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0708 UAS Genap Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9

0708 UAS Genap Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9

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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 UAS Genap Tahun Pelajaran 2007/2008
Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 UAS Genap Tahun Pelajaran 2007/2008

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Published by: Singgih Pramu Setyadi on Jun 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRISKelas : IX (Sembilan)Hari, tanggal : Rabu, 12 Maret 2008Waktu : 900 menit
Text for question 1 to 3
Umbut MudaOnce upon a time, lived a beautiful young girl in Sumatra. Her name was Umbut Muda. She was very rich because when her father died, she inherited all his money and the house. She became nasty and proud of 
herself. Even, she didn’t respect her mother. She
ordered her mother to clean the house, wash her clothes, andcook her food.One day, Umbut Muda was invited to attend a feast in another village. She wore her most beautifuldress and all her jewelries. Her mother was with her, holding the umbrella to protect Umbut Muda from thesun.As they were passing the bridge, Umbut Muda accidentally dropped one of her bracelets. Thebracelet fell into the river. She shouted to her mother and ordered her to go down to the river to find herbracelet. The poor mother did accordingly. She searched the bracelet in the water, but the river was floodedbecause of the rain the night before so it was impossible for her to get it.Knowing that the mother failed to get her bracelet back, Umbut Muda was furious. She yelled at her
mother, “You are a stupid lazy woman!” she said.
“Go down to the river again and get my bracelet back!” she stamped her foot and didn’t realize that the
bridge was slippery. She slipped over the bridge and feel into the river. She screamed for help. Her mother triedto help her, but the stream was too fast, Umbut Muda was drowned.
Umbut muda’s mother was very sad. She couldn’t save her daughter’s life
Who was Umbut Muda?a. A nice beautiful girl living in Sumatra c. A bad tempered rich girl living in Sumatrab,. A young loving girl living in Sumatra d. A young girl living with her family in Sumatra2.
What is the meaning of 
(line 2)?a. received the property after the death of the previous ownerb. received the debt after the death of the previous ownerc. got a lot of money from a lottery d. got a lot of jewelry from parents3.
The synonym of the word
(line 11) is….
 a. mourning b. wedding party c. sad events d. extensive mealA Fox and GoatHave you ever heard any stories about foxes? A Fox is told about as a sly animal which likes to cheatothers by tricks.One hot summer day when all the ponds and rivers were dry, a fox walked about to look for water todrink. At last he found an old well in which there was a little water. But the well was very deep, and the waterwas out of his reach.He tried again and again to reach it, and a last he fell in but he could not get out. He was just like a prey in a trap.By and by a goat come to the well
and saw the fox in it. He asked the fox, “What is the water like downthere?”
“The water is very nice, and I cannot stop drinking it, “said the fox.
“Why not come down and try it?”
 Down jumped the goat at once. As soon as he jumped down, the fox jumped on his back and got out of the well
Tulis nama, kelas, nomor peserta, Anda pada lembar jawab.2.
Arsirlah atau hitamkan huruf A, B, C, dan D yang menurut Anda merupakan jawaban yang paling tepat.3.
Gunakan pensil 2B, dan penghapus karet yang baik.4.
Apabila ingin mengganti jawaban hapuslah jawaban tersebut dengan karet penghapus dan arsir/ hitamkan jawaban yang benar.
What does
mean (line 2)?a. cunning b. nice c. special d. shy 5.
What happened to the ponds and rivers at that time?a. dry b. full of water c. flooded d. full of rubbish6.
Why did the fox say, “
Why not
cone down and try it?”. Because…
 a. a fox is a polite animal c. he wanted to trick the goatb. the fox felt pity to the goat d. the goat looked very thirsty 7.
From the text we know that…
 a. the fox tricked the goat so he could jump out of the wellb. the goat thanked the fox for his help.c. the well was full of nice waterd. the goat fell into the wellA KangarooA kangaroo is an animal found only in Australia, although it has a smaller relative, called a wallaby,which lives on the Australian island of Tasmania and also in Guinea.Kangaroos eat grass and plants. They have short front legs, but very long, and very strong back legs andtail. These they use for sitting up on and for jumping. Kangaroos have been known to make forward jumps of over eight meters, and leap across fences mote than three meters high. They can also run at speeds of over 45kilometers per hour.The biggest kangaroos are the Great Grey Kangaroo and the Red Kangaroo. Adults grow to a length of 1.60 meters and weight over 90 kilos.Kangaroos are marsupials. This means that the female kangaroo has external pouch on thefront of her body. A baby kangaroo is very tiny when it is born, and it crawls at once into this pouch where itspends its first five months of live.8.
