote it be !1. 68 FREE BOOKShttp://www.scribd.com/doc/21800308/Free-Christian-Books

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