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Soal Usek 0708 Mulok Bahasa Inggris

Soal Usek 0708 Mulok Bahasa Inggris

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Soal Ujian Akhir Sekolah Mulok Bahasa Inggris Tahun Pelajaran 2007/2008
Soal Ujian Akhir Sekolah Mulok Bahasa Inggris Tahun Pelajaran 2007/2008

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Published by: Singgih Pramu Setyadi on Jun 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRISKelas : IX (Sembilan)Hari, tanggal : JUMAT , 23 MEI 2008Waktu : 120 menit1. What did Black Beauty learn from Farmer Gray?a. Working in a farm. b. Running in a farm.c. Carrying a rider. d. Pulling a carriage.2. Why was the horse sad to leave Farmer Gray?
a. Farmer Gray didn‟t love it.
b. It loved Farmer Gray.
c. It couldn‟t stand living on a farm.
d. Farmer Gray hated it.3
. “He trained me to pull a rider on my back.” (paragraph 1)
 What does the underlined word mean?a. Taught. b. Learned. c. Studied. d. Imitated4. Look at the photograph!Both of the persons have ... noses.a. big b. flatc. small d. pointed
Black Beauty
Farmer Gray was the kindest master in the world. He was proud of me, and calledme Black Beauty. I had a white spot on my forehead and one white foot. He trained me topull a carriage. Then I learn to wear a saddle and carry a rider on my back. One day,
Farmer Gray said. “ A good horse like you do not live on a farm. So you
 will be going to live wi
th Squire Gordon and his family. “I was very sad to leave my
mother and my home.”
 However, when I saw my masters I knew I would be happy with them. They lived ina big mansion and welcomed me warmly. Mrs. Gordon was pale and ill, but she smiledwhen she saw me.The groom who looked after the stables was John Manly. He loved horses.
He introduced me to Merrylegs, the children’s pony, Ginger, and old mare. She was not a
 bad horse, but had been ill-treated in the past.
Taken from : Bulletin Intensive English Course No. 17, November 2000
Tulis nama, kelas, nomor peserta, Anda pada lembar jawab.2.
Arsirlah atau hitamkan huruf A, B, C, dan D yang menurut Anda merupakanjawaban yang paling tepat.3.
Gunakan pensil 2B, dan penghapus karet yang baik.4.
Apabila ingin mengganti jawaban hapuslah jawaban tersebut dengan karetpenghapus dan arsir/ hitamkan jawaban yang benar.
Text for no 5 to 8
There are some railways on Java island.The great railway was built to link the DKIprovince, West Java, Central Java, the DIY andEast Java. Today there are the Mutiara, the SenjaUtama, the Parahyangan, the Pajajaran, theMataram train, and the Argo Bromo train. Wecan go in the
of business class orexecutive class. Railways have facedcompetition from other means of transportation.People can go from one place to another by bus, private car, taxi, truck,
van, “angkutan
kota” and “angkutan pedesaan”. Most of the roads are good enough
for the buses and cars to pass. But some roads are very bad. The buses and thecars bumpalong the rough road. The roads are bumpy. The road range from small gravel sideroads to great concrete superhighways. Great concrete superhighways are found inJakarta, West Java and in Surabaya. The Jagorawi toll concrete road connectsJakarta, Bogor and Ciawi.Every day thousands of
travel this scenic highways. People inrural areas and in isolated
areas need bicycles,”angkutan pedesaan”,
“ojek”and “becaks”. They are still vital to
the development of natural resources or agricultural products in isolated areas.Even in Kalimantan, people can go from one place to another by boats along theMahakam and the Kapuas rivers. From Surabaya to Madura, and from Banyuwangi toBali island people can go by ferry.
Indonesia‟s three main airlines are Garuda
Indonesia Airways, Sempati Air and MerpatiAirlines. Helicopters are used for observing the
traffic jams
along the roads inthe north, coastalareas in West Java and Central Java.5. How is the condition of most of the roads?a. No roads are suitable to drive on.b. Some of the roads are in good condition.c. Roads condition are getting better and better.d. Most roads are in bad condition.6. ... transportation is commonly used in Kalimantan because of theavailability of big rivers.a. Air b. Land c. Public d. Water7. People drive ... along the superhighway.a. slowly b. very fast c. very slowly d. not too fast8.
can go in the compartment of business class of executive class.”
(paragraph 1)
” in the sentence refers to ....
 a. the train crew members b. the writer and friendsc. passengers of the train d. you and your friendsText for no 9 to 11We are now living in a small tiny world.You just sit onyour chair, read the ... (9), listen to the radio andwatch the news a
nd … (
10) that happens on the otherparts of the world from a radio and ...(11) to explorethe universe.This mass media technology develops dayafter day.9. a. brochure b. journalc. magazine d. newspaper
10 a. events b. stories c. articles d. advertisements11. a. internet b. telephone c. television d. walky talky12. Which is true according to the picture?a. This animal is very tall. It likes to eat meat.Everyone likes to ride on its back.b. This animal is very dangerous because it is wild.Grass is its favorite food.c. It is a big animal. It is grey. Many people liketo hunt it because its ivory is very expensive.d. It is a cute animal. Children like to have it.It eats carrots.13. Arrange the paragraphs into a good text by looking at the pictures!1. Our government realizes this and has taken some steps to prevent theproblem. Some regulations have been issued to protect the forests. Inaddition, reforestation project are being carried out.2. Unfortuna
tely many of us didn‟t know about the importance of forest for us.
We cut the trees carelessly and irresponsibility.3. Some years ago Indonesia was very famous because of having lot of foresttrees. Many scientists from other countries came here for a research.4. The effect of cutting down the trees came true. Flood happened everywhere.Many people lost their houses and their wealth.a. 2, 3, 4, 1 b. 3, 2, 4, 1 c. 2, 4, 3, 1 d. 4, 3, 2, 1
Read the notice below to answer questions 14 to 16!
 14. What is Edward Teach?a. A sailor. b. A pirate. c. A thief. d. A king.
One pirate by the name of Edward Teach
Also known as “Black 
 Appearance : Big, about 100 kg Tall, about 1,9 mUsually dressed in black clothes and boots.Striking Features : A long black beard, plaited and tied with coloured ribbons.Sometimes fuses are hidden under his hat and they burn andgive out smoke.Reputation : Irritable and trigger-happyBad Habit : Uses foul language all the time.His crime : Robbery on high seasMurder
Beware! This man is armed and danerous.

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