What do kangaroos eat?a. plants and grass b. plants and grain c. grain and grass d. grain and fruit9.
Which legs are stronger?a. the front and the back legs b. the front legs c. the back legs d. the left legs10.
What do kangaroos use to sit?a. the front legs b. the back legs c. the front and back legs d. the back legs and the tail11.
Which paragraph tells about the breeding of kangaroos?a. first b. third c. second d. fourth12.
How long doe
s a baby kangaroo stay in its mother’s pouch?
 a. two months b. four months c. three months d. five months13.
What is they synonym of 
?a. jump b. crawl c. walk d. run14.
Which statement is
according to the text?a. Kangaroos can run very fastb. A kangaroo has a relative called a wallaby c. There are two kinds of the largest kangaroos
d. A baby kangaroo needs ten days to enter the mother’s pouch
 The Olympic GamesThe Olympic Games is a modern international sports event. It began in Greece. The original Greek Games were staged four years. This went on for several hundred years.The first Olympic, was held in Olympiad in 776 BC. It was also called the Ancient Olympic Games.There was only one sporting event held in those games a running race. The competition of the game werethe only men, because women were not allowed to compete. Later on, more events included such as long jump, javelin and boxing, etc.At one stage, the Olympic Games no longer held, but in 1896 a Frenchman, Baron Pierre Coubertin,revived them. They were held in Athena, Greece. These games became the first modern Olympic Games.There were thirteen countries competing in these games and various sport were on the agenda.The purpose of competition was not only to win. It was also about taking part in and enjoying aparticular sport. The winners of the competition received medals. First place received a gold medal,second place silver medal, and the third was bronze medal.
In 1964, the Olympic Games were held in Tokyo, Japan and in 1988 they were held in Seoul, thecapital of South Korea. The last Olympic Games was held in Australia in 2000. they built new hotels, anelite stadium, new roads, special railway lines and a new area of the games.In 1992, Indonesia made history in sporting world. Susi susanti and Alam Budikusuma became thebadminton champions at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. Both of the received gold medals, andour flag was raised there. On the next Olympic Games, we hope that we will succesed in winning doldmedals.15.
Which of the following is not true about the first Olympic Games?a. The Olympic Games began in Greeceb. The Olympic Games was also called the Ancient Olympic Gamesc. The first Olympic Games was held in Olympiad in 776 BCd. There were many sporting events held in the first Olympic Games16.
The following which is not in the second paragraph is….
 a. The Olympic Games is an international sport evenb. The first Olympic Games was held in Olympiad in 776 BCc. The first Olympic Games was the Ancient Olympic Gamesd. The sport events held in the first Olympic Games17.
Why were the competition of the game the only men?a. Because men were strongb. Because woman were not allowed to competec. Because there was only one sporting event held in those games a running raced. Because women did not win the competition18.
Who was Pierre Baron Coubertin?a. He was a Germany b. He was the founder of the first Ancient Olympic Gamesc. He was the founder of the first Modern Olympic Gamesd. He was a businessman19.
The main idea of the fourth paragraph is…..
 a. The first Olympic Games c. The purpose of the Olympic Gamesb. The first modern Olympic Games d. The medals for the winner of the competition20.
How many countries were there in this modern Olympic Games?a. One country b. Ten country c. Thirteen countries d. All countries in the world
Student Painting Contest
To celebrate the 50
anniversary of SMP Harapan Kita,the committee invites you take part in Student Painting ContestPrizesFirst Rp. 500.000Second Rp 400.000Third Rp. 300.000And one year scholarship for the first winnerEntrants must be students of junior high school.Every entrant should submit his/ her original work and demonstrate his/her craftsmanship.Register soon at SMP Harapan Kita from 09.00 a.mto 1.00 on only a week after the announcementWe wait for youUntil April 9
The committee of The 50 
Anniversary of SMP Harapan Kita 
What is the purpose of the painting contest? It is to celebrate…
 a. the birthday of the principals c. the build of the schoolb. the birthday of the school d. the contest22.
What is the price for the first runn
er up? It’s….
 a. Rp 300.000 b. Rp 400.000 c. Rp 500.000 d one year scholarship

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