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Published by El Huffington Post

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Published by: El Huffington Post on Sep 19, 2013
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By Costas Vaxevanis
29 NOVEMBER 2012
Ν. Michaloliakos
Many o the analyses that have been made recently o 
Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avghi) overlook one decisive actor
in its record to date, and are perhaps unair to that ac-
tor, namely the leader Nikos Michaloliakos. Yes, the rise
o Golden Dawn, o ascism in Greece, can be explained
in political and sociological terms. It has to do with peo-
ple’s desperation, with the image projected o the political
system, with the preparation o the political scene to
accept Golden Dawn, preparations set in train by its ore-
runner LAOS, with the decision o the New Democracy
party to make immigration phobia the number one item
on the agenda, legitimating the party o Michaloliakos.
But Michaloliakos himsel must be given credit or some
o the achievement. It is an impressive trajectory: start-ing with beatings and bomb attacks, adding a dash o poetry, paganism, national socialism, secret servicesand naturally an abundance o lies, and it enabled himto make his entry not only to the Agios Panteleimonas
neighbourhood but also to mainstream television. His re-
quent appearances on television may indeed be explicable
in terms o ratings, but to have the largest-circulationnewspaper in the country presenting you as a boy scoutwho helps old ladies to go to the bank is no mean eat.
Particularly when the old lady in question is in reality the
mother o one o your parliamentary candidates and is
advertised as beneting rom seless good works. Nikos
Michaloliakos is regulator o the most decisive part o the political scene: the part that does not show. And hehas the unique good ortune to be in receipt o undingrom a lottery. But Michaloliakos’ greatest success is to
have become the nice Führer rom next door. And i he isFührer, why can’t every other Aryan be the same?
Nikos Michaloliakos
By ct Vxevn
sEiN kaMPF
here are two phrases which Nikos Michaloliakos isvery fond of and uses in his speeches and internal
briefings. One of them is “we shall return, and the
earth shall tremble”. This is a phrase of Goebbels.
Hitler’s propaganda chief. The other is: “If one day all becomedisloyal, we shall remain loyal, because there is a flag.” Theseare lines from the hymn of Hitler’s Black Guard. But to which
flag does the leader of Golden Dawn refer? And what is Nikos
Michaloliakos? A Nazi? A nationalist? A junta-supporting
Royalist? A far rightist? Or a populist politician? In the articles
he has published since 1980 in the “Golden Dawn” magazine
he has at one time or another declared himself to be all of 
the above. Unfortunately for Michaloliakos he is not able to
efface either the articles in which he describes Christianity as
“a movement for downgrading the world” or the tearful 42nd
anniversary ceremony of the death of Hitler, which ended with
the invocation “Heil Hitler”. Long before raising the flags of Orthodoxy and Byzantium he had raised a flag of paganism
and another flag of convenience. In the article Michaloliakos
capitalizes everything pertaining to Hitler or the word “leader”.
The same treatment is accorded to him personally in the orga-
nization’s publications. He is the Leader, the unquestioned
one, the enlightened one. Reference is made not directly to hisperson, but generically to the Leader of the organization, so asto focus attention on all the Leader’s attributes. It is character-
istic that in the Golden Dawn leaflet “BELIEVE-OBEY-FIGHT”,
the reason cited for Greece’s not having in the past seen any-
thing like Golden Dawn is that “despite the fact that there
has been no shortage of intellectual personages, despite the
fact that the resonance of developments outside Greece has
been very powerful, despite the fact that there have been peo-ple willing and able to put up a fight, what has not emerged
has been the most important conjunctural factor: the single
accepted organizational Leader and guide. The person who
might enlighten, forge unity, provide direction.”
This judgement appears hilarious to many of Michaloliakos’
former collaborators. In the non-Golden Dawn national-social-ist milieu in Greece Michaloliakos is not what he writes about
himself in his publications. In his book “Demolishing the
Myth of Golden Dawn” Charis Kousoumvris, former deputy to
Michaloliakos, gives a different picture of the national-social-
istically enlightened Michaloliakos. He writes, specifically, “I
wonder at myself that I needed to waste thirteen entire years
in the most unnatural of environments to understand what
becomes obvious in the first minute to anyone who succeeds
in escaping the shipwreck. Golden Dawn, which is taken so
seriously by certain people, is nothing more than a run-of-the-
mill quasi-ideological shipwreck that has been run aground
by a bribed captain with an eye to collecting the insurance…..
Inside it, apart from restless instinct, there is nothing thatmight begin to provide an answer to the many questionsasked by life itself of those believing that they are “ideolo-
gists”. The only constant was the systematically cultivated

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