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The Mind of Christ the Law of Life

The Mind of Christ the Law of Life

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Pres. OzoRA S. Davis, D.D.

*'Let this mind he in yJesus.' '--PHIL. 2 : 5.
Pres. OzoRA S. Davis, D.D.

*'Let this mind he in yJesus.' '--PHIL. 2 : 5.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE MID OF CHRIST THE LAW OF LIFEPres. OzoRA S. Davis, D.D.*'Let this mind he in y<m which was also in ChristJesus.' '--PHIL. 2 : 5.THERE have been various ways of regard-ing the life and character of Jesus.One of these has been to consider theearthly acts and deeds of the Master. Almostevery month registers the appearance of anew life of Christ, in which the attempt ismade to set forth in some novel light the daysand the deeds of Jesus. The subject seemsto have a perpetual charm, and men are eagerto examine anew the ground, to consider againand again the critical questions involved, andout of it to construct a picture of the earthlylife of the Christ.There is an interest in this endeavor whichwarrants it, and it will perhaps never be acompleted task. So long as the love of thehuman heart is drawn out to the Christ, solong will men and women seek to know everydetail of those deeds so full of love and helpfor human need.Long as the biographers have worked, how-ever, and patiently as they have toiled, theyhave not yet constructed a perfect biographyIII— 3 33MODER SERMOS
of Jesus, and probably never will. The mate-rials for it are not to be had, and there cannot be wrought out of the records enough togive us the complete report of all that Jesusdid and said in His earthly life.And even if there were to be had a com-plete record of the acts and the words of Jesus, that would not give us really the Mas-ter. For the life of a man consists in some-thing more than the deeds that he does andthe words that he speaks. So there must besomething more than this to convey to us thefull sense of the life of our Lord on earth.It is because this lack has been felt thatthere always has been the attempt to treat thelife of Jesus in the way of imaginative inter-pretation rather than by means of strict andaccurate narrative.If the output of biographies of Jesus islarge, there is hardly a smaller number of books published in which the writers attemptto use the imagination and interpret to ussympathetically the spirit of the life of Jesus.It is not necessary for this work to know thatthis or that event really took place. Thereis no discussion of the miracles. The ques-tion is, What sort of a person is He aboutwhom such a story would have been told?Granted that the event may not have hap-pened just as it is reported, a great manypersons thought that it did. ow what kindof a man must he have been about whom any84
DAVISconsiderable number of persons would believesuch a report?You see how important that question is, andhow, through the use of the imagination, itmay be possible to gain a clearer idea of thereal character of a person than we could se-cure by the most perfect record of the de-tails of his daily life.There is a definite lack even here, however,and the whole character of Jesus can not beportrayed even by the highest results in theart of literature or painting.Painting has done much. More people arereached by the picture than by the spokenword. I am sure that the German artist Hof-mann has represented Christ to more menand women than any single biographer dur-ing the last generation. For example, his''Christ in the Temple,'' or the ''Rich Yo\mgRuler,'* has gone where no books go, throughthe reprints, into countless homes.It is probable that the conception of thepurity and the sacrifice of the nativity hasbeen represented more perfectly by art thanin any other way. There are thousands whohave not read the first two chapters of Luke,or the accounts of the annunciation in anybiography, who are yet familiar with someone of the great Madonnas of sacred art.Men have always obeyed the demand of 

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