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End Time Current Events 9-6-2013

End Time Current Events 9-6-2013

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Published by EyeforBeauty
PDF prepared by Dr. Scott Johnson
PDF prepared by Dr. Scott Johnson

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Published by: EyeforBeauty on Sep 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ultimate step to embodying ‘war criminal’ status?
NM Supreme Court: Christian Photographers Can't Refuse Gay Weddingshttp://www.christianpost.com/news/nm-supreme-court-christian-photographers-cant-
All-black-eyed children phenomenon is increasing
Beyond Evil-- world deception pt27
From: ASubject: Veterans and the new recruits.
I witnessed something about 4 months ago that has bothered be ever since. I was in aPanera Bread here in Colorado Springs, and I was sitting nect to a table six of youngsoldiers in camo using the wifi. A war veteren, an ex Marine, approached them and wasvery polite to them. He told them that he just wanted to thank them for serving their country. I mean, this man was just plain gracious to these kids. He extended his hand,only one of the halfheartedly took it, not even looking at him. They made it veryobvious that they couldn't care less about the old soldier. Four of the six never acknowledged him at all, just kept eating and talking with each other. They disdained, Ithink that's the best word, disdained the man. The old Marine showed perfect grace inthe face of the insult, but I could tell that the encounter shook him, that he'd never beentreated like that by fellow military. After he walked away I payed closer attention to thesix, trying to discern what I'd just witnessed because it felt very creepy. I realized thatthere was something very wrong with them, a deadness about them that made nosense. As if they been drugged or had their emotional center cut out. What hasbothered me the most is that I really don't think they would have trouble killingAmericans. I even got the feeling that they would enjoy it. That only their bubble of aworld was even real to them. I've met hard as stone killers, old special forces withhands that never shake and eyes that never seem to blink, that were no where near ascold as these kids

